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Damn Daniel Tips, Cheats & Guide for Clearing More Levels

The name Josiah Jenkins may be familiar to fans of casual games for the iPhone and iPad, but the name Damn Daniel is far more familiar for fans of the eponymous Vine star and his white Vans. Jenkins’ latest iOS title is called Damn Daniel – Game, and just like the title, the description is as succinct and to-the-point as you can get. Your objective in this endless runner is to “see how far you can run while helping Daniel get different pairs of vans,” and that’s all Jenkins has to say. No elaborate backstories, no wide range of features, just straightforward casual gaming for your iPhone or iPad.

In terms of the game’s mechanics, many have described this game as similar to the ones Ketchapp cranks out on such a regular basis. That’s pretty much accurate, but that also means this is a game that’s insanely addictive, yet remarkably hard to master. But we can help you in the mastery part, with this set of Damn Daniel – Game tips and tricks.

1. The Blocks Are The Same Each Time You Play A Level

Many first-time players may think that each time you play, you get a new experience, meaning the blocks appear to be randomized each time you play a level. But if you play long enough, you’ll notice that the blocks are actually the same after all. That should allow you to memorize the layouts and know what to do the next time you play a level.

2. Jump Slightly Conservatively

When jumping, you should take your leaps a bit conservatively, meaning on the early side rather than on the late side. Usually, this means jumping one or two squares early so you can properly clear the cones and spikes. Jumping too late would usually have you crashing into the spikes and cones, therefore ending your run. As a bonus tip, jump once when leaping over the spikes that are close together, then jump again once you hit the ground.

3. Watch Ads For More Gems

If your character dies while on a level, you can watch an advertisement video for 20 gems as a form of consolation. Once you’re done watching the video, you can then watch another one (in most cases) and get even more gems. More videos, of course, means more gems, though you can also earn gems while playing regularly and making your way through the levels. Still, watching videos appears to be the more lucrative option in this game.

4. What Can You Spend Your Gems On?

Gems are the game’s form of currency, and once you reach a hundred, you can then unlock and purchase a new character. That new character will turn out to be another Daniel, but with a new outfit. You’ll probably recognize those outfits if you’re a fan of Damn Daniel Vines, but as far as gameplay goes, it’s still the same old Daniel. It would be fun, however, to collect more characters, so go for it as long as you’ve got the gems to unlock more of them.

These would be our tips and hints for Josiah Jenkins’ new mobile game, Damn Daniel. In case we discover more hints in the near future, then we will update this guide.