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DISGAEA RPG Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Progress Fast and Conquer the Netherworld

The Disgaea series debuted in Japan back in 2003 and has then since continuously attracted fans and followers. With an upcoming sixth installment, remakes and re-releases, and even several spin-off games, the uniquely anti-hero led RPG franchise’s success even expanded to have its own anime, manga, and novels.

Boltrend Games recently released the global version of DISGAEA RPG, giving fans of the franchise, as well as strategy RPG enthusiasts, a chance at an adventure full of action, mysticism, and hilarity. While some of its features are very much comparable to the usual elements present in loosely similar games, DISGAEA RPG holds plenty of unique game mechanics guaranteed to further spice up the entire experience. If you are a fan of the franchise then this is definitely a game for you and if you have yet to revel in the world of Disgaea and in the current lookout for an immersive strategy RPG, then you should definitely check DISGAEA RPG out.

DISGAEA RPG is basically a spin-off, mashing together characters from across the previous Disgaea games and creating its own original story. It stays true to the characteristics of its predecessors in terms of giving characters maximum stats and level caps much higher than conventional RPGs, ensuring a long, challenging, yet fun grind that guarantees growth and progression that you can feel every step of the way. Of course with the host of cynical and power-driven protagonists of the Netherworld helming the adventure once again, you can expect comedic dialogues throughout the story.

disgaea rpg strategies

Games belonging to the main Disgaea series are often regarded as more complex in comparison with other strategy RPGs. DISGAEA RPG, while exhibiting its own mix of fresh yet familiar features and game modes, is not as complex as it may initially appear to be. Surely enough, there are a lot of details to pick up here and there. The tutorial session, however, is a huge help and every new feature you unlock comes with short guide as well.

Even as a total beginner, you are sure to make progress on your own. If you are looking for faster and more efficient means to start your adventure and dominate every challenge, though, you should read on as our DISGAEA RPG beginner’s guide has every tip, cheat, and strategy you should know!

1. Reroll For The Best Characters

Just like any other strategy RPG, DISGAEA RPG employs the gacha method of recruiting additional characters to join your roster. Naturally, heroes are primarily classified into different rarity grades between 1 to 4 stars, with 4 being the highest rarity and the most difficult to obtain.

Some players are fine with going about their adventure with whichever heroes they recruit at the start and throughout their journey. While it is possible to make good progress across your adventure regardless of which characters you have, starting off with the best possible ones will make it a lot easier in the long run.

If you are new to the idea of rerolling and why more experienced players consider it as the only way to go, then you should know that rerolling is essentially a tool that gives you a little control over probabilities. Just like rolling the dice, rerolling enables you to go for another “roll” as many times as needed until you arrive at an acceptable or the best possible results.

rerolling for the best characters in disgaea rpg

In gaming, rerolling is characterized by going through your first initial pulls off the gacha as many times as you want, with the goal of recruiting the best possible starting characters and get a jumpstart on early game content. In DISGAEA RPG, players are treated for free reroll for the first 4-star hero even before the start of the tutorial. In-game rewards grant more than enough to perform several 10x rolls as well.

While developers aim to maintain balance across every character, the ones within the same grade at least, some units simply outshine others as far as strength and overall utility are concerned. Although we have yet to come up with our very own tier list for DISGAEA RPG, we can say that Desco, Laharl, and Valvatorez are among the top picks.

You can grab any of them from your first free 4-star pull at the start of your adventure. For the succeeding 10x pulls, securing the others as well as extra copies of any of these heroes is a welcomed treat as well. Chances of pulling more than 1 4-star unit per 10x pull is very unlikely but never impossible. The overall strength of your starting team will depend on luck as well as the patience and time you can readily invest in rerolling.

One critical requisite in rerolling comes when you first load up the game. It is important to not sign in and instead choose to play as guest until after you are satisfied with your pulls. You will start off with a 4-star hero and after doing a pull, you can opt to settle with the character or start over. Tap on the “start over” button and repeat pulls until you are happy with your starting hero.

After choosing your first hero, you will proceed through a quick tutorial session where you get to choose 2-star characters to join your party. It is not important which ones you choose, especially if you are going to reroll for more 4-star characters. Once you are free to click on anywhere at the main screen, you can proceed to your mailbox at the upper left side of the screen. There are numerous gifts to claim, including close to 9,000 Nether Quartz, which is a premium currency you need to summon more characters.

reroll result in disgaea rpg

Each 10x pull costs 1,500 Nether Quartz so you may want to get just a few more and bank 9,000 before spending them all on summons. More free Nether Quartz can be instantly obtained from Serial Codes so head on and tap the menu button at the upper right side of the main screen and tap the “Other” icon. Tap the “Serial Code” button and input “nuWJYU26xH” on the space provided and click “Confirm”. An additional 200 Nether Quartz can be claimed from your Gift Box. Note that you may have to click the “Claim All” button on your gift box given the number of gifts you are going to receive.

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Now that you finally have a little more than 9,000 Nether Quartz, you can start summoning more characters. There are numerous banners to choose from although some require Paid Nether Quartz. In any case, check the rate for each banner to see the possible 4-star characters you can get. Once decided you can do 10x pulls 6 times, taking good note of the characters you recruit. If you are happy with them, then you can finally head on to the title screen, click on the menu, and bind your account. If not, then it is time to restart everything and reroll.

To initiate a reroll, you basically need to uninstall and reinstall the game, whether you are on Android or iOS. On Android devices, however, you can explore the Android/data/obb folder and relocate its contents before you uninstall, restoring it once you have reinstalled the game.

2. Prioritize Progression Through The Main Story

DISGAEA RPG holds a variety of game modes and features you can readily explore early in your adventure. Although you should naturally explore every nook and cranny from the home screen, what you should prioritize the most is progressing through the main story. Game modes are accessed through the Dimension Gate, which you can find at the lower left side of the screen. The story mode is divided across chapters, with each chapter further broken down into episodes and stages.

On top of getting to know a bit more about some of the characters in the Disgaea Universe and its lore, accomplishments tied up to progressing through the main story earns you the most basic resources you need to strengthen your roster. You gain account XP to rank up and earn free stamina and reaching certain milestones in the chapters unlock other features and game modes.

completing the main story in disgaea rpg

Characters in DISGAEA RPG cannot gain experience from items, making battles the exclusive means for you to level each one of them up. Beyond the random drops you can earn from each battle, there are missions on each stage that you should take not of on the pre-battle screen. Each mission accomplished for the first time earns you additional rewards and, of course, you should strive to secure a 3-star rating and earn all the rewards even if not within the first attempt on the stage.

Clearing all stages in an area also earns you extra Nether Quartz, which you will always need for more summons. Completing an entire episode also unlocks the next level difficulty. Although more challenging than the easy difficulty level, these stages can earn you better rewards, some of which cannot be earned from the easy levels.

3. Get To Know Characters As You Build Your Team

Although some characters in DISGAEA RPG are comparatively better than others, simply lumping together everyone who is considered top tier will not necessarily lead to having a great team. Team synergy is always more important than individual capabilities. As all battles are team-based, you would want to have a healthy mix of damage-dealers that can off a single target as well as those that can hit multiple targets. Some characters provide buffs to specific allies as well so looking into what each one can offer is important before casting your decision on how to build your team.

building a powerful team in disgaea rpg

As far as the main story chapters and stages are concerned, having specific numbers of humanoids and monsters are a common mission requirements. You will have to switch some members in an out at times but at the very least consider a mix of both types for the main team. In essence, this will also prove helpful when you have to sub out some members if some have just been reincarnated and reverted back to level 1.

While the general strategy for similar games would be to focus on only your top 5 characters, DISGAEA RPG makes it so that it becomes necessary to be more flexible in terms of choosing more than 5 heroes to bank investments on. With some upgrade features requiring multiple copies of the same heroes, it can happen that you will choose to bank on different heroes later on, especially since the gacha method of recruiting units is based on luck.

4. Be Selective With Hero Enhancements

Directly tied up to the above strategy is, of course, employing a more prudent approach towards investing time and resources in your characters. There are naturally plenty of units that looks promising or appealing enough to enhance and you have loads of ways to secure upgrade materials. Enhancement materials are limited, just the same, and as you continue to make progress as far as enhancements go, the costlier it becomes.

The most basic way of strengthening characters is through levelling them up. Taking characters through battles is a great way for them to earn experience points, especially in the EXP Gate under the Dark Gates. The level cap for all characters is initially set to level 100, which is relatively easy to achieve. Once the cap is reached, you will need to reincarnate the character via Mao’s Lab to increase the level cap by another 100.

This will grant the character a stat boost and the extra 100 levels to grind for ultimately contributes to the increasing the character’s overall strength. The small catch, however is that the character will revert back to level 1. The requirements are reincarnation materials you can easily farm from the Dark Gates and for now, the maximum level each character can reach is level 1,000.

hero enhancements in disgaea rpg

On top of reincarnation, Mao’s Lab, which you can access through the facilities menu at the lower right side of your screen. Nether Enhancement grants characters tremendous boost in stats as well as unlock other skills at certain milestones. Nether Enhancement requires an extra copy of the character on the same star grade as well. This makes it important to try and earn multiple copies of 4-star characters within the reroll window. There are N.E. Prinnies you can substitute for this purpose as well that you can gain from achievements and events. Naturally, you should save them only for your top tier, 4-star heroes.

Each hero can also be awakened and taken to the next star grade. To do so, you will need to sacrifice and feed 5 characters of the same star grade and spend HL, which is the basic currency, as well. The idea here is to continue to awaken 1 and 2-star heroes to have a consistent supply of 3 and 4-star heroes. For the most part, you may want to keep heroes that start at 4-stars as the ones to upgrade but if you do not have enough early on, you may settle for a couple 3-star characters to awaken to 4 stars.

Last, but definitely not the least, there is also an Allocate Mana function in DISGAEA RPG, which is essentially key to customizing your characters and build them differently from others. Mana Allocation uses mana perform Ability Cheat as well as increase a Weapon Mastery level cap. Deciding on what to prioritize should be based on your needs, and you can always reset mana used if you need to change allocations. Mana potions you need for this can be earned from conquest battles as well as a reward from special events.

5. Expend Daily Attempts At Conquering The Dark Gates

The Dark Gates stand as an important set of daily dungeons that you need to consistently take advantage of. You can easily get massive EXP, HL, and reincarnation materials from the available gates. You can only take on each gate once a day and you need to beat the first level to unlock the more challenging ones. When a gate closes after you battle through it, you can unlock them again using gate keys up to 5 times each day.

conquering the dark gates in disgaea rpg

Accomplishing missions and event objectives can earn you gate keys. As much as these items are limited, you should not hesitate to use them as needed. Main story stages become increasingly challenging in which case simply levelling up from battles within it will not always suffice. It is a must to expend daily attempts even if you feel like you do not currently need what each gate provides. Spending gate keys come as extra necessities to ensure an uninterrupted progression through the main story chapters.

6. Accomplish Missions For Extra Rewards

Every battle you partake in as you engage in your adventures within the world of DISGAEA RPG earns you various rewards, which, for the most part, should keep you able to sustain your needs early on. The plethora of gifts you receive from your gift box at the start of your journey is also a huge help. Beyond all these, however, DISGAEA RPG provides plenty of additional sources of rewards, and one of these is through accomplishing the missions.

You can check the list of missions through its icon at the left side of the home screen. Missions are divided into daily missions and total missions, which are essentially accomplishments. Both sets of missions directly relate to the usual activities you engage in as you progress in the game but, for the sake of efficiency, viewing the entire list of objectives and letting them serve as your guide is a must especially for beginners.

completing missions in disgaea rpg

Daily missions are the easier bunch and provide the same objectives each day. Every feat you clear earns you instant rewards, which includes HL, AP, gate keys, and even some Nether Quartz. Total Missions or achievements are generally more challenging in the sense that some tasks require longer to complete. These missions serve as milestones that in a way gauges your overall progression across various aspects of your adventure. There are plenty of Nether Quartz to earn as well as other valuable items.

Relative to the missions, you should also aim to accomplish the beginner missions, especially since the additional rewards you can earn from it will help you make progress further through your adventure.

7. Find And Add As Many Active Friends As You Can

 While the earlier battles you engage in may be a cakewalk for a 5-person team, you will eventually run into enemies that can be tough to deal with, especially if one or a couple of your main units have just gone through awakening and are still at lower levels. Having a sixth character acting as a support unit can tremendously help you in adventures and this feature is just among the benefits of earning friends in DISGAEA RPG.

Before engaging in battles, you will be made to choose from among a list of other players’ main characters as to which one you would want to take with you. You will not readily see the other player’s character in combat, but the unit will replace one of your own who has fallen in battle. Once the battle is concluded, you will have the option of sending a friend invite to the player and, as long as you can afford to, you should invite as many friends as you can.

adding friends in disgaea rpg

At the home screen or your stronghold, you can access your friends list from the heart icon at the left side of the page. The friend limit is dependent on your rank and on the friends page, you can readily see all your friends’ respective ranks and how active each of them are. You can even click on a specific friend’s icon to check on the part they are using in battle. This is yet another opportunity for you to learn more about team-building as you get ideas from players in your friends list who seem more experienced than you are.

Another perk that comes from having friends is the ability to send and receives sardines to one another. Sardines restore action points or (AP) and costs nothing to share them. There are even “send all” and “claim all” buttons to conveniently send and receive sardines. Once a friend is earned, their main characters will be at the top of list of companions you can take to battle with you. This can help you plan and choose more appropriate companions for tougher battles.

DISGAEA RPG is brimming with lots of adventures waiting to be discovered and beaten. For now, though, this concludes our DISGAEA RPG beginner’s guide. We hope that every bit of tips and strategies we shared will prove useful in the adventures that lie ahead of you and that you enjoyed reading through it as well. If you have played DISGAEA RPG extensively enough and would like to share your own tips, strategies, and experiences, feel free to do so down in our comment section!