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Idle Summoner Beginner’s Guide: 18 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate Your Enemies

Idle Summoner is a brand new hero collection RPG created by Loafer Studio for Android devices. In Idle Summoner you are in charge of assembling a team of heroes in order to battle endless hordes of monsters. The game’s mechanics may seem simple at first. You just form a team and watch them take down wave after wave of monsters. You can choose when to take on the boss of a level in order to move on to the next area. Sounds like an easy job, right? Well, not exactly.

Enemy waves get stronger as you progress. Soon, you will find yourself struggling to move forward. You have to ensure your team is in top shape by upgrading them, finding or crafting better gear, or even replacing weaker heroes with stronger ones. There is a lot that needs to be done in order to keep progressing in the game, and our Idle Summoner beginner’s guide, that comes with loads of tips, cheats and strategies, will walk you through everything you need to know!

1. Assemble A Powerful Team

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There are different types of teams in Idle Summoner. The first one that you will encounter is the idle team. This is the lineup of heroes that will be playing through the idle part of the game. They will also be the ones earning the offline income. Any set of heroes that can take on the monster waves can be placed in your idle team. You also get more slots for your idle team as your player level goes up. Tap on the locked slots to find out what level you need to reach in order to unlock them.

The second team that you have is your battle team. This is composed of just six heroes – two front liners and four back liners. This is the team that you really need to focus on. Make sure you have the best possible heroes in this lineup. Place your tanks on the front lines, and a combination of mages, warriors, assassins, and priests in the back line. The enemies will normally focus on the front lines first, giving your back line plenty of chances to deal damage. The only exception to this is when your enemies use skills that specifically target the back line. Place your hero with the highest damage rating on the 6th slot because, more often than not, that position will be the last to go down.

2. Keep Your Team Balanced

When you are still starting out, you won’t have a lot of viable heroes since you won’t have the resources to recruit a lot of strong ones. Once you have more heroes to choose from, however, it is better if you keep your team balanced. This is especially true for battling in the Arena since you won’t know what kind of enemies you will be facing.

Always have at least two tanks on the front lines. If you don’t have much choice, a priest or a warrior will do. Avoid putting a mage on the front line because they are usually the squishiest, so they will end up dying before they can dish out enough damage. The back line should have at least one priest, three damage dealers of your choice.

3. Understand Camp Weaknesses And Auras

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The elements in Idle Summoner are called camps. There are six camps in total and each camp is stronger and weaker against another one. Water is stronger than Fire. Fire is stronger than Metal. Metal is stronger than Thunder. Holy and Darkness are strong against each other. When a camp is stronger than another, it will deal 30% more damage. You can review the relationships between camps during battle by tapping on the Camp Instruction button on the lower left corner of the screen.

Now that you have a better understanding of how camps work in Idle Summoner, there is still the matter of composing your team. Normally, you would want to have a good mix of all the camps in order to keep your team balanced, but that is not always the case in the game. Another thing you should consider is the Aura effect of your team composition. When you are in the team formation screen, you will notice a smaller slot for Auras. Tap on it to see the different bonuses that you can acquire based on the camp composition of your team.

Depending on your needs and play style, you may want different combinations of camps. For example, if you are going against an all-Metal team, you might want to fill your team with 6 Fire heroes. Not only will you have a pure elemental advantage, you will also get a 10% Max HP boost and a 20% Atk boost. Of course, if you are in the Arena, you won’t know who the enemies are, so mixing together different camps may be the best option. Don’t worry because there are still Aura bonuses for mixed teams. For example, having one of each camp on your team will give you a 15% boost on Crit Dmg and another 15% boost on Crit chance. Weigh the pros and cons of camp advantage and Auras in order to maximize the combat potential of your team.

4. Strengthen Your Heroes

When you start out, you will only have three and two-star heroes. You also get a four-star hero during the early stages of the game. You would want to replace any hero that is below three stars as soon as possible. Once you have a full team, you should focus on upgrading them. Tap on the helm icon on the bottom left corner of the main screen. This will bring up the list of heroes that you have. Tapping on a hero will bring up his information as well as the option Train and change Gear. Tap on the Upgrade button of the Train tab to level up your chosen hero using War Souls. War souls can easily be collected by playing the game. You get plenty of it through idle play as well as from various other areas in Idle Summoner.

Each hero can only be leveled up to a certain limit. Once you reach that limit, you need to Uprank him in order to keep leveling up. Upranking also unlocks additional skills for your hero depending on his star rating. Upranking requires Green Souls. This is a bit more difficult to collect since you only get a handful of it each time. Green Souls also don’t drop often during idle play. You can get more Green Souls from the Tower of Trial, War Soul Challenge, and Event rewards.

One thing you should keep in mind when leveling up your heroes is to avoid Upranking those that are three stars and below. Their power growth is limited even if you level them up a lot, so it is better to just replace them with better heroes as soon as you can. Another reason to avoid Upranking a weak hero is the Hero Rebirth option. You can reset a hero’s level and refund all the War Souls you spent on him. This will allow you to use those souls on a different hero. This feature is only free if the hero is level 30 and below. Once you Uprank for the first time, it will cost you diamonds to reset. The higher the level of the hero, the more diamonds it will cost you to reset.

5. Equip Your Team With The Best Gear

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Another way to make your team stronger is to equip the best possible gear. The game makes this pretty easy by letting you know when better equipment is available for your hero. You will see a red dot on the Gear tab of a hero that can equip better equipment. You can quickly put on all the best equipment for each slot by tapping on the Multi-wear button at the bottom of the Gear screen.

You can get better equipment from the Tower of Trial, Wheel of Wonders, and Event rewards. You can also buy better gear from the different shops in the game. Finally, you get plenty of gear as drops from the campaign stages. Even if you get weak equipment as drops, you can make them better through Synthesis. Just go to the Blacksmith and synthesize all your extra equipment into better ones. You need three of the same equipment in order to synthesize. You will see a red dot on the Blacksmith if there are gear available for synthesis.

Another type of gear that does not drop as reward is the Trinket. This is the fifth slot on the Gear tab and it will not be available until your hero reaches level 40. Once you have unlocked a Trinket, the only way to get a better one is by spending Runes to upgrade it. Upgrading a Trinket may also randomly change its effect. If you are already satisfied with the effect of a Trinket and just want a better version of it, you can put a check mark on the Lock attribute box before upgrading. Runes are also hard to come by in Idle Summoner, so make sure you prioritize your top heroes when it comes to Trinket upgrades.

The final type of gear is the Relic. Relics are powerful items that can give your heroes great advantage in battles. While this slot is unlocked from the start, you won’t really get any Relics until you progress far into the campaign levels. Relics only start dropping in the mid stages of the campaign. If you are lucky, you may be able to win some from the Wheel of Wonders, but that is a long shot. They also sometimes appear in the different shops. The surest way to get them is by playing on the Road of Glory, but that will not be accessible to you until you reach player level 120.

6. Increase Your Player Level

Your player level primarily increases through idle play. That’s because this is your main source of player experience. A lot of the different features of Idle Summoner are locked behind your player level. As we mentioned earlier, your idle team slots are unlocked by reaching higher player levels. Aside from that, a lot of other areas in town are locked until you reach the required levels. For example, you won’t get Tavern quests until you reach level 26. You also get the battle skip option when you reach level 90. This is a great way to save time when grinding through different areas like the Tower of Trial or the Arena. Keep improving your player level and check out any new area that you unlock as soon as it becomes available.

7. Challenge All The Dungeons

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The Challenge Dungeons are composed of three dungeons. The first one is the Gold Coin Challenge, which drops a set amount of gold coins, the game’s regular currency. The second dungeon is the War Soul Challenge where you can get War Souls and Green Souls. The third is the Fragments Challenge where you can acquire three- and four-star hero fragments. Each dungeon has different difficulties. The higher the difficulty level, the better the rewards will be. The difficulty levels are locked behind player, levels, though. So, make sure you check out when the higher difficulties will be unlocked. You should also pay attention to the recommended combat power rating for each difficulty level. Just because it is available does not mean you should jump right into it.

Each dungeon type gives you just two tries per day. You will see a countdown timer of when the attempts will reset. Make sure you use up all your attempts for each dungeon daily in order to maximize your resource gain. There is an option to purchase additional Challenge Dungeon attempts, but you will have to meet the required VIP level in order to unlock this function.

8. Complete The Tavern Quests

When you reach level 26, you will be able to enter the Tavern. Here, you will find five quests that will give out various rewards depending on their difficulty. You will need to send out heroes that meet the quest criteria in order to start the quest timer. Once the timer is up, you can claim your reward. Don’t worry about the level of the heroes you are sending because they will succeed even if they are just one-star heroes.

Tavern quests are rated from one to seven stars. The higher the star rating, the better the rewards will be. Keep in mind, though, that higher level Tavern quests also have more requirements for heroes and also take up a longer time to complete. Always start with the quests that have the highest star ratings to ensure you will have enough heroes to meet their criteria. You cannot send out the same hero on more than one quest. Don’t be afraid to send out your best heroes if they are the only ones who meet the criteria because they will still be available for other battles.

9. Climb The Tower Of Trial

The Tower of Trial is a seemingly endless series of battles that you can take on one floor at a time. The higher you climb, the stronger the enemies become. Each floor you complete will reward you with coins and Green Souls. The rewards also increase with the difficulty level, so you would want to keep climbing in order to keep up with the demands of your heroes’ progress.

10. Take On The Einherjar Trial

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When you first unlock the Einherjar Trial, you might be surprised to find that you don’t have any heroes available to participate in it. That’s be cause only heroes that are level 70 and above can participate. If you have been progressing diligently, you should be able to get your first level 70 hero early on your second day of playing. You should have a lineup of six level 70 players by the end of your first 48 hours. You can then start challenging the trials as you would any other battle in the game.

The Einherjar Trials is a series of battles that increase in difficulty as you progress. It is similar to the Tower of Trial only it resets every day. Each level you complete will reward you with gold and magic coins. Magic coins can be used to purchase various items from the Magic Shop, including runes, hero fragments, and heroes.

When you reach the advanced stages of Idle Summoner where you have a lot of high-level heroes, it is best if you start the Einherjar with your extra characters. Unlike in the Tower of Trial, your characters will not recover their health in between games. That means they carry over any damage they received from previous stages until the trials reset for the next day. Since the enemies will only get stronger as you progress through the stages, you would want to preserve your main team’s health as much as you can. Just use your extra characters first then replace them if they get wiped out. This will allow you to climb up to higher stages in the trials compared to if you just stick with your main team.

11. Enter The PvP Arena For Rewards

The PVP Arena is available early in the game. You regenerate a maximum of five challenges but can get additional ones by spending combat tickets. When you tap on the Combat button, you will be presented with three possible opponents. You can reset the choices for free if you don’t want to battle against any of the ones given to you. Doing so will allow you to ensure that you only challenge players who have lower combat rating than you. Winning in the Arena will reward you with various goods, including War Souls, coins, diamonds, and fragments.

Your ranking will also rise every time you win in the Arena. You will receive additional rewards at the end of the day depending on your rank. The game also gives out additional rewards at the end of each 7-day season. You can check the rewards you will receive based on your current standing by tapping on the Reward button at the top of the Arena screen. The Arena is one of the best places to farm for runes, so make sure you at least use up all five challenges for each day.

12. Keep Recruiting Heroes

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In case you forgot, you are playing a hero collection game. Do not get complacent just because you have a strong team. You should keep recruiting more heroes in order to keep getting stronger. Most of the heroes you will get in the beginning will be four and five stars. The chances of getting six-star heroes from summons are pretty low, but if you participate in the different events and continuously collect heroes, you will eventually be able to collect enough materials to Synthesize stronger heroes. Synthesis is at the bottom part of the Town map. Head into it to see the different heroes you can create. Each hero requires a list of sacrifice heroes. You will notice that you actually need a lot in order to create just one hero. This is the primary reason why you should keep recruiting even if you already have a decent team.

If you want to have a better chance of summoning four- and five-star heroes, you can use the Dragon Crystal. This area is locked until you reach player level 50, but you will most likely be unable to use it until much later in the game. That’s because the crystal requires keys to summon. Keys do not drop until the advanced stages of campaign. If you get lucky, you can get them as rewards. The great thing about the Dragon Crystal, though, is that you can summon heroes from specific camps. If you don’t like the one that you got, you can spend dragon eggs to convert it to a random hero that has the same grade and camp. The conversion is not final until you confirm, so you don’t have to keep the converted hero if it turns out to be worse than the one you originally had.

13. Before You Use The Altar

The Altar is located just above the Synthesis room in the Town map. This is where you can decompose the heroes that you don’t need. Decomposing a hero converts them into War Souls and Green Souls. If you decompose a hero that is three stars and above, you will also receive some Hero Souls. Hero Souls can be spent at the Hero Soul Shop to purchase specific heroes.

Before you get excited and decompose all the heroes that you don’t use, however, make sure you check first if they can be used as Synthesis materials. The game will warn you if you have chosen to decompose a hero that can be used for Synthesis. Heroes that can be used for Synthesis will also have a green arrow on them, so it would be easier to choose which ones to sacrifice at the altar.

14. Join An Active Guild

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A guild is a group of players that work together in order to grow stronger. You can create one by spending diamonds, but you can also join an existing guild. Since you are still starting out, it is better if you just look for an active guild that you can join. The reason behind it is because you will need active guildmates in order to get the most out of the guild benefits. Tap on the flag icon at the bottom of the main screen to access the Guild area. We have listed the different sections of the Guild area below to give you a better idea on how you can benefit from them.

Guild Hall – This is the main castle of the guild. Tapping on it will show you the list of members as well as other information regarding the guild’s status. Tap on the Shards Donation button at the bottom right in order to donate and request for shards of specific heroes. This is a great way to complete heroes that you have been trying to acquire over time. Donating shards will also allow you to earn some extra Guild Points.

Guild Technology – This is where you can spend Guild Points in order to unlock permanent boosts for specific hero types. There are multiple tiers of boosts for each type of hero, so you will need a lot of Guild Points in order to fill up the entire board. Quitting your guild will not reset all the technology you have purchased but they will not take effect until you have joined a new guild.

Guild Market – This is another place where you can spend your Guild Points. It is a shop where you can buy equipment and heroes, but the useful ones normally cost thousands of Guild Points. It is better if you focus spending Guild Points on technology first, since you can acquire equipment and heroes elsewhere.

Guild Dungeon – The dungeon houses a powerful boss that can be attacked repeatedly even if your team gets wiped out. You get to attack the boss in the dungeon for free twice a day. After the first two attempts, you will need to spend diamonds to continue attacking. It is better if you wait until you get a lot stronger before you spend diamonds for attacking, though. When the boss goes down, everyone who attacked it will receive a lot of Guild Points and coins. Additional rewards are also given depending on the amount of damage you dealt on the boss.

Guild Port – This feature is not available until your Guild reaches level 3. This is another reason why you should join an active guild. It will take forever to upgrade a guild on your own. Once the port is available, you will be able to go on quests with your guildmates in order to earn even more loot.

15. Complete Your Dailies And Achievements

The game gives out 12 tasks for you to complete each day. Don’t worry because these are tasks that you should be doing anyway in order to stay on track in your progress. Each task you complete will give you a certain reward. Rewards include summoning crystals, diamonds, Miracle Coins, and more. Additionally, you earn 100 diamonds every time you complete 10 out of the 12 tasks. Make sure you complete at least those ten in order to get a lot of free diamonds.

Achievements are the different milestones that you reach in the game. You earn them by reaching certain stages in the campaign, climbing to specific floors in the Tower of Trial, winning a number of times in the Arena, and so on. Achievements reward you with coins, War Souls, Green Souls, diamonds, keys, and more. Tap on your player portrait at the top left corner of the main screen to see your Player Achievements. Check which ones you are close to completing and focus on those in order to get the rewards sooner.

16. Participate In Different Events

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At the top right are of the main screen, you will see the icons for both Regular and Limited-Time Events. Some of these are only viable for players who are willing to spend real money, but there are also a lot of options for free players. For example, the daily sign-in event is available for everyone. It allows you to claim one reward per day. This is a great way to earn diamonds, better heroes, and high-grade equipment. Always check which Events you are qualified to join and do your best in each of them, especially for those that are only available for a limited time.

When you first start the game, you will also be given rewards as time passes. This is a third icon that appears below the Event icons. A reward will be greyed out with a timer on it. You will be able to claim the reward once the timer is up. Make sure you claim it as soon as possible because the timer for the next reward will not begin until you claim an existing one.

17. Always Check Your Mail For Freebies

Aside from the rewards from events, you also get numerous rewards and freebies in the mail. The game sends daily rewards in the mail on top of the one that you earn from the Regular Event calendar. The rewards for the Arena rank and Guild Dungeon are also sent through the mail. Some seasonal freebies like the Thanksgiving rewards are also sent to your mailbox. Make sure you check it often because the freebies can be pretty generous.

18. Add A Lot of Friends

The game has a social system where you can add friends. You can add specific players, but you can also just spam requests to everyone on the recommended list. You can send and receive Friendship coins that can be used for summoning heroes. Every eight hours, you can go to the Friend assistance tab for a chance to summon a boss. Even if you are not able to summon a boss, you will still be able to receive some loot, so do this regularly. Finally, if your friends summon a boss, you will see the portrait of that boss beside their name. You will be able to attack the summoned boss by spending challenge tickets. Once the boss is defeated, you and your friend will receive rewards.

It is time to build the most powerful team of heroes in Idle Summoner! Remember everything you learned from our strategy guide and you will be climbing the player rankings with ease! In case you have additional Idle Summoner tips, tricks or strategies, that we forgot to mention in the guide, be sure to drop us a line!