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Scale (iOS) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

Scale is a new mobile game from 101 Digital for Android and iOS devices where you need to slice the board until it becomes smaller. You need to watch out, though, because there is a white ball bouncing around the board. If you hit it, you lose a life. Scale can be pretty easy at first, but it gets more complicated as you progress. Soon, you will be finding yourself surrounded by bouncing balls while you try to figure out a way to slice through the board without hitting any of them. If you need help getting through a level, you can always depend on our Scale tips and tricks to save the day!

1. Play The Waiting Game

The goal of the game is to slice the board without hitting the bouncing balls. That means you can’t just slice whenever you want to. You need to wait for the right moment to slice in order to make sure the balls won’t hit you half-way through it. The key is to observe the ball first and estimate how long it will take for it to bounce back. Once you have determined that, wait for it to bounce at the correct angle that will give you the most time to slice correctly. It takes a lot of waiting but that’s the only way to get better scores.

2. Cut Strategically

When playing Scale, keep in mind that the only time you will be penalized is if the ball hits the line as it is being created. After you have successfully sliced through the board, the lines you have created will serve as new borders. That means the ball can hit those without any consequences. This leaves you with the decision of where to cut. It takes a while to slice through the board. If you slice away small pieces at a time, it reduces the risk of hitting the ball. However, it will also take more tries for you to make the board smaller. Use your judgement when determining when to take safe small steps, and risky big ones.

3. Trim Evenly

After you have cut a significant portion of the board, the game will scale up the remaining board to fill the screen. This creates a zoom-in effect that will allow you to continue playing. However, if you cut away awkward pieces of the board, it will not be able to scale up for you. Make sure you try to trim evenly so you can continue playing the game.

4. Try The Different Modes

Scale offers three game modes that provide different levels of challenge. The easiest game mode is the scale mode. You can slice as many times as you want in this mode, and you will receive a bonus if you are able to scale up after just one slice. The second one is the Just 3 mode which only gives you three chances to scale up. Lastly, the Plus 1 mode gives you unlimited slices but adds a ball on the board each time you scale up. Try all of them and see which one you enjoy the most.

Get slicing and dicing to reach the top of the leaderboards in Scale! Follow the tips and tricks we gave you for some high-score moves! If you happen to know any other hints, or just want to share your thoughts about the game, then feel free to drop us a line below in the comments!