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Digimon Links Beginner’s Guide: 8 Tips & Cheats to Save the World

Digimon Links is the latest mobile release of Bandai Namco, and it is dubbed as the most complete Digimon game to date! In this game, you get to manage your own Digimon farm in order to participate in 3v3 battles. The game starts out innocently as you are introduced to the Digimon World by Hina. Before you can even see your farm, however, a weird even will suddenly tear the world apart. After a bit of chaos, you will be able to reconnect with Hina. She assures you that your farm has been properly backed up so you will be able to raise Digimon. The bad news is that whatever occurred just a few seconds prior has gotten the Digimon World on the path to deletion. You will need to work with your Digimon to collect Clusters in order to save the world! The good news is that you can rely on our Digimon Links tips and tricks to teach you everything you need to know!

1. Don’t Reroll

Digimon Links gives you the option to reroll if you want to get a different starting Digimon. However, there isn’t really any reason for you to do this because you will be getting a Level 40 Metal Greymon after you hit Level 3. This Digimon is strong enough to carry your team for most of the game. You will also get War Greymon, Metal Garurumon, and Saber Leomon if you complete all of the Beginner Missions and Advent Quests. With these three Mega Digimon, you won’t really need additional Digimon on your team. You are still free to capture more Digimon for the sake of collecting so there really isn’t a need to waste time rerolling.

2. How To Digivolve

Once your Digimon reaches the max level, you will see the words Can Digivolve under their portrait. You can then tap on your Digivice to go to the Digivolve menu. Each Digimon has multiple possible evolutions. The Digivolve screen will show you all the possible forms of your Digimon, starting with the ones you are currently able to perform. Other forms require specific materials which you can farm on specific days of the week. The schedule of materials is listed below.

Monday – Neutral
Tuesday – Fire
Wednesday – Water
Thursday – Nature
Friday – Electric
Saturday – Dark
Sunday – Holy

Aside from the materials listed above, there are also special shards that you need to collect if you want to get the Mega forms of each Digimon. These shards can only be obtained through specific dungeons that appear on a rotating schedule. Each special dungeon will only be available for two weeks before they are replaced by a different type. Drop rates for special shards are very low so you will need to grind these dungeons as much as you can before time runs out.

3. Upgrade The Restaurant

Stamina is required for playing through dungeons in the game. Needless to say, the more stamina you have, the more you can progress. Once you reach Area 5, you will be able to unlock the Restaurant. This is important because it refills your stamina for free. Make sure you upgrade this fully as soon as you can so you can take advantage of the free stamina refills. You can also use Rainbow Drops to refill your stamina. Unfortunately, these are consumable and are better used for other things.

4. Get More Rainbow Stones

Digimon Links rewards you with two Rainbow stones for every new stage you complete. This gives you a steady flow of stones for as long as you can move forward through the stages. However, there is a quicker way to get more stones. The first option is to play in multiplayer rooms. Every time you team up with a new player, you will receive 10 stones. This can be done up to 10 times which means you can get 100 stones. After the first ten, you will get three stones for each new player. This applies to the next 50 new players you team up with, which in total gives you 120 stones. Another way for you to get more stones is to add players on your friends list. You will receive 10 stones for every patch you complete with your friends and there is no limit to the amount of stones you can earn from this trick.

5. Hold On To Your Stones

Once you have pockets brimming with Rainbow stones, you will be tempted to go on a gacha shopping spree. If you can, try to hold off until the game holds special events. There is no guaranteed schedule but the game will normally announce gacha events where you can get more value for your Rainbow stones with each draw. Since you should ideally have strong Digimon by following our first advice, there would be no reason to rush into spending Rainbow stones on gacha.

6. What To Do With Duplicates

After a while, you will most likely get a lot of duplicate Digimon from the gacha. There are several options for you when it comes to dealing with these extra Digimon. The first option is to combine them to create a clone with a random type resistance. If you have a lot of clones, you can keep combining them until you get the resistance that your pet is weak in. This will nullify his weakness, giving you a great advantage in battles. The second option is to Digivolve them into different paths so you have more types. Lastly, you can use your extras to transfer skills to your favorite Digimon.

7. Use The Right Digimon

Before you start a boss battle, you will be able to see the attributes of the enemy. Make sure you check out what the elemental affinity of the boss is. The game has 14 elemental affinities so it may be confusing to figure out which is strong against what. As a guide, elements that are grey have neutral impact on the boss. That means they will deal normal damage. Elements that are red will deal reduced damage. Lastly, the elements that are blue will deal more damage to the boss. Take this into consideration when forming your team so you can easily defeat your enemy!

8. Feed Your Digimon Meat

While your Digimon won’t really die of starvation, feeding them meat has multiple benefits. The first is added experience. Feeding them will give them extra experience, making it easy for them to level up. The second benefit is friendship. Digimon who have good friendship levels will have stat boosts. Don’t worry about finding meat because you will have a steady supply if you tend to your farm regularly.

Train your team in order to collect Clusters and save the Digimon World with the help of our Digimon Links tips and tricks! If you know additional hints for Bandai Namco’s new mobile game, feel free to drop us a line below in the comment area!