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Mentors RPG Beginner’s Guide: 9 Tips, Cheats & Strategies for Surviving the Odyssey through the Medieval World

In case you are a fan of old-school turn-based games, Mentors RPG is an ideal mobile game for you. Created by the renowned Ice Storm, this game takes you to a mystic world full of monsters and all types of magic. The crusade through the world of Mentors RPG will introduce you to a captivating storyline, and you will feel a moral obligation to help the innocent and slay all the evil beasts that get in your way.

However, you will need to rely on tactics and ingenuity if you want to beat all the enemies. That is why our comprehensive Mentors RPG beginner’s guide with tips, cheats and strategies will help you survive even the most challenging of quests!

1. Power Up Your Heroes

At the start of the game, Mentors RPG allows you to control three characters: Templar, sorceress, and ranger. All of them have their distinct characteristics and capabilities, but the key point of the entire game is – teamwork! Your three brave heroes go into battle together, as a tight group, and as they say „the chain is only as strong as its weakest link“.

mentors rpg guide

In other words, we advise the players to regularly power up their heroes and update their strength. Consequently, the strength of the entire group will rise as well, and you will have better chances of taking down even the toughest of opponents.

On the bottom of the screen, you will see the section for learning new skills, and once your hero reaches the required level of experience – he or she can power up. By learning a new skill, the characters will improve their attacking and defensive abilities. If you combine these characteristics with a proper tactic, there is no reason for you not to complete mission after mission.

2. Upgrade Your Gear

Aside from powering up your individual heroes, you can also upgrade their gears in Mentors RPG. Even though the storyline of the game takes the players through a fantasy world, the clothes and the weapons of the characters resemble the ones from the medieval European period.

Either way, you will have the chance to boost your overall strength by upgrading the „quality“ of your cloaks, bows, swords, and so on. As we already mentioned, the sorceress, the ranger and the Templar are the members of your group, and each one of them has a different set of weapons and clothes.

mentors rpg gear

By clicking on the heroes, in the left-hand-side of the screen, the players will access the section where they can equip the characters. If the item in question has a green arrow pointing upward, you should equip the said item since it offers better characteristics than the one which is already in use.

Additionally, you can upgrade the gears by interacting with other characters in the game. For instance, Gregor the Blacksmith in the city of Khorim can do wonders for your weapons. Aside from trading, some quests will reward you with better gears, and it is imperative that you equip your heroes with those enhanced items as soon as possible.

3. Prepare Health Boosters Before Going Into The Battle

Chivalry is nice and all, but it will not account for much when you step onto the battlefield. The forests of Mentors RPG are filled with zoomorphic creatures which will not hesitate to make a meal out of your knights in shiny armor. For instance, the griffon-like vultures have a strong bite, not to mention the strength of a wild boar.

mentors rpg health boosters

Because of the abundance of enemies along the paths through the forests, we urge the players to prepare for battle before embarking on an adventure. What we mean by this, is that you need to prepare your group as much as possible, and one of the best ways for doing so is by buying sufficient quantities of healing potions.

Health boosters, i.e. healing potions and other elixirs can serve as an extra advantage during combat. Whenever an enemy diminishes your life force, your hero can take a potion and restore a part of their health. By visiting the old Druid, Zefeld the Alchemist, you can purchase the potions and health boosters. However, there is a catch. Every hero can receive the boosters only three times during a mission, and that is why you need to carefully inject the life force into your hunters and swordsmen.

4. Make The Most Out Of The Special Offer

Whether we like to admit or not, we all love free stuff. When it comes to Mentors RPG, the freebies come in the form of crystals, which are the premium items in the game. By acquiring enough of those precious stones, you can unlock various features and upgrade all sorts of things, and that is why every player should invest their time and effort into the process of gathering the gems.
When playing Mentors RPG, you will frequently receive Special offers. However, these offers do not come for free, and as usual – there is a catch once again! Luckily, you only need to invest 30 seconds of your time and watch an ad, and that’s it!

On the right-hand side of the opening screen, you will see a chest with gold coins. By clicking on the chest, you will be redirected to the crystal store. After watching the ad, the crystals will appear on your „account“, which will be visible in the top right corner of the screen.

Special offers have a limited duration so do not hesitate to collect the gifts as soon as they appear.

5. Interact With Other Characters

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As we all know, social skills can be of great importance on our journey through life. The same goes for Mentors RGP, and successful interaction with other in-game characters can open up a world of possibilities for your heroes. Besides the opportunity to trade and exchange items, other characters can also be of use when it comes to receiving missions and quests. They will often need your assistance, and this can be a great chance for you to gather some experience and collect rewards.

For instance, the first city on your exploration of Mentors RPG will be Khorim. In the city, several characters will come in contact with your heroes, and you will have the opportunity to interact with the likes of Noris, chief of the guard, Ayrin the Trader, Gregor the Blacksmith, Zefeld the Alchemist, and so on.

Another important thing to note is the fact that characters in Mentors RPG change their „offer“ from time to time, i.e. they can provide you with a different set of items. That is why you should visit them every so often, especially if there is a big yellow exclamation mark shining on top of their heads.

6. Focus On The Objective

The colorful forests of Mentors RPG can easily lead you astray, i.e. you could lose the focus and start wandering around aimlessly. Of course, looking around is fine, as long as it is harmless. Unfortunately, the wilderness is packed with boars and vultures, and they will not be so understanding when it comes to your wanderings.

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That is why we urge the players to concentrate their efforts in obtaining the goal of the mission first and foremost. For instance, some quests will require that you find a lost item or that you obtain a hidden magic tablet located deep in the woods. By heading straight for the goal, you will reduce the number of enemies you will encounter, and this will make the assignment significantly easier.

Since Mentors RPG also features a third-person view, these captivating cinematic scenes can make it harder to stay focused on the task at hand. That is why a small triangle on the right-hand side of the screen will always be there to remind of you of the current goal. Drag the panel to the left, and you will receive a brief status report. After that, you can plan your maneuvers and carefully implement the strategy.

7. Stick Together At All Times

The importance of teamwork cannot be stressed enough when playing Mentors RPG, and you need to lead your unit in a tight formation if you want to overcome all the challenges that await you. Since a lot of the missions are based on a ‘seek and destroy’ principle, you will be tasked with exploring the terrain and going into the unknown areas covered with darkness.

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Needless to say, the darkness can be a terrifying place, and from it – many monsters can appear! In the blink of an eye, you can get yourself surrounded by a pack of blood-thirsty vultures, and that is why it is vital to keep your team members close by.

The gameplay of Mentors RPG requires that you lead three distinct heroes at once, and this can present a challenge for some players. However, once you grasp the mechanics – the rest will be a piece of cake. Every character has his or her ‘turn’, and green squares will signify how many fields they can move in any direction.

In other words, Mentors RPG is a lot like playing chess, and you move the pieces around in a turn-based adventure full of occult magic and adrenaline-filled battle scenes.

8. Strategic Attacks Will Make You Victorious

Speaking of chess, the quests in Mentors RPG can be a challenging undertaking for anyone who tries to complete the missions relying only on brute force. Of course, the overall power rankings of your team will play a part in the outcome, but the crucial element you need for emerging victorious is – adequate tactical approach.

mentors rpg templar

Since your heroes have different abilities, it is wise to use them in different situations and for different purposes. For example, the Templar has to be used for close range combat, and this means that you should send him forward at all times. His endurance and HP are relatively high, which means that Templar can take a hit or two while your other heroes shoot from distance and cover him.

The sorceress and the ranger are seductive in their appearance, but they are deadly when it comes to long-range attacks. If you heal them at the right moments and combine their strengths in a proper way – you will successfully complete every quest in Mentors RPG. Of course, we urge the players to use logic and ingenuity when trying to complete the quests. More often than not, the intellect will defeat the brute force, and that is why it is important to use your head when playing Mentors RPG.

9. Heal Before Going Into Battle Again

The world of Mentors RPG is full of shamans, malevolent deities, and demons. On top of that, the quests in the game are pretty demanding, and that is why players need to be careful when embarking on an elaborate journey.

The damage your hero suffers will not magically disappear on its own. On the contrary, it stays with you until a certain amount of time passes by. In other words, your heroes need time to heal, and this can leave you with enough time to upgrade your gear or learn a new skill.

mentors rpg healing

However, some players can get anxious and impatient, and they could wish to return to action as soon as possible. Fortunately, there is a simple solution for those situations, and you only need to use bandages or a healer’s pouch to restore your hero to full health. Of course, these health boosters can be purchased in Khorim. Furthermore, you could even obtain the highly powerful Scrolls of Resurrection, which can summon your hero back to life in the middle of the battle.

With the final tip on our 9-point checklist, we conclude our Mentors RPG beginner’s guide. We sincerely hope that this list of Mentors RPG tips, cheats & strategies can be of use to players who are in love with the old-school turn-based games. In case you know any other useful tactic for surviving in the dangerous forests of Mentors RPG, please leave us a comment down below!