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Rainbowtail Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How to Unlock All Gemlings

Rainbowtail is a unique puzzle game from Minidragon, that’s now available for iOS and Android platforms. It combines match three puzzles with pet collecting mechanics similar to that of Pokemon. This game creatively weaves together popular elements from the different genres and produces a highly addicting roleplaying game for everyone to enjoy. Your goal is to collect and raise cute little monster pets called Gemlings. You need to train them well so they can fight against enemies who are trying to take away color from the world! There are hundreds of Gemlings for you to find, train, and evolve. You can also fight alongside your friends in order to defeat stronger enemies. The game has an engaging story full of mini chapters and side quests. If you find yourself struggling to move forward, don’t worry. You can always rely on our Rainbowtail strategy guide to help you restore the rainbow to the world!

1. Gather All Collectibles

Catching a lot of monster pets is fun, but there are a few more things that you should collect in the game in order to progress. These collectibles help you get even more Gemlings in the game. The first type of collectible is the Gembean. These are colorful bean pods that you need in order to try your luck at the Bean Draw. You can get rare Gemlings through a random draw but if you prefer to know what you are getting, you can also spend Gembeans to buy from a selection that changes daily. The second type of collectible is the Rainbow Gem. You can get these by defeating bosses and they can be used to get rare Gemlings. Lastly, there are Eggs that are dropped randomly during matches. You can get Gemlings with varying rarities from hatching these.

2. Aim For Three Stars

At the end of each level, you will receive a star rating. Depending on your performance, you can get up to three stars. You can replay any level repeatedly until you can get the highest rating. It is a good way for you to hone your puzzle-solving skills before you move on to more difficult levels. As an added bonus, you get to pick up even more Eggs and Gembeans along the way. If you catch a Gemling that you already have, you can choose to release it in exchange for more Gembeans!

3. Log In Every Day To Get Rewards

The game gives you various rewards for logging in every day. The daily rewards are usually Gembeans, Rainbow Gems, and level one Gemlings. What you should be aiming for, however, is to complete your login stamps for the entire week and month. Every week you complete will reward you with a rare Gemling. If you complete the entire month, you will get an exclusive Gemling as a reward!

4. Manage Your Gemling Box

The Gemling Box holds all of your Gemlings. It has limited space so if you play often, you will surely struggle with storing all the Gemlings you find. One way to keep your box organized is to use duplicate Gemlings for upgrades. Not only does this partially solve your storage problems, it also makes your Gemlings stronger. Keep in mind that you will still eventually run out of space since there are hundreds of types of Gemlings out there. Make sure you spend gems or watch advertisements in order to expand your inventory slots as much as you can.

Are you ready to catch the Gemlings in Rainbowtail? Just remember everything you learned from our strategy guide and you will do great!