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Castle Cats (iOS) Cheats: 6 Tips, Tricks & Hints Every Player Should Know

If you love cats and can only play in short five-minute breaks, what do you do? Play Castle Cats, of course! Available on iOS and Android, this game is the perfect solution for busy bodies who still want to have some kind of entertainment in their lives. The goal is for you to manage a guild of cat heroes, collecting them and sending them on appropriate quests. You can speed things up by tapping but there is limited energy to do this. Castle Cats may be simple but maintaining a successful cat guild can get complicated as you get more heroes. Make sure you check out our Castle Cats strategy guide for continuous success!

1. Check On Your Cats Often

The game does not require a great deal of your time in order to be successful. It does, however, need you to log in often to complete missions and start new ones. Missions normally take a few minutes to finish so you just need to know when you need to log back in to refresh them. Logging in every half hour is enough for you to manage your cats well. Once you log in, all you need to do is resend your cats on quests, collect resources, and tap for a few minutes until your energy runs out. After that, there isn’t much you can do so it’s alright to log back out. Simple, right?

2. Make Daily Questing A Habit

Castle Cats offers daily quests that you can complete in exchange for rewards. Luckily, these quests do not change so you won’t have trouble with any of them. Make it a habit to complete them every day as you will get a free box each time you finish all. These help you get even more cats for your guild so don’t miss a day!

3. Grab The Freebies

There are several different ways for you to get free stuff in Castle Cats. The first one is the Own Courier that gives you coins. If you agree to watch a short advertisement, you get 2500 coins instead of 500. The game also offers daily login rewards that gives you various prizes for each consecutive day that you log in. Another thing you can do is to give a cat a shakedown. While generally frowned upon in real life, the it’s alright to give a virtual cat a shake here and there to get some nice gold purses. Keep shaking the cat until no more purses drop. Don’t forget to at least thank the cat afterwards.

4. Don’t Forget To Upgrade

Gathering resources in Castle Cats is necessary for you to be able to upgrade your resource-producing units, as well as your Fortress and Questboard. Make sure you upgrade the Fortress often as it is the only way for you to increase the number of cats you can have. You need more cats to be able to start more missions. Coins, on the other hand, are for unlocking new cats. When you are still starting out, you can just unlock regular boxes in order to get more cats for missions. Later on, you should save up and unlock the expensive boxes for some rare cats. Rarer cats are better for missions so you will want to collect more of them once you have progressed further in the game.

5. Keep Your Cats

Castle Cats gives you the option to sell off some of the cats that you don’t use often. Hold off on doing this in the early parts of the game. The reason for that is you want to have as many cats as you can to send on missions. Even mediocre cats can be useful if you can send them on missions often. Keep all of your cats while you are still building your guild. Level them up as much as you can because it will become increasingly difficult to do so in the later parts of the game. You can evolve your current cats if you want but it will have little impact on their performance.

A good strategy is to have your starting cats levelled up as high as you can. You need to have one strong cat for each category. You can then work in your newer cats into the secondary quests in order to level them up as well. Complete as many quests as you can in a day. Make sure you only send your cats out on quests that are marked “Great Success” in order to maximize the rewards for each run.

6. When To Enter Battle

As mentioned before, you can speed up some quests by tapping. This is done by entering battles. However, you only have limited energy for battles so doing this has minimal impact on your questing. Even though there isn’t much to entering battle, you are still free to do it. It is one way to spend more time in the game if you are looking for something to do. Some of your quests will also involve spending some time in battle.

The good thing about entering battles is that it is a feature that you can take or leave. Not everyone is into tapping games, and if you are one of those people, you will be glad that this mechanic of the game isn’t being forced on you. On the other hand, if you like tapping games, then this feature adds a bit of variety to your gaming experience. Either way, the battle part of Castle Cats is an opportunity to get ahead in the game, and every bit of advantage can be useful if managed correctly. Maybe the developers can even add new things to this in the future.

Managing a guild of cat heroes can be both a tough and a rewarding job, depending on how you strategize. If you follow our Castle Cats strategy guide closely, then you should be able to succeed in this game without having to spend too much time on it. For a more comprehensive list of hints, feel free to head over to our second Castle Cats strategy guide!