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Crown Four Kingdoms Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Boost CAP and Progress Quests Faster

Following the huge success of Aura Kingdom, X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd. recently released another exciting MMORPG bound to wow fans of the genre as well as grab the interest of players new to RPGs. Crown Four Kingdoms has everything MMORPG fans love about the genre and more. It has an auto-feature that makes progression easy for starters and there is an overabundance of things to do that will keep you hooked for several hours on a daily basis. With several ways to upgrade and enhance your character, there will hardly be any moment where you will have the same level of power. As you progress through the game, you will be astonished by the plethora of new features and game modes that you can unlock as well as the various enhancement options that you need to look deep into. Don’t be overwhelmed by the initial salvo of seemingly complex mechanics, as you will easily learn to get used to each and every bit of it as you play through Crown Four Kingdoms.

Before you jump into the world of Crown Four Kingdoms, you can choose from among four classes, each with its own unique stats and skills. The Warrior has the highest defense rate in the game and deals good close combat damage. The Assassin is fast and does great melee damage but has somewhat low defense values. The Ranger has fast range attacks and has average defense stats while the Wizard has a lot of support skills as well as great ranged damage but has low defense stats like the Assassin. The roster of classes can be attributable to the usual basic classes found in most conventional RPGs but you will find that each actually plays very uniquely in battle. You can also check the Advanced version of each class before deciding to choose which one to pick. More importantly, be sure to pick one that suits your preference and play style as you will be needing to play into your favorite role later on in the game.

Crown Four Kingdoms’ tutorial has been made a lot easier thanks to the step-by-step procedure you need to click through as well as the auto-mode which can show you a lot of the quest types you need to progress to move further through the game. As auto-mode drives you through the early stages, take time to read through some tutorials as it will be very helpful once the need to make upgrades become critical for you to be able progress the story. There could be times when it all seems to be going too fast and you may not at once absorb all the important details on the numerous enhancements and upgrade options available to you. If you find yourself lost as to what you can do to efficiently strengthen your character, equipment, and heroes; or if you want to progress even faster, then our Crown Four Kingdoms beginner’s guide can help you sift through everything the game has to offer so you can be as strong as possible and dominate each battle you engage in.

1. Progress Through The Main Quests First

crown four kingdoms guide

As soon as you start the game, you can already take advantage of Crown Four Kingdoms’ auto mode, which practically does the quest completions for you all on its own. Be sure to try and read through the story though as well as tutorials that pop up every time you unlock something new. As you progress through the story and going through some battles, you will notice the gap between your character’s level and the enemy levels slowly increase, potentially up to 3 levels at the most. You will see some icons begin to start having notifications, meaning that there are some things need attention on some aspects of the game, but since you can actually do some item or kingdom management while on auto-battle, you can continue on with finishing main quests as you explore through those icons one by one.

At some point, you will no longer be able to continue on with the main quests as some quests require you to reach a certain level first before you can initiate them. This will now be the time to explore more game modes which you have unlocked and have been into at some points in your game as well as explore some enhancement options to further raise your CAP (Combat Power).

2. Finish Instances To Gain More Experience And Rewards

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Instances in Crown Four Kingdoms refer to a wide variety of game modes for you to explore and engage in to acquire more experience points and additional rewards to further boost your character and heroes’ development. There are limited attempts each day and it consumes stamina as well but to ensure that you are always as strong as you can be, make sure to expend all attempts here daily, prioritizing the more challenging ones over the easier battles.

You can access Instances in the game by tapping on your character’s icon and then the instance icon at the right side of the screen. There are currently seven tabs of different types of battles you can engage in and for each tab, there a wide variety of available choices as well which depend on how far you have progressed through the story. Be sure to check difficulty settings on the Story Tab as well as the Raid Tab as you will unlock more choices as your character’s level grows higher.

3. Enhance Your Skills And Talents

crown four kingdoms skills and talents

With the number of ways you can raise your CAP in Crown Four Kingdoms, it can be easy sometimes to forget the most essential ones or simply be confused as to which to prioritize. As everything else can be changed and upgrades through other means may start over, the most basic one attributable to your character itself has a more permanent status and thus, has much more bearing.

First and foremost, you would want to raise are your character’s skill levels. Categorically, these may either be skills attributable to the class or one Lord Effect which depends on your rank. As you may switch to another Lord Effect later on, prioritize on your three class skills especially if you don’t have much gold to fully maximize all of the skills. Keep in mind that you can raise each skill higher than your character’s level and holding down the upgrade button will continuously perform upgrades. You will notice your CAP raise with each upgrade you do here.

Next to skills are talents which are, to some extent, a way to customize the build of your character. This is where one player’s warrior can become much different from another player’s as you are free to choose whichever way you would want to spend Potential Points on. As you gain new levels you earn more Potential Points so be sure to check on this every once in a while especially at the earlier part of the game wherein you level up at a very fast rate.

What you would want to have as far as Talents go is to capitalize on your character’s strength and plan carefully ahead before confirming each upgrade. Although you can always do a reset at the cost of gold, the gold you would waste can be better spent on a whole lot of other things so be sure to read through each Talent Tree Icon first and in advance before starting to allocate more points.

4. Be Selective When Fortifying Equipment

crown four kingdoms equipment

You will be rewarded with tons of equipment as you play through the game and you will even have more than you can read through even by just playing through main quests. Occasionally, you will be prompted to switch to a recently acquired piece of equipment that has better CAP but then this won’t always be the case. There will be several instances when some gears in your inventory have much better stat values than the currently equipped one so make sure you always check equipment in your inventory just to be sure. On top of the tutorial which takes you through some enhancement methods for your equipment, you probably wouldn’t revisit it soon enough as most battles will be very easy on your first few battles.

The most basic equipment enhancement method is fortification. Using Equipment Scrolls, you can add energy to any piece of equipment and raise its level up to a certain limit. You can clearly see the level cap of each piece of equipment but it is very difficult to achieve this early on. Although you would always want to raise your CAP, you should hold on to your Equipment Scrolls for a while until you find good enough equipment to start fortifying.

Next to fortify, the Inlay option lets you attach stones to each piece of equipment as well. Different pieces of equipment have different types of stones (Power, Life, Lucky) attachable and every time you switch gears, the stones can automatically be transferred. With the option to freely remove attached stones then there are no risks attaching them to each piece of gear early on. Just don’t forget to remove stones if ever you decide to sell or recycle some gears later on.

Lastly, and the most challenging form of equipment upgrade is Evolution. This can be done by merging two similar pieces of equipment that are both on their maximum level. As a result of evolution, the new piece of equipment will have a higher level cap and can therefore have much higher stats. You can also use evolution on M-Stones to make more powerful ones but in this case, evolution probability depends on how many similarly levelled M-Stones you sacrifice, and failure will forfeit everything. While the first two enhancement options can be accessed straight from your inventory, evolution can be seen from the fortify icon after you tap on your hero’s portrait.

5. Upgrade Wings And Mounts Too

crown four kingdoms wings and mounts

At an early point during your adventure, you will be awarded with a basic mount and wing which may all seem like just for cosmetics. Later on, however, as you explore the Core and Collection Icons in the menu, you can discover just how much each one can boost your character’s growth uniquely. While the wings do have more similar stat buffs, the mounts have unique abilities as well as their own Talent Tree. You also need to obtain and use Wings Scrolls and Mount Energy to level these up and for the mounts, you can acquire additional shards to evolve them. Similar to the idea behind equipment, if you are planning on using other wings or mounts and would want to focus on raising your CAP more efficiently then focus on only one for each type to spend all your resources on.

6. Focus On Improving One Hero Companion

crown four kingdoms hero companion

Perhaps one of the more unique features of Crown Four Kingdoms is having a companion travel with you as you journey through your adventure and engage in battle after battle. There are so many heroes that you can acquire and each one has its own unique skills and advantages. Heroes have ratings that vary from SS down to C and while the top tier ones are more powerful, they are also a lot more difficult to acquire. As it may take a while for you to get better heroes to accompany you in your journey, it is best to enhance and upgrade the one you have at the start of the game, unless you acquire a better one early on. You can level up heroes with Adventure Experience for starters but more importantly, you should try to acquire more of their hero shards to evolve them and make them much stronger. On top of the Hero Shard Gacha at the shop and other means of acquiring them on some quests, there is a probability to receive hero shards from your preferred hero when you interact and connect with them. With this method, you should focus on just one hero and remember to always connect right after the previous one is over.

If you are at a situation when you have several heroes to choose from to focus your resources on, be sure to take into consideration the type of hero they are, as far as having more focus on attack or defense is concerned and also read through each of their abilities to determine which one suits your character’s play style the best.

7. Team Up With Some Friends

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Like in any MMORPG, having more friends will always make your journey easier. Although you may not actually have friends who play the game, make an effort to make some in-game. Some battles and game modes can only be accomplished with a party and rather than inviting or joining random players each time you need a party, it is better to have friends you can always play and finish quests with. One of the more important reasons for this is that you can better strategize on battles where you need to do things manually as it may be more challenging for auto-battle mode to handle. Additionally, being able to partner with friends who have different classes and with each one familiar with the others strengths and play style will accomplish more together.

8. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

crown four kingdoms guild

Whenever there is a guild or alliance system in the game, you should make it a necessity to be a part of one. As there are various perks with none of the disadvantages to being part of a guild, it has become a basic thing to do in every online multiplayer game. As there are loads of features you can only access by being a member of a guild, be sure to apply to join one as soon as you are able to.

Like in any game, it is important to try and gauge a guild’s activity before joining, most especially if you have plenty to choose from. The rewards you can get from your guild depends on the activities and level of dedication of each member, so be sure to look for an active one with many members. In return for all the benefits you can reap from your guild, be sure to make contributions as well by donating gold thru devoting as well as participating in raids.

9. Be Sure To Accomplish Daily Tasks

crown four kingdoms daily tasks

If the Main Story Quests and various game modes found under Instances still give you time to do more in Crown Four Kingdoms, then there are also daily tasks that you can accomplish for even more rewards. Be sure to check the top right corner of your screen (you may need to click on the arrow) and check the Daily Button. You might be surprised at the amount of rewards you can get here for accomplishing very simple and easy feats. In fact, you might not even notice finishing some of the requirements here as you are playing the game. In any case, be sure to constantly check on each available tab here to try and accomplish some you still haven’t done so you can claim all rewards. These are actually easy sources of additional experience points as well as enhancement items for your equipment and hero companions.

10. Take Advantage Of Newbie Gift And Other Special Events

crown four kingdoms newbie gift

On top of the usual daily tasks you need to spend some time in for loads of rewards, the first seven days of your gaming experience in the world of Crown Four Kingdoms are even more special thanks to the Newbie Gift Event on top of the other limited time ones.

There are several milestone-based rewards you can get for practically anything and everything you do while playing the game and the resources you can get from accomplishing these tasks can more than help you on your adventure. You will probably be able to claim tons of rewards from here on the first time you visit it. Be sure to check for rewards on each category as well as on each day. There are multiple rewards as well so be sure to immediately check after claiming on reward.

11. Spend A Few Gems On The Vault

crown four kingdoms vault

Although you should generally save premium currencies like gems in most games, there are deals that are just too great to pass up on and you would have to spend a little of hard-earned, precious stones. The Loot Wheel in Crown Four Kingdoms is a great example of these scenarios as it can give you hero shards and a lot more at the cost of just 1 gem per try. There are five different vaults you can spend gems at and each first attempt costs only 1 gem so be sure to take advantage of this and spend 5 gems here daily.

12. Exercise Inventory Management And Check Your Mail Every Day

crown four kingdoms inventory management

One of the more tasking regular off-battle tasks you need to actually spend time on in this game is your inventory. With very limited slots compared to the rate of flow of rewards you get regularly, you will most likely have it at full several times in an hour. You can spend a few gems if you’d like for the first expansion as it is still very much affordable, but then you can also just manage your items better and check to see what can be disposed of as early as you can.

Equipment should be checked if they can increase stats or not. If it is the former, be sure to equip immediately. If not, then choose to recycle instead of selling, especially if those gears are not for your class. When you recycle, check the amount if it is enough to net you an Equipment Scroll, as exceeding the required amount will just be a waste of equipment. You may also have Treasure Boxes that you should open to reveal their respective rewards. As there may be consumables to enhance your character, heroes, gears, or mounts; it will be better to use them sooner than later.

Earning rewards while your inventory is full will transfer excess rewards to your mail. Be sure to claim these immediately as it will only remain in your mailbox for a short while. As some in-game rewards you earn go straight to your mailbox as well, you should look into it at least once a day.

And that is all we have for our Crown Four Kingdoms beginner’s guide. We know it may seem much to read, but if you do read through each of the items we enumerated in the article, as well as spend a bit more time exploring the menu, you will definitely raise your CAP faster and be able to take on every battle that awaits you in the game. If you have some relevant Crown Four Kingdoms tips or strategies you think we should include in our guide, we are all ears and would very much appreciate hearing about it from you. So feel free to send us a message through the comment section!