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Delicious World Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Become the World’s Greatest Chef

Delicious World is a cooking simulation game developed by GameHouse, that revolves around the life of Emily Napoli, an aspiring chef who is now helping out at the family café. While educated in the culinary arts, life’s challenges force Emily to start from humble beginnings as she works her way back up to success, and possibly meet up with an old flame from cooking school. Emily is going to need your help to get there.

delicious world guide

The gameplay of Delicious World is similar to games like Diner Dash, as you tap the kitchen to tell Emily where to go. Whether it is serving a drink or cleaning up a table, you and Emily will have to work quickly but carefully to meet the challenge of the current level. Between levels, you can use your hard-earned money to upgrade the current restaurant. In the beginning, you will start small. But as Emily’s reputation improves, she moves into more extravagant locales.

delicious world filler a

While Delicious World has you travel to different restaurants, and later on different countries, from chapter to chapter, the core gameplay remains the same, with much of the emphasis revolving around Emily’s story. All in all, the game feels like an interactive TV show with gameplay to separate the various “episodes,” which can be entertaining to watch as you go. Now sit back and relax to learn the basics of Delicious World and to discover some tips and tricks to help Emily fulfilling her dream!

1. Chopping Up Challenges

delicious world gameplay a

Similar to Diner Dash, you control Emily by tapping her to your chosen destination, be it a cooking station, the drink bar, or an occupied table. Customers periodically come into the restaurant and line up at the counter for a quick pick-up, or head to a table for a more filling meal.

The patience of your customers is listed as three hearts that appear next to their order, gradually decaying as they wait for their food and/or drinks. If all hearts are lost, the customer leaves in a huff. Orders can have up to three items to deliver and giving them one part of their order restores one heart of patience.

Some levels may replace these hearts with Golden Hearts that cannot be replaced when lost, and you have to collect a set number of Golden Hearts in order to complete the level. Although patience can still be restored, the Golden Heart stays gone.

While the customers of Diner Dash have differing stats, mostly in regards to their overall patience and how much they tip the player after a successful order, the customers of Delicious World are essentially identical to one another. This makes it easier for players to keep track on the patience of individual customers, as you can expect everyone’s patience to “decay” at the same rate. 

delicious world goals

Meal preparation depends on the chapter but generally there are three types of preparation that Emily has to deal with:

  • The simplest is drinks, which automatically refresh themselves whenever Emily picks one up.
  • The second meals require some cooking or arrangement to serve, and act much like the drinks above, refreshing after Emily picks a dish up.
  • Meals that have to be cooked on a stove or a similar appliance. These not only take time to prepare, but also cannot be left on the stove for too long lest it catches fire. Some of these meals require side dishes or toppings before they can be served to the customer. Some of the side dishes or toppings can be combined depending on the chapter.

Emily can only hold up to four items on her tray at first, which make serving your customers’ orders a major priority. This can be upgraded to hold up to six items to better manage meals. In the event that you make a meal that no one ordered, you can dispose of it by tapping on the incorrect item twice while it is still on the tray. Some levels may forbid you from disposing meals of any sort as a level condition.

Later on, we will teach you how to beat these sorts of levels, along with additional challenges that you may face. Your “lives” are depicted as chef’s hats at the upper right corner of the main screen, and you can only have five of them at maximum. If you lose a level, you lose one of your hats, though these will regenerate after some time.

All levels have a set number of customers as indicated on the bar to the left side of the screen. This determines the overall “length” of the level. Customers typically walk in two at a time and either head to the counter or table as noted above. While customers who get their orders from the counter will leave as soon as their order is completed, tables that were used have to be cleaned up before another customer can use them.

Luckily, all you have to do is tap the table for Emily to clean it up, with no need to bring the dirty dishes to a sink.

2. Kitchen Renovations

Serving up orders naturally earns you money and completing a customer’s order in one go adds up to a combo meter that multiplies the money you earn from both completing orders and getting tips. As such, it can be more profitable to serve up someone’s order in one go if you have the tray space. However, sometimes the customer’s patience is more important, and you might have to end your combo early to satisfy them.

delicious world victory

After completing a level, you have the option of doubling your earnings by watching an ad which, if you take it, will be disabled for a few levels until you can use it again. While it can be used to earn more money than usual, sometimes you might end up outperforming the boosted income in following levels. Use this booster at your own discretion.

Between levels, you can purchase upgrades for the chapter’s current kitchen. When you access a new chapter, any purchased upgrades do not carry through, but all your accrued money will stay on your person. Feel free to play as much of the previous chapter’s levels to earn as much money as you can from them, allowing you to repeat the cycle in the current chapter.

delicious world upgrades

These upgrades are as follows:

  • Tray slots: As mentioned previously, upgrading your Tray increases the number of things Emily can carry in one go.
  • Stove slots: Stove upgrades are twofold, in that they decrease the time it takes to cook up a meal, and it increases the number of meals that can be simultaneously prepared. Be advised that these upgrades do nothing to increase the time before food on the stove is set on fire.
  • Food prices: Increases the amount of money earned for serving up the selected dish, both in terms of the actual price and the tip received. This upgrade applies to both main meals and side dishes.
  • Drink slots: Much like the stove slots, this upgrade simply allows your drink station to hold more servings as well as prepare them sooner. Thankfully there is no risk of your station being set on fire.
  • Decorations: These do not have any direct influence on your kitchen’s performance, but decorations can help decrease the rate of patience decay or increase the amount your customers tip after their orders have been satisfied.

The game has a percentage listing how many upgrades have been purchased and can help players keep track on what needs to be upgraded to completion.

3. Appetizers And Advancements

For the first few chapters of Delicious World, you need to complete 10 to 20 levels before unlocking the next chapter. As Emily’s story progresses, later chapters will have you completing up to 40 levels per chapter, making for quite a trek as Emily travels around the world.

With As a download speed-saving measure, Delicious World only starts with the first chapter installed, and later chapters have to be downloaded before you can access them. With up to fifteen chapters available as of this writing, evenly divided into three seasons, Emily has quite the adventure ahead of her.

delicious world chapters

Later chapters also add more food items to manage and more complex orders as a result. For example, in the first chapter of the game, Emily is managing a café that serves pancakes and coffee, with four pancake toppings available.

Meanwhile the second chapter has Emily moving to an upscale restaurant that serves lobster and burgers topped with shrimp, each with their own pair of side dishes, along with salads and champagne. With all the levels we mentioned above, you can only imagine how difficult the later levels can get, especially if you are planning to complete every level to the letter.

delicious world levels

All levels have three stars that allow you to complete them up to three times each. Some of these stars are marked with an Oven Mitt that players have to collect. After enough Oven Mitts are collected, the next chapter is unlocked, and Emily’s story can continue. While some of these Oven Mitts can be awarded simply for beating the level once, some of them require you to go through the level one more time before getting the Oven Mitt in question.

Completing a level for the first time also awards you a Diamond, which serves as the game’s premium currency. After completing a chapter’s base requirements, you can still tackle the remaining stars to get another chest full of goodies. After collecting all three stars of a given level, you can no longer play it, but some levels become “bonus” levels that let you replay them as much as you want, allowing for a small but reliable source of income for future upgrades.

In addition, some levels are marked with a book, which awards a cutscene detailing Emily’s story throughout the game. Collected cutscenes can be rewatched at the level select screen at your leisure.

delicious world level objectives

Most levels have a single, straightforward goal to complete as indicated on the level selector. Some of these may have modifiers that make completing these goals more difficult. These goals can include, but are not limited to:

  • Earning the minimum listed amount of money;
  • Serving a certain number of customers—this is almost always close to the maximum number of customers that will visit during that particular level;
  • Serving a certain number of dishes—this should not be confused with orders, which can comprise multiple dishes;
  • Collecting a set number of Golden Hearts, as we discussed earlier in the guide—this particular goal tends to be combined with the challenge that you cannot lose any Golden Hearts so you better be quick about those orders.

The aforementioned modifiers can include not losing a single customer, completing the objective within a given time limit, not letting any food burn, or not disposing of any unwanted food. Later levels will even combine modifiers for added difficulty, such as serving a certain number of customers within the time limit all while making sure not to dispose of any unwanted meals for example.

delicious world boosters

As you progress through Delicious World you can unlock boosters that can make playing the level a less stressful experience. These boosters include increased cooking speed, additional customers to squeeze out more money from, or simply preventing food from burning during the level. You acquire boosters mainly through the in-game store in exchange for coins. Unless you are having significant trouble with a level, you can go through multiple chapters without using them.

After completing the first chapter, you also unlock daily tasks and daily login rewards. Daily tasks consist of three objectives to complete before the day is out. Each task rewards you with a sum of money when you complete them, and these tasks can include;

delicious world daily tasks
  • Earning a certain amount of money before the day is out. Money gained from the ad multiplier, or money earned from completing the other daily tasks will not count;
  • Serving a certain number of customers;
  • Serving a certain number of dishes.

Completing all three tasks also gives you a gift of money, Diamonds, and powerups for achieving them before they reset. Meanwhile, daily login rewards encourage playing every day by awarding a gift for starting up Delicious World for the first time in the day. Doing this for a full week will get you a major prize in return.

Now that we have settled what challenges lie ahead in Delicious World, we can start sharing tips in beating it.

4. Making Money By Cooking Chow

delicious world gameplay c
  • Thinking one step ahead. First off, while the game might restrict you from throwing out unwanted meals, you can stay one step ahead of your customers by having at least one meal without side dishes and one drink on your tray at all times. In that way, you can instantly serve up their orders if they match what you have on hand.

    If they want side dishes you can immediately get those dishes prepared without waiting for the main meal to cook. If you end up with one too many dishes on Emily’s tray when the day is out, do not worry as the game does not penalize you for cooking too much food. If in case you do not know what to expect, picking up a drink is always a good option as it may serve as part of an order, if not the customer’s entire order.
  • A “larger” tray is a better tray. When you are able to purchase upgrades for your current chapter’s restaurant, consider spending some of that on tray upgrades first. That way Emily can hold more things on her person without worrying about disposing food to free up tray slots. Early into a chapter, one tray upgrade should be fine.

    You can then spend the rest of your money on stove and/or drink capacity so that you can get those meals out faster. Some upgrades can be purchased even if you have yet to encounter their related meals in the chapter. Unless you have the money to spare, you can ignore those upgrades for now.
delicious world filler b
  • Rinse and repeat. Since money is retained between chapters, particularly dedicated players can simply gather enough money for upgrades through completing the previous chapter and completing daily tasks. Doing so significantly makes it easier to meet customer demands and earn more money before unlocking the next chapter in line.

    Just remember that later chapters will add more meals to manage, ergo more upgrades to work with but also more complicated orders and objectives to complete as a result. By completing daily tasks, it can take a day or two to collect enough money for upgrades.
delicious world gameplay d

And that concludes our guide to Delicious World. We hope our guide prepares you for what you and Emily will have to deal with as the game goes on. If you have any tips to share with us, please let us know in the comment area!


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