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Cute Casual Management Game ’Hellopet House’ Out Now on Android in Early Access

Developed by Nanali Studios and published by Appxplore, Hellopet House is a brand new casual management game that’s available now on Android in Early Access.

hellopet house

In Hellopet House you take the role of Jane who begins renovating her grandma’s old house with the intention to turning it into an animal mansion. The game comes with an addictive, casual gameplay, as you can complete levels by cooking, gardening and crafting materials to restore and decorate your grandma’s home. As you spend your time decorating rooms and repairing the house, you can also obtain keys to unlock new areas in your home and expand your game.

Besides the home decoration aspect of the game, you can adopt a huge number of cats and dogs along the way. Similarly to other games in this genre, you can strengthen your bond with your pets by bathing, feeding, petting and playing with them.

And if that’s enough, there’s also a story behind the game, as you need to solve the mystery surrounding your grandma’s disappearance. Hellopet House features a bunch of challenges where your time management skills will be put to test, but there are boosters that you can acquire in order to complete your objectives.

Overall, Hellopet House seems a cute, casual virtual pet simulator that anyone can enjoy. If you would like to give it a try, then head over to Google Play and grab it for free.