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Venture Kid Tips, Cheats & Guide: 4 Useful Hints You Need to Know

Are you a fan of eight-bit retro gaming and chiptunes? If you are, then you will probably love Venture Kid, a new iOS game from FDG Mobile Games. This is an action platformer where the game’s antagonist, one Dr. Teklov, is working on a secret weapon within his fortress. You, on the other hand, will control a character named Andy, as he heads off on a “dangerous journey that demands great skill and determination.” There are nine levels and bosses, eight different power-ups, and also “many secret areas” to discover and explore for yourself.

Based on initial feedback, Venture Kid is endearing with its eight-bit graphics and chiptune soundtrack. However, it can also be a very difficult game to learn and to play. But worry not, as we’ve compiled some Venture Kid tips and tricks that will have you well-prepared for the game’s myriad challenges.

1. You Need A Little Patience

Or maybe a lot of it – especially if you’re a newer player, this game could get challenging in a hurry. But here’s the deal – as is the case with many other retro-style platformers, you’re free to take your time in Venture Kid. If you see a large gap for you to jump, you’ll need to make sure you’re right around the edge of the first platform, not too far away from the edge, and not too close either. That will improve your chances of a successful jump. Also, playing slow could help you avoid losing lives through silly mistakes. Especially if you’re a newer player, don’t push things too hard; save your speedrunning for when you’re already an expert player.

2. Scout All Enemies And Objects

Part of taking your time means scoping your surroundings and analyzing everything that you see. It doesn’t matter if it’s an enemy minion or an object you see on the screen. Analyze these things (or characters) carefully, and think of what’s in it for you. For example, you can just stay back and fire at most enemies without compromising your lives.

Just keep exploring the different areas in a level as you scope what’s ahead of you; you will often find coins and lives anyway while doing this.

3. Run Away From Danger – It Might Save You

You won’t ever be asked to kill all enemies on a level, and it is good common sense to avoid enemies that you can’t reach anyway. What does this mean? Well, it simply means that you don’t have to chase after every bad guy you see or go for that one coin being “guarded” by the enemy. It’s just a single solitary coin, and you don’t need to do anything risky just to get it – just let it pass.

4. Use Special Weapons And Refill Them

Each stage completed will reward you with new weapons, albeit temporarily. You can switch weapons depending on the situation, and make full use of the limited time you have for the temporary weapons. But never forget to head to the shop to buy new ammo for refills, and, if you’re fresh out of one or both, new lives and emergency kits.