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Dash Legends Cheats: 5 Tips & Tricks to Win More Races

Dash Legends is a quirky new platform racing game from Mudloop, which is now available for iOS devices. If you’re tired of the same old car racing games, then you should try racing on foot! The game changes things up by making players race against each other with nothing but their own characters running across a 2D platform. There are several different courses to run through as well as different items you can use to sabotage your opponents. Don’t be deceived by the cute character designs. The game can get very crazy and competitive. It’s a good thing you can rely on our Dash Legends cheats, tips and tricks can give you an advantage!

1. Don’t Forget The Dailies

As with any game, money makes the world go around. That is why you need to make sure you take every opportunity to earn money in Dash Legends. The best way to earn by far is to complete the daily quests. The coins you earn from completing races is chump change compared to what the daily quests can give you. Check out the quests you have for the day by tapping on the idol icon at the top of your screen. Make sure you complete these within the day because they will be replaced with new quests after 24 hours. Rewards are usually coins but you will sometimes get lucky and get diamonds for completing a quest.

2. Fill Up Your Pet Gauge

While running through a course, you will notice tiny little stars scattered around. Collect as many of these little stars as you can. Doing so will slowly fill up your pet gauge which will allow you to summon your pet for a short while. Aside from having a cute companion in your run, pets have different effects that can help you win the race. All pets boost your speed so at the very least, they will help you run faster.

You will need to read the description of your pet to find out what else it can do for you since every pet has a different effect. For example, one of the pets in the game is Farah’s Tiger. This pet’s effect is that it has a 50% chance of scaring off other players’ pets when it is summoned. You can use this strategically by waiting for other players to summon their pets first. Read up on pet descriptions to know how else you can use them to your advantage.

3. Picking A Course

There are three different course types in Dash Legends – the Amazon Jungles, the Mummy Desert, and the Viking Tundra. These types vary in difficulty level, with the Amazon Jungles being the easiest. Start off in the Amazon if you want to learn the ropes first. The Mummy Desert is a little more challenging with scary scarabs popping up from the ground. Just watch out for dust clouds on the ground to know where they will appear and you should be fine. Lastly, the Viking Tundra offers the most difficult courses in the game. This type is usually played by veterans in the game. Try it once you are confident in your abilities.

Now that you know the three types, it’s time to decide which one to play in. Unfortunately, the decision isn’t entirely up to you. At the preparation stage of every race, the players are asked to vote for the course type they want. Of course, you would want to vote for the type that you want. It’s just not guaranteed that you will get it because there are other voters and the majority will ultimately decide which course will be picked for the race. Just cast your vote and hope things go your way.

4. Collect Those Scrolls

If you want to win every race, then you need to grab every advantage you can get. One such advantage is a scroll. Scrolls in Dash Legends provide different effects, but all of them are good for you in one way or another. Some scrolls provide weapons that you can use right from the start of the race. Having a weapon at the start can be useful in messing up the momentum of your opponents. Other scrolls have effects that are not immediately apparent. An example of that is the Juggernaut scroll that allows you to break through weak walls in the Tundra courses. Read through the descriptions of the scrolls so you know which ones will be useful for your current run. You wouldn’t want to bring a Juggernaut scroll in a race that doesn’t have walls to break.

5. Master Your Run

Any and every advantage you bring to the race will be useless if you can’t run to save your life. There is no better advantage in Dash Legends than the mastery of controls. Despite being a dashing game, jumps are particularly important in winning. Simple jumps need to be timed correctly in order to avoid obstacles. On the other hand, jumping unnecessarily can get you in more trouble. You need to always be looking ahead so you can quickly react to any situation. There will be cases wherein double jumps are more useful. You would need to use your best judgement on when to use a double jump because, just like the normal jump, a mistimed double jump can land you in hot water. Lastly, there is the drop jump. A drop jump is when you fall from a ledge and quickly use a jump in order to recover. It is a life-saving technique that will come in handy in a lot of races.

Practice each of these jumps in practice modes so you can master them before participating in an actual race. The only catch in the practice mode is that you will not be able to pick your own course. The courses during practice are randomly chosen so you will have to learn how to adjust on your own. Regardless, practicing on a random map is still better than having to practice on a live race.

Warm up your virtual legs for the ultimate foot race in Dash Legends! Just follow the tips and tricks we gave you and you’ll be winning races in no time!