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Dictator: Emergence Cheats: 5 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Tigrido’s Dictator: Emergence is an exciting new game for Android and iOS devices that continues the company’s popular Dictator series as an update of sorts to the original game. In this title, your job is to strike a balance between power-hungry oligarchies, corrupt prosecutors, generals, admirals, ruthless mafiosi, a tenacious opposition, and your eternally displeased subjects. The game also promises a chance to make 2,000 momentous decisions, as you try to hang on to power for as long as you could, and create your own gold statue in honor of your dictatorship. And, just as usual, you’ll also have to make sure you prevent any and all revolutions to allow you to stay in power.

How does this game differ from previous Dictator titles? Well, there are new decisions to make and new outcomes to deal with, but other than that, it’s the same old Dictator mechanics you probably know if you’ve played earlier titles from the series. But just in case you haven’t, we suggest you read these Dictator: Emergence tips and tricks specifically designed for first-timers, but with a few things you might want to keep in mind even if you’ve been playing for some time.

1. What’s The Deal With The Golden Crosses?

Once you’ve accumulated ten crosses with a faction, all further crosses will be converted into Golden Crosses. A Golden Cross means that the faction respects you and likes you, and each golden cross you’ll collect once a turn is over will be converted in turn to additional cash – that’s bonuses to the tune of $20,000 per cross. With that in mind, you’ll want to keep your status healthy with one or two factions. Don’t try going for more, because that might be too much for you to handle, and that might leave you in over your head. One or two would be fine, though, and help you minimize cash losses.

2. Don’t Focus Too Much On One Faction

Then again, you should avoid focusing too much on a single faction alone. If there are any factions that have too much favor and get ten golden crosses, that’s going to trigger a revolution, and once that happens, it’s game over for you – no second or third chances here! Yes, we did mention you should keep your status high with a couple factions, but you still need to maintain some balance, and avoid giving preferential treatment to one faction. It’s important that all of them be pleased with you, while you give them similar amounts of attention without neglecting anyone of them.

3. Consider How Your Decisions Will Affect Other Factions

When making decisions in Dictator: Emergence, you want to think about how that decision will affect everyone involved, meaning all of the game’s factions. Ask your Advisor what the outcomes will be if you’re relatively new to the game, but once you’ve got enough experience playing the game, that might not be necessary at all. As you’ll find out, ascertaining the possible effect of a decision on a faction will often boil down to common sense. One simple example is agreeing to something that the Opposition has proposed. As the Opposition is, well, the opposition to your dictatorship, and a group that has the masses in mind, your People will generally find this to their liking. And for another example, if you agree to a proposition from the Police, you’ll lose favor with the Opposition (because they obviously don’t play nice with the cops) and the Mafia (ditto).

4. Be Careful When Managing Your Advisors

Advisors are helpful to Dictators as they’re like cheat sheets of sorts – they show the potential outcomes of decisions. And to make things even better, they would erase any possible negative outcome. It is imperative that you take good care of your Advisors, because it’s going to be hard for you if you run out of them. You can buy ten more for 100 Golden Tyrants, with Golden Tyrants being the game’s premium currency. Golden Tyrants are earned through certain decisions, but they tend to be few and far in between. Given that obstacle, you should definitely not be mismanaging your use of Advisors by relying on them too much.

5. Work On The Daily Quest For More Premium Currency

Aside from earning Golden Tyrants through decisions, you can also receive them through quests. By this, we mean the daily quests that refresh once per day, meaning you should work on completing them as soon as possible, and not let them expire. Any progress is lost once the quest resets, but if you complete that quest within the specified day, you’ll earn about 30 to 50 Golden Tyrants for your good work.

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