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Destiny Child Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Build a Strong Team and Progress Faster

Co-developed by LINE Games and SHIFTUP, Destiny Child, which is a CCG and RPG that has massively stormed the app charts in Korea from 2016 till the present, has recently been launched globally. As players and fans outside Korea who wanted to play the game then went as far as to look for translation patches or even played through the game with very little understanding of the text dialogues and menus, the global launch changed all that with its support for multiple languages as well as some other changes.

Destiny Child boasts graphics and character designs that exceed expectations for mobile games or even some games on more powerful platforms. On top of that, the gameplay mechanics it offers more than provides for what most anime-themed games and RPG enthusiasts love and enjoy. Whether or not you’re a fan of CCG and RPG games, or perhaps not that excited about Gacha mechanics, there are plenty of good reasons to check this game out.

The game puts you in the role of a reluctant demon king candidate who stayed in the human realm and wants no part of it. With some push from support characters, you begin your journey towards collecting human souls as you work towards fighting for the throne. On top of the engaging and humorous storyline, there are tons of things to do in the game to keep you playing to the point where you may lose track of time.

There are numerous ways to upgrade and enhance your characters, and with each one having different properties and unique sets of skills, you will be spending some time to figure out the best combination of skills and roles to battle through several modes of gameplay. The gacha mechanics applied to acquiring some characters as well as gears make it all the more exciting most especially on the preliminary stages of your game as you will earn a lot of items and currencies to boost your roster and inventory a lot at the start.

Although the loads of content may seem overwhelming at first glance, the tutorial walks you through each aspect of gameplay, with helpful texts and highlights to teach you every bit of thing you need to do. As the first chapter unlocks a lot of new features and game modes, the tutorial comes in every time to walk you through each first attempt at everything. Although there are more strategic aspects in the game that require your own decisions and preferences, any experience from previous games within the same genre will be a good help to give you some basic ideas.

If you are totally new to RPGs and got stumped by some seemingly complex mechanics of the game or if you are doing well enough into it but looking for more efficient ways to level up faster and have a stronger team roster, then our Destiny Child beginner’s guide will surely help you uncover some tips and strategies on how to understand the game better and progress through it faster.

1. Progress Through The Story Mode As Much As You Can

As basic as it comes for most RPGs, Destiny Child provides a very well-crafted story that is both engaging and very entertaining to follow. As the tutorial sets you up on the introductory chapters of the story as well, what you would want to do moving forward is to continue on clearing story chapters to get to familiarize yourself with your characters, the basic game mechanics as well as some basic battle moves and strategies. Gaining experience for you and your characters plays an important role relative to unlocking additional features and game modes. For characters, levelling up is essential too as it boosts their stats and increase your team’s overall combat power.

destiny child guide

There are a lot of items you can easily acquire through clearing story mode chapters and you can earn additional rewards too for clearing each stage with 3 star ratings. Though it may become a greater challenge later on, it’s ideal to go for 3-star completions and obtain the additional bonuses for reaching 8, 16, and 24 stars for each chapter.

As there will practically be a flood of event and mission rewards for you too, you may be tempted from time to time to stray off of story mode and visit other game features. Unless the tutorial pushes you out of it though, you might as well proceed with the next stage in the chapter you’re in. It will naturally become more and more challenging the further you go through the story, so if you hit a stage where you cannot acquire a 3-star rating, then it’s probably a good time to start working on your main team.

2. Set-Up And Focus On Your Main Team

Playing through Destiny Child’s story mode will reward you with some characters, and mission and event rewards may also grant you additional ones as well as the means to get more through summoning. By clicking on the Summon Icon on the lower part of your screen, you will be taken to the page where you can buy Premium Summon using crystals or Gold Summon using gold. If you have enough for getting 10x summons, you should do so on both as you would want to have a lot of characters to choose from to start building up your main team. Be sure to check your items as well, particularly the Summon Ticket Tab (2nd tab from the right) as it may contain tickets that will let you instantly summon some characters as well.

You will surely have a lot of characters to choose from after doing a couple of summons and what you would want to initially consider being a part of your main team are those with high star ranks. Since you can get rarities from 1 to 5 stars, you would want to take in those 5 stars first. You will most likely get 2 to 3 for starters but will have more than enough 4-star candidates to fill the remaining slots in your 5-person team.

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Now comes the trickier part as you would want to consider the character’s elemental affinity as well as each of their roles to have a well-rounded team. Preferably, you would want your 5 characters each representing the 5 different elements in the game: fire, water, wood, light, and dark. Following the game’s rock-paper-scissors system with regard to elemental affinities, fire is strong against wood while weak against water; water is strong against fire and weak against wood; and wood is strong against water while weak against fire.

Light and dark elements are neither strong nor weak against the first 3 elements but they are, in contrast, strong against each other. With this thrown into the mix, having a team roster exhibiting exclusively one element can be difficult especially in situations where the enemies have elements that you are weak against. So if you can’t have a team fully representing all of the elements, at least have 3 different elements to avoid dangerous scenarios.

There are also 5 unique roles that each character in Destiny Child belongs to. There are attackers, defenders, healers, supporters, and debuffers. Basically, attackers have skills aimed towards dealing damage to enemies. Defenders have skills that raise defense for the team. Healers are, of course, in-charge of watching over the team’s hp through heal and regen. Supporters ensure that status ailments and debuffs are cleared off of each member. Lastly, but not the least, debuffers cast penalties to enemy units such as status ailments weakness spells. As it is a challenge to have a team representing all elements and at the same time have each member hold a unique role, you should check each of the character’s available skills to determine how they will work as a team.

Essentially though, you would want an attacker, a defender, and a healer as basic components of your team and have a little more freedom choosing the last to spots for whichever character sports some skills you feel will be a great addition to the mix. Be sure to also keep an eye on Leadership Skills as these are important. While Leadership Skills affect the entire party, a lot of characters have skills that only affect party members of a certain element. Since you would want a roster that sports a variety of elements, you should choose a leader whose Leadership Skills have no such restrictions.

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You can always test your team out in stages you have cleared already to see how well they blend together. Keep in mind that while you may, and most likely will, obtain higher ranked and stronger characters later, it is important to invest on a team you can use for completing more quests and game modes moving forward. With so many enhancement options and limited resources to do so, you definitely would not want to waste effort and items on characters you will soon replace. Test your main team as much as you want before proceeding with upgrades and enhancements.

3. Enhance Your Heroes To Raise Team Power

Your standard objective in Destiny Child is to ensure that your team constantly grows stronger and preferably always strong enough to take on the equally progressing difficulty that the game offers as you push forward on story chapters as well as various quests and challenges ahead. Your Team Power, which you can see on the lower left side of your screen, determines how strong your team is and indicates as well if they are suitably capable of taking on particular quests with recommended team power levels. As you reach slumps in progressing quests due to lack of team power, you should raise yours by enhancing and upgrading each of your main team’s characters and in Destiny Child, there are various ways to do that.

The first and most basic upgrade comes from levelling characters up and although you gain experience from each battle you engage in, you can further boost this through the Combine method. By clicking on the Child Icon at the bottom of the screen to view the list of characters you have, you can click on the Combine Button and feed some slime-like creatures to your main characters. You’ll distinguish these creatures in the roster as they will have EXP instead of role icons on their card. For better results, feed the creatures to characters that have the same elemental affinity for a little boost in the experience they provide. Again, this is one of the reasons why it’s better to have main characters with varying elements as these EXP creatures are hard to come by and you wouldn’t want to split the same element ones between or among different characters.

By tapping on the Skill Button on the character, you will see the list of that character’s skills as well as 3 of them which can be upgraded. You need Onyx to do upgrades and with the amount you currently have you may want to split these upgrades as equally across your five main characters as you practically can. You can get some Onyx as quest or event rewards and you can also sacrifice some unwanted characters to generate more. Since you have limited slots to hold characters, you will want to do this regularly as well.

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Another important character enhancement option is awakening which gives a good amount of boost to the character’s stats at the cost of Onyx as well. As you move on to the chart-like layout of the Awaken Function, you will notice that some classes have a level requirement before you can unlock them. All other boxes with a lower class can be unlocked though so be sure to check each one out and unlock the cheaper ones first. Similar to the skill upgrade options, manage your saved up Onyx here and try to upgrade each of your 5 main characters equally.

When your character reaches max level (it may take a long while) which depends on the child’s star level, you can raise their star rank up to 6 stars through evolution. You will need some evolution materials for this as well as other characters of the same star level to sacrifice. On top of these requirements, you will be spending a lot of gold for this as well.

Lastly, but not the least is uncapping which can only be performed if you have a similar card for the child you want to enhance through the process. Uncapping a character raises its stats tremendously but beyond that, it raises the maximum skill level as well. The number of times you can perform this enhancement depends on the star rank of the character so for 5-star characters, you can uncap them up to 5 times provided that you have 5 copies of their card even though it doesn’t have the same star level.

With all the Onyx, gold, and sacrificial cards you need to perform all these enhancements to boost your characters’ battle powers, you would really want to be extra careful when selecting your starting roster. If you want the safe approach, you can always just enhance up to a point where you can beat your immediate target quest or mission so that in the event that you are fortunate enough to acquire a higher star level character from rewards or summoning, you can still make changes to the roster without feeling bad the upgrades you have made on the character you will be replacing.

4. Invest In Equipment For Your Main Team

There are various gears you can equip to your characters and each one of them can have a weapon, armor, and accessory to put on. Although you need to reach S class rating first before you can equip your characters with accessories, weapon and armor can be equipped already at the early part of the game. You can equip your characters through the Child Icon, then clicking “More” to see the equipment slots at the bottom.

You can also click on the Items Icon and view all the gears you have and equip your characters from there. While higher rarity gears offer better stats, be sure to align these additional stats to the more important stats of the characters in your roster. Perhaps the piece of armor with the highest defense might be best for your healer or supporter as well as armor that grants enhancements to more than 1 stat. For items that boost attack the most, it would be best to equip it to an attacker.

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You can also enhance each piece of equipment by sacrificing some pieces of equipment you no longer need. Since you can get equipment with 1 to 5 star ratings, you can do away with extra 1 to 3 star items and feed them to the gears you have equipped on your main team. You also need a bit of gold with every enhancement and it takes a lot of sacrifices to level each piece of gear up.
Be sure to allocate some of your gold to summoning 10x equipment at the cost of 200,000 gold. You can get 3-5 star pieces of equipment here and you can also farm some low level gears from story missions.

5. Add As Many Friends As You Can

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Having friends in all online games helps you even in small yet important ways. In Destiny Child, having friends means you can have additional buffs for your team for each battle as well as earn Friend Coins which you can use for Friend Coin Summons. Each friend you have can send you 5 coins each day and you can summon for every 100 coins you have. You can acquire gold, stamina, Onyx, Rumble Coins, and other items from this summon. Be sure to send back some coins to your friends too as it will cost you nothing and takes just a second one click to send to everyone on your friends list.

6. Make The Most Out Of The Night World

The Night World in Destiny Child represents additional game modes you can unlock as you progress through the game. Once you reach level 12, you will have access to everything it offers and you should do your best to make the most out of each of it.

The Devil Rumble is your PvP arena and you can battle other players’ teams here. Be sure to expend all attempts (represented by tickets) you have here as Rumble Coins you earn can be used to purchase important items at the Rumble Shop. While in the Devil Rumble, be sure to check the Daily Missions as well as you can obtain additional rewards if you meet certain conditions which are very easy to achieve especially at the early part of your game. Depending on the overall strength of your team as well as the time you spend here, earning a good rank and reaching a higher league will earn you more rewards which include Rumble Coins and Crystals too.

destiny child exploration

The Event Dungeon is where you can earn Level-up Materials, Evolution Materials, as well as extra gold. You can battle through each available dungeon 3 times per day but dungeon availabilities change daily. Once inside, click on the question mark at the top of the screen to view the schedule of dungeons. Although you consume stamina for battling in these dungeons, the rewards will help you progress faster especially since it will be very challenging to acquire the materials here anywhere else. As for gold, you can never have too much of it anyway.

The Underground is much like towers in other RPGs where you have to continuously battle and while damages and statuses of your characters carry over to the next one. You can earn rewards on every node or stage here and treasure chests for every fourth stage. Your goal is to finish all twenty stages and doing so will unlock the next difficulty level. There are also limitations on the characters you can bring on the higher difficulty levels. To know more about it, be sure to check the question mark icon at the top of the screen.

Exploration is a great way to earn experience points for your characters as well some extra items without much effort. Once unlocked, you can send a team of your characters an hour up to 12 hours and they will continue with this even if you are offline. Depending on your account level, you can unlock and explore on more locations consecutively. As the amount of experience points and rarity of items improve depending on the length of exploration, you should go for the 12-hour ones. Don’t worry about your main team though, as the characters you send on explorations can still be used in story battles and other game modes.

7. Accomplish Tasks In Devil’s Fiesta And Other Challenges

destiny child devil's fiesta

On top of all the rewards you can earn immediately after playing Destiny Child and its various game modes, there are still plenty of extra rewards to earn by accomplishing certain objectives which all fall within what you would naturally be doing while playing the game. While you can earn some of these additional bonuses without even knowing, be sure to check out Devil’s Fiesta and My Room to see the targets you have yet to meet. Some of the rewards you can earn from accomplishing simple missions will be a lot more challenging to earn anywhere else so make sure to get the most out of these daily missions, events, and milestones.

8. Be Sure To Always Check Your Items And Mail

As we mentioned earlier, you can summon additional characters and gears using tickets which you earn from certain events and accomplishments. Since you may be constantly busy jumping from one game mode and battle to the next, you might forget the growing number of tickets that you are earning in your inventory. As it will always be better to use those tickets sooner than later, be sure to always check you items for it. Since some of the rewards and Friend Coins you will receive won’t be going directly to your inventory, check your mail regularly as well.

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That sums up everything we have for our Destiny Child beginner’s guide. With predictably loads more to come from this game in future updates, we may revisit it again to bring you another strategy guide. Hopefully though, you were able to read through our guide before you began playing the game or at least just fairly recently started it. If you were able to read through the tips and strategies we shared here, you will surely have an easier time organizing and managing your team as well as punching through the oncoming challenges ahead of you.

In case you know some tips and strategies for Destiny Child we failed to mention here, you are more than welcome to let us know through the comment section. We will very much appreciate hearing from you and we enjoy learning something from our readers as well!