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Crossy Road Tips & Tricks: How to Unlock The Pro Gamer and PSY in Korean Update

By now, you’re probably familiar with Crossy Road, an immersive mobile game from Yodo1 that’s been around for a while for Android and iOS devices, with several updates having rolled out since its original release. This game pretty much has you crossing road after road after road, collecting numerous pop art-inspired characters, and avoiding traffic and other obstacles. And since we did mention updates earlier, the latest “Korean Update” introduces nine new Korean characters, including PSY of “Gangnam Style” fame. So how can you unlock him, and unlock some of the other popular characters found on the new update? Check out the following Crossy Road tips and tricks and we’ll tell you how.

How To Unlock The Pro Gamer

The first thing you have to do when trying to unlock the Pro Gamer is to make sure you’ve got any one of the other Korean characters (except PSY) unlocked. Choose one of these characters and play a new game with them. Now the next step is pretty straightforward, but not that easy – that’s because you have to get a “great score” and move as fast as possible. You’ll have a better chance to unlock the Pro Gamer if you move fast and make sure your score is as high as possible.

The operative word above, as you may have guessed, is “great,” but in the context of the game, “great” would be relative to your previous high score. You’ll probably want to try scoring as low as possible if you’re just starting, or uninstall the game and reinstall it if you feel your top score is too high.

How To Unlock Psy

The easiest, and unfortunately only way to unlock PSY is to pay real money, as long as he’s still available; he is, as of the moment, a premium character who’ll only be available for a limited time. Buying him will get you a thousand free coins, which should give you additional incentive, and also unlock the Crossy Dance game mode, which combines elements of Crossy Road and Dance Dance Revolution. Just swipe in the right direction and you should do well in this brand new mini-game.

If you’ve missed previous game updates, you can check out our tips and tricks on the Crossy Road Archie update and the Crossy Road UK update as well. In case you’re a beginner, check out our general hints on the game, right here.