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CubeCat Nya-Nya Strike Tips & Tricks: 5 Hints to Defeat Your Enemies

Soulgame Information’s CubeCat Nya-Nya Strike is a game for iOS devices that one can call a unique mobile pinball game. In fact, you can call it a pinball game with RPG elements. The game invites you to “join the CatFight alongside some paws-itively cute CubeCats as they use their CatSkills to defeat the enemy.” Each CubeCat, the game adds, comes with an entire arsenal of CatBalls that can block bullets and do a whole lot more, even create a helix breach. Your cats’ CatSkills will increase over time, and you can also switch between CatBalls as you try to come up with the best possible strategy.

Aside from those features, you can also collect more Meow Gold, which you can use to buy better sidekicks and deal with as many enemy waves as possible. How can you get more gold, and how can you make good in this game while you’re still starting out? We recommend this list of CubeCat Nya-Nya Strike tips and tricks, as they could be the jumpstart you need if you’re just starting in this game.

1. Avoid Enemy Shots First And Foremost

Early on in the game, you will learn that avoiding enemy shots is the most essential thing you should practice. What you would normally want to do would be to drag your CatBall sidekick around, as long as it’s in the blue zone, and use it to shield you from enemy shots. Alternately, you can fire off your sidekick towards the shots, allowing them to block the shots and hit enemy cats. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

2. Launch Special Attacks Once Fever Meter Is Past Halfway

You can actually start launching special attacks even when the fever meter is slightly past the halfway point. You’ll know when it’s time to do so when you see the blast icon in a speech bubble right above your cat. That will then be your cue to tap the cat and have your sidekick begin with the special attack; special attacks for these CatBalls tends to vary. Also make sure you’re using your special attack whenever and wherever possible, especially if you’ve got some tough opposition to deal with.

3. Fill Up Your Fever Meter

As for filling up your fever meter, what you can do here is to keep dragging your CatBall around, allowing it to take bullets for you. As the sidekick absorbs more bullets, your meter will keep filling up.

4. Make Good Use Of In-Game Ads

Advertising can be a boon for you when playing CubeCat Nya-Nya Strike. Watching ads, for one, lets you restart with full health if you lose a round. Paying Meow Gold also allows you to do this. But if you decide not to restart your game, or if you lose the round a second time, you can watch an ad to double your Meow Gold. As Meow Gold can sometimes be hard to come by, we advise you NOT to use it to revive your cat!

5. Keep Your Sidekicks Upgraded

As you may have surmised, your CatBall sidekicks are very, very important. That means you should always upgrade them – this may cost tons of gold over time, but you’ll soon realize that it’s all worth it. You’re free to unlock new sidekicks if you need one with a different mix of stats and skills.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our guide for CubeCat Nya-Nya. If you are any experienced player, who knows other tips and tricks, that we haven’t included in this guide, please do get in touch with us!