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Deus Ex GO Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Complete More Puzzles

Deus Ex GO is the latest title in Square Enix’s GO series of games, following the success of Hitman GO and Lara Croft GO. It is a turn-based puzzle infiltration stealth game set in a mobile version of the Deus Ex universe, where you shall be playing covert agent Adam Jensen, while hacking, and using combat and augmentations as you solve more puzzles in the game and uncover a terrorist plot. There are over 50 levels to play, and the number of available puzzles keeps rising, as there’s a new one released every weekday. You’ll also be outsmarting different types of enemies, including the usual human enemies (the guards), as well as turrets and drones. And we tend to believe Square Enix when it talks up the storyline in this game – it is indeed quite a gripping one that should pique most gamers’ interests. If you’re wondering about supported platforms, this game is available for Android and iOS devices alike.

However, this is a rather intense game in terms of the learning curve, so you may have some trouble making headway at first. Even if you’re an experienced player, you may encounter some problems and not know how to push forward. Fortunately, we’ve come up with an exclusive Deus Ex GO strategy guide for you right here, where we offer a variety of tips and tricks designed for all players, regardless of experience.

1. Don’t Attack From The Front

Let’s start with the most fundamental aspects of Deus EX GO and see if we can talk you through them. When killing enemies, you should never attack them from in front, unless you’re left with no other option. Instead, you should try attacking from behind, or taking them on from the sides. It’s just too dangerous if you try to take them out in close contact while you’re in front of them.

2. How Do The Guards Behave?

Another basic thing you’ll want to keep in mind is how the guards in this game behave, meaning their general tendencies. Guards will run toward you when they see you, armed with tasers and coming with a shield that makes them invulnerable to most attacks once they’re alerted of your presence. That may sound quite challenging to deal with, but they move in a straight line, and in no other direction. That means you can fool them by hiding in the corners, where they won’t come for you. In addition, it’s possible to leverage their brief period of invincibility by luring them to a point where they’re in between your character and a turret; this is a bit tricky to pull off at first, but it’s a good move to practice. Look for other ways to trap these guards, especially since some levels may have really unorthodox setups.

3. Remember Your Last Known Position In The Game

We did say that the guards can only go in two directions – that’s left or right in a straight line. To this end, you’ll always want to remember your last position before making a move. This would be helpful when you try to trick the guards by directing them as far away from you as possible, as you elude them by ducking into a shortcut route. Once again, there are many ways to fool those guards, as you’ll soon discover if you’re new to the game.

4. It’s Possible For Guards To Undo The Hacks You Set Up

In addition to their brief powers of invincibility when their shields are activated, guards can frustrate you in other ways, That would be by undoing your hacks, provided they land on a hacking space. Once they land there, any object that’s connected to the space will be reset back to normal. Citing a couple examples, friendly turrets may target you again, while red hexes may be reactivated.

5. How The Power-Ups Work

After a puzzle is completed, you will have up to three options once you get a unit of energy. These options are essentially power-ups that can help you in upcoming puzzles or levels, and they include cloaking, remote hacking, or the EMP blast. There’s really no best choice among those three, as all of them can be beneficial; choose the option that works best with your play style, and use that option right so you can overcome most of the game’s more challenging situations.

As a bonus tip, remember that cloaking power-ups won’t be available as an option in a level unless it’s necessary that you use them. And you will also have to think long and hard about how to grab the cloaking power-up, which appears in the form of a turquoise icon in a hex.

6. Cloaking Is Only Good For One Turn

Cloaking, or your power of invisibility, is indeed a neat trick once you put it to use. For one, it allows you to kill enemies while you’re in front of them, as they cannot see you while you’re cloaked. But it can be easy to forget that this ability will only be good for one turn on the space where you’re going to. It really won’t last that long in the grand scheme of things, so if you need to move past two nodes to evade a turret’s attacks, you can use cloaking to get past one node, then use another method for the other.

7. All You Need To Know About The Turrets And Red Hexes

Now speaking of turrets, you should also be aware about how these defenses work. First of all, they are stationary and only face in one direction. But they can instantly kill you if you move in front of them. These turrets, as mentioned above, can be hacked so they don’t attack you, effectively making them friendly turrets.

Those who are new to Deus Ex GO may also be wondering about red hexes and how they work. These are red spaces which you cannot walk through unless you’re able to hack them. They do, however, prevent an enemy from seeing properly by blocking their line of sight, and if a red hex is reactivated while a guard is on it, the guard will be trapped in that space. Guards will also be trapped if you reactivate a red hex that’s located in front of a moving guard, though the catch here (quite a small one) is that the guards get trapped in the space right in front. These red hexes can also be used to your advantage, as we explained, and they can protect you from damage or death if you use them the right way.

8. How To Deal With The Security Robots

Those security robots sound more threatening than they actually are, provided you take the proper precautions. Security robots, at least in their basic form, don’t do anything until an unwelcome presence walks in front of them. That means you should avoid moving into spaces where they’re right in front of you; keep a distance of at least one space separating you from the robot, which is identified by a red circle symbolizing their eyes.

9. The Basics Of Hacking

In order to hack a turret or red hex, step into a hacking space, which is symbolized by a yellow computer icon, then tap on your character. Once you’ve done that, you can start tracing lines from the space to the turret or red hex. Don’t try to hack objects that show up in red on the hacking screen, as they can’t be hacked at all. Only one device can be hacked per hacking space, though you can change targets from time to time if you’re able to find a second or third hacking location nearby.

10. The Lines Cannot Cross Each Other When You’re Hacking

Remember that you’re using a different grid when you hack; it won’t be the same one you use when you’re trying to find your way in the levels. Additionally, the lines won’t, and can’t cross each other if you’re using multiple terminals at the same time. That makes for another challenging situation in Deus Ex GO, so consider how you’re drawing the lines, and remember the above limitation.

11. Use Your Hacking Skills To Trap Enemies

Sure, guards can unhack terminals, as we mentioned, and it’s just as simple as them walking over a hacked space. But on the plus side, your hacking can be a good way to trap certain enemies. If the line you draw coincides with an enemy’s path, that can allow you to trigger a trap even from afar. Just take note of the number of steps you need in order to turn off the trap, so you can make a safe exit and not get foiled by the very trap you triggered.

12. You Can Go Over The Maximum Moves In The Move Counter

All levels in Deus Ex GO have a move counter – that’s basically the ideal number of moves needed to complete the level. The counter can be found in the bottom left of your screen when you replay a level, and you can view in there the maximum number of moves, as well as the number of moves you’ve already completed. But if you’re playing a level for the first time, simply tap on the menu button on the top left corner in order to view that information.

The game will allow you to complete a level even if you’ve gone over the suggested limit. But you’ll still want to stay within that limit if you want to reach 100 percent completion or Mastermind status, and make the most out of each move so you don’t go over. It’s also worth mentioning at this point that hacking is considered a move.

13. What’s In It For You If You Get Mastermind Status?

You can achieve Mastermind status in Deus Ex GO by completing levels in the suggested number of moves or less; you may need to replay certain levels so you can reach the suggested move limit or go under it, but while playing a level, you should always take mental notes of what you did right, what you did wrong, and what you can do better.

If you’ve reached Mastermind status in all levels, you will be able to unlock a Praxis Kit, which you can use on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Not a bad reward, we’d say, especially if you’re familiar with the Deus Ex series.

14. Mini-Spoiler – The Game Comes With Two Endings

Once you reach the end of the game, you’ll be asked to make a choice between two options. That would trigger one or the other ending, though we will leave it at that, knowing that very few people enjoy spoilers, may it be for movies, or in this case, mobile games.