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Creatures of the Deep Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Catch More Fish and Solve All Mysteries

Fishing had been a means of providing food for survival from as early as possibly the Upper Paleolithic period between 40,000 and 10,000 years BCE. As years passed by, fishing developed into a sport and a recreational activity, mostly for those who wish to take a break from the city and take in a breath of fresh air from nature. However, not every person has the luxury of pausing their responsibilities in life just to have a few hours casting lines and reeling fish.

Since games were made with the purpose of entertaining and escaping from the demands of daily life, a few game developers have made their own versions of the fishing activity in their own projects. Some are more competitive than others while some are more focused on its calming aspect. The game for this guide is one such game that is focused on the latter.

creatures of the deep guide
A calming game about fishing.

From the creators of Let’s Create! Pottery 2, Crazy Dino Park, Jolly Defense, and Sky Force Reloaded comes a cute and calming game about fishing: Creatures of the Deep. Sharing the fishing genre with games such as Hooked Inc., Let’s Fish: Fishing Simulator, and Fishing Break, this game takes a more relaxing approach to its gameplay and has a rich atmosphere that imitates the soothing vibes of a fishing day in the great outdoors.

This iDreams (Infinite Dreams) game had only been recently released a few months ago back in 2022 and has already amassed a vibrant and active community built upon discovering what creatures live in the deep. Our Creatures of the Deep guide aims to help players get started with their fishing journey and explain certain features that aren’t immediately apparent to beginners.

1. Observe the Water

A player’s skill of observation is the most important ability to utilize in a game like Creatures of the Deep. The game does not always give you hints on what to do or how to do it so you will need to be mindful of your surroundings.

Collect Floating Objects

creatures of the deep floating objects
What are those?

Random objects can sometimes be found floating in the sea at one of the islands or at the Pier:

  • Chests – These contain roughly around 100-500 Gold. You can watch an ad or pay a Gem so you can pay to open and collect it. These can only be found at the Pier.
  • Crates – These contain some Gold inside of them. If you collect enough, you will eventually earn 100 Gold. These can be found at both the Pier and the islands.
  • Debris – These may look like wooden planks but not all Debris contains Wood. Some may contain Trash instead but both can be sold to the This & That Purchase Store to earn 100 Gold. These can be found at both the Pier and the islands.
creatures of the deep sea
Let’s take them!

To collect these floating objects when you’re at one of the islands, you can choose to run over them with your boat or fish them out by casting near them and reeling them in.

creatures of the deep pier
More debris!

To collect them when you’re at the Pier, you can simply click on them when they appear. We recommend dragging the island around to rotate it and see all the other angles since some of these floating objects could be seen better when you do so.

Explore Interesting Locations

creatures of the deep explore
I wonder what’s the story behind these places…

The best places to fish are usually the spots near interesting landmarks or objects. The fish you have been looking for may have been lurking in one of these areas. It’s also a good idea to try fishing in areas where other boats are parked, especially the heavily populated ones. These boats are actual players who are also fishing alongside you. Be sure to experiment with different methods of fishing when exploring these areas to get the best results!

Pay Attention to Silhouettes

creatures of the deep silhouette
Something lies beneath the water…

Silhouettes can tell you a lot about the fish swimming underneath the water. Small fish tend to be pufferfish. Medium fish are usually Common fish such as Tuna or Bluefish. Very big fish, that seems even bigger than the boat, are typically Rare or Epic fish. However, not all fish can be found just by basing off of silhouettes you see in the water. Some only appear after casting the line and waiting.

Know the Telltale Signs of a Bite

creatures of the deep bite
It’s a bite!

You’d know that the fish is biting if you notice your game moving the camera closer to the location of your bobber. When a fish starts to nibble, the red bobber starts going up and down. Keep your finger close to the screen but don’t press it until the bobber completely sinks in the water and sends out water ripples. You usually have a second or less to react so do not take your eyes off of it once the camera has zoomed in.

2. Apply Different Methods of Fishing

In Creatures of the Deep, there is more than one method to catching fish, creatures or trash:

Cast and Drop

creatures of the deep cast drop
The very first method.

Cast and Drop is the first method introduced to the player. It requires you to observe the water for fish silhouettes and cast your line close to them. But don’t drop it too close to it or it will swim away. You need to drop it just close enough that it will notice it and eventually bite. Once it bites, tap to catch it.

Cast and Wait

creatures of the deep cast wait
The classic technique.

You don’t necessarily need to wait for silhouettes to appear before you cast your line. You can simply cast your line at any part of the water and wait until the fish start to bite. It may take a lot longer than Cast and Drop, but this method attracts certain fish that the previous method does not.

Cast and Reel

creatures of the deep cast reel
Best for collecting trash and some creatures.

Cast and Reel require you to reel in your line right after casting it. This works best for collecting trash and some creatures but may also successfully reel in some fish. In our experience, we got the best results by letting the bobber drop and waiting until the water ripple from it disperses before we start reeling.

You could automatically get a bite by just reeling it in, but in some cases, your line could get stopped midway. When this happens, do not attempt to reel again. Just wait for the fish to bite then tap to catch it.

Fishing Net

creatures of the deep fishing net
Passive fishing!

The Fishing Net requires you to cast your net on an area and leave it for a few hours. It will catch fish on its own and is good for busy players. However, it will disappear in a day so be sure to check it and collect your fish before 24 hours. 

Catching Rare Fish

creatures of the deep rare fish
The boss fight of fishing!

Catching rare fish is tricky as you’ll never really know when you’ll get one until it bites. When catching normal fish, you just tap it once and let your fisherman do their thing. For rare fish, you have a more active role. A bar suddenly appears at the lower part of your screen. Your goal is to keep the bar and the small box overlapping until the fish reaches your boat.

To do that, you just need to press and hold to increase the length of the bar, moving it further to the right or releasing it to decrease its length and move it to the left. If it stays to the left or right of the box for too long, your line will snap. Keep a steady hand, focus on the bar and you will eventually catch the fish.

3. Improve Your Chances at Catching Fish

There are many ways you can improve your chances at catching fish and we’ve listed down each tip and method below:

Use Bait

creatures of the deep bait
Bait is great for fishing!

Using Bait on the water before casting your line is not always necessary but will increase your chances of catching a fish. Standard Bait is good for common fish but can also attract rarer ones. Special Bait has a higher chance of helping you get rares and epics. Monster Bait on the other hand is especially used for capturing Monsters.

Use Lure

creatures of the deep lure
The higher the level, the better the fish!

Once you capture a certain fish enough times, it will level up, giving you the option to equip it as a Lure. Lures increase your chance of attracting a fish and your odds for better fish increase the higher its level is. However, each Lure can only be used on the island they were captured from.

Upgrade Your Rod

creatures of the deep rod
You can’t fish without a good rod!

At the start, you’ll find your rod breaking every once in a while. Not only does it affect the success of your catch when it breaks, but it also makes you spend money on transportation and buying a new rod. To avoid this, we recommend buying the most expensive rod available as soon as you are able to. It may seem pricey at 500 or 1,000 Gold, but it’s better to spend it on that than missing out on a good, and possibly rare, catch.

Listen to Coco

creatures of the deep coco
Coco can be pretty helpful!

Coco is more than a tutorial guide or a commentary buddy. He also gives helpful hints every now and then and will sometimes comment when there is a lot of fish in the area you are passing. He will also comment when a particular spot may not be a good spot to fish while you are waiting for a bite. In our experience, he is often correct.

Improve Your Karma

creatures of the deep karma
Good Karma = Better Fish.

Collecting Trash and selling it will add points to your Karma. Karma increases your chances of catching a fish, especially rarer ones. Karma points will only be added once you sell them. Throwing Trash back into the ocean will do the opposite and subtract from your points. Once you’ve sold 50 Trash, you can get a free luck booster which lasts for 1 hour. You can check how much Karma you have by going to your menu and checking your Profile.

Buy Temporary Luck

creatures of the deep luck
Feeling lucky?

If you don’t have enough time to fish out 50 Trash, you can also buy a Temporary Luck Booster for two gems in the This & That Purchase Store. 

Check Your Bestiary

creatures of the deep bestiary
When in doubt, check the bestiary!

The availability of certain species of fish is based on the time of day and what month of the year it is. If you’ve already caught the fish, you can look it up on your bestiary to see what time of day and month they are most active.

Some fish can only be caught during the day and will have a sun symbol at the lower right part of their information card while those more active at night will have a crescent moon symbol. The roman numerals in gray circles below represent what month the fish is most active and more likely to bite while the ones in lighter gray are the months they are least active.

Location Hints

To get you started on your collection, we’ve compiled information about fish, creatures, and trash for each island. These locations are based on the map uploaded on their official wiki.

Paradise Island


FishTimeKnown Locations
BluefishDay & NightNorth Water
Largetooth FlounderDay & NightSouth Water
BonefishNightDark Water, North Water, Northwest Corner, Southeast Corner, South Water, Southwest Corner, Sunken Ship
Pelagic StingrayDay & NightNorthwest Corner, Southwest Corner
White TunaDay & NightEast Rock, North East Corner, Tuna Bay
Blue TrevallyDay & NightDark Water, Harbour, North Water, Northwest Corner, South Water,
Spot-fin PorcupinefishDay & NightGarbage Patch, East Water
Green Humphead ParrotfishDayGarbage Patch, Southeast Corner
ClownfishDay & NightCoral Reef
Longtail TunaDay & NightTuna Bay
Pacific FootballfishNightNortheast Corner, Southwest Corner
Snubnose PompanoDayDark Water, East Water, Lagoon, North Water, Southwest Corner


CreatureTimeKnown Locations
Mimic OctopusDayDark Water, Kelp Area
Peacock Mantis ShrimpNightNorthwest Corner
Flower Tube Sea AnemoneDay & NightDark Water, Garbage Patch, Harbour, South Water
Sand StrikerDay & NightDark Water, Harbour, Northwest Corner, South Water
Red StarfishDay & NightLagoon (Starfish Shore)


MonsterTimeKnown Locations
ShredderNightNorth Water


TrashKnown Locations
Old PhoneHarbour
Empty BottleDark Water, Garbage Patch
Pinacolada DrinkEast Rocks, Harbour, Sunken Ship
Can FishDark Water, Garbage Patch, Harbour
Sea WeedEast Water, Garbage Patch, Harbour
Wilson BallHarbour, Dark Water, Kelp Area, South Water, Tuna Bay
Plastic BottleDark Water, Garbage Patch, Harbour
Straw HatGarbage Patch, Dark Water, Sunken Ship
MaskGarbage Patch, Harbour
Plastic BagGarbage Patch, Harbour
Rubber DuckGarbage Patch, Sunken Ship
Message in a BottleGarbage Patch
GearSunken Ship
Key with a SkullSunken Ship
Chest with a SkullEast Rocks
ChipsDark Water, Garbage Patch
Flip FlopsDark Water, Garbage Patch
Kelp LeafKelp Area

Great Lakes


FishTimeKnown Locations
Brook TroutDay & NightEast, North, West
MuskieDayDead Forest, East, North, Smuggler’s Bay, Trapper Cove, Triangle, West
Largemouth BassDay & NightWest
Redear SunfishDay & NightWest
Chinook SalmonNightForsaken Hut 1, North, Old Camp, Shining Water
BloaterDay & NightBeaver River, Forsaken Hut 1, Smuggler’s Bay, Southeast, Triangle
Smallmouth BassNightWest, East, Triangle
Sea LampreyDay & NightAlgae Area, Deep Lagoon, Old Camp
Brown TroutNightNorth, Old Camp
Channel CatfishDay & NightTrapper Cove
White CrappieDayAlgae Area, Deep Lagoon, Harbor, Old Camp, Smuggler’s Bay, Trapper Cove, Triangle
Flathead CatfishNorthForsaken Hut 3, North
Yellow PerchDay & NightBeaver River, East, Smuggler’s Bay, Trapper Cove
WalleyeNightAlgae, Deep Lagoon, North
White BassDay & NightBeaver River, Dead Forest, East, Forsaken Hut 1, Smuggler’s Bay, Trapper Cove, Triangle,
Round WhitefishDay & NightBeaver River, Forsaken Hut 1, Southeast, Smuggler’s Bay, Triangle
American EelNightSoutheast
AlewifeDay & NightAlgae Area, Beaver River, North, Smuggler’s Bay, Triangle
Pink SalmonDayEast
Lake SturgeonDay & NightNorthwest
Longnose GarNightForsaken Hut 1
Coho SalmonDay & NightEast
Lake TroutDayDeep Lagoon, Trapper Cove


CreatureTimeKnown Locations
North American River OtterDayNorthwest
Chinese Mystery SnailDay & NightForsaken Hut 2, North, Trapper Cove, Triangle
BullfrogNorthAlgae Area, Dead Forest
Queen SnakeDayAlgae Area, Forsaken Hut 2, Southeast, Trapper, Triangle
Common Musk TurtleDay & NightDead Forest
Zebra MusselsDay & NightAlgae Area, Harbor, Northwest, Southeast, Triangle
Quagga MusselsDay & NightAlgae Area, Beaver River, Forsaken Hut 2, Smuggler’s Bay, Triangle
Eastern Massasauga RattlesnakeDayEast, Northwest, Southeast, Smuggler’s Bay, Triangle
BeaverDay & NightBeaver River


MonsterTimeKnown Locations
BessieDayAlgae Area, Southeast


TrashKnown Locations
ArrowOld Camp
Beaver HatTrapper Cove
Toxic BarrelForsaken Hut 3
Al’Capone CapLagoon, Southeast
Beverage canForsaken Hut 3, Harbour, Smuggler’s Bay, Triangle
Baseball HatSoutheast, Trapper Cove, Triangle
Basket ballTrapper Cove, Triangle
Chip bagShining Water, Triangle
Boom Floppy DiscNorthwest, Lagoon
PipeOld Camp
Concrete ShoeDeep Lagoon, Southeast
Glass Bottle with XXX signSoutheast
Fish CanForsaken Hut 3, Harbor, Shining Water, Smuggler’s Bay, Trapper Cove, Triangle
Grey Cassette TapeSoutheast
Green floppy dishNorth, Southeast, Triangle
Meat CanBeaver River, Southeast
Colorful headdressCamp
Hot DogNorth, Shining Water, Trapper Cove
Plastic BottleForsaken Hut, Triangle
Old TireHarbor, Smuggler’s Bay
Can SoupForsaken Hut, West
Mouse GloveTriangle
Vegetable canEast, Forsaken Hut, Shining Water, Trapper Cove
Video cassetteAlgae Area
Wilted leafDead Forest, East, Triangle
Old BranchBeaver River, East, Shining
Vinyl RecordDeep Lagoon

Costa Rica


FishTimeKnown Locations
BarracudaDayCrocodile Beach, East, Great Depths, Pirate Cave, North, West, South, Surfer’s Beach
Broomtail GrouperDayVolcano Coast
DoradoDay & NightPirate Cave, South
Cubera SnapperNightEast, Great Depths, North
Jack CrevalleDayGreat Depths, North, Pirate Area, South
PompanoDay & NightEast, West, Volcano Coast
RoosterfishDay & NightCrocodile Beach, Drake Bay
Pacific SailfishNightCrocodile Bay, Crocodile Beach, Great Depths, Great Reef
WahooNightCrocodile Bay, Great Depths, North
SnookDay & NightEast, Great Depths, Pirate Cave, North, South
TarponDay & NightEast, Great Depths, North, South, West
Black MarlinNightGreat Depths
Yellowfin TunaDayGreat Depths, East, West, South
Bull SharkNightGreat Depths
Whitetip SharkDay & NightGreat Depths
Whale SharkDayGreat Depths
Nurse SharkNightGreat Depths
Striped MarlinDayFlamingo Beach, Great Depths, Pirate Cave, Shipwreck, West
Sierra MackerelDayCrocodile Beach, East, Great Depths, Great Reef, Harbour, North, South
TripletailDayCrocodile Beach, Crocodile Bay, Drake Bay, Great Depths, Great Reef, South
Blue MarlinDay & NightGreat Depths
Hammerhead SharkDay & NightGreat Depths


CreatureTimeKnown Locations
Blue Sea DragonDay & NightPirate Cave
Brown Sea CucumberDayCrocodile Bay, Great Depths, Great Reef, Pirate, Shipwreck, West
Pacific Land CrabDayCrocodile Beach, Great Reef, Flamingo Rock, Surfer’s Beach,
Olive Ridley Sea TurtleDay & NightCastaway, Great Depths, Shipwreck
NudibranchDay & NightLookout Point, Flamingo Beach, Flamingo Rock, Great Reef, Volcanos Isthmus
Red-ridged Clinging CrabNightCrocodile Bay, Crocodile Beach, Great Reef, Volcano Coast
Pink JellyfishDay & NightGreat Depths, Crocodile Bay, Costal Reef, Mangrove Bay, Palm Leaf, Surfer’s Beach
Yellow-bellied Sea SnakeDay & NightFlamingo Rock
American CrocodileDayCrocodile Beach


MonsterTimeKnown Locations
Don PedroNightCrocodile Bay, Crocodile Beach, Mangrove Bay


TrashKnown Locations
AnchorSpanish Shipwreck, Sunken Ship
Ancient KeyFlamingo Rock, Great Depths, Mangrove Bay, Spanish Shipwreck, Sunken Ship
Fish CanGreat Depths, Harbour, Palm Leaf, Spanish Shipwreck
Orange Cassette TapeCastaway, Great Reef, Mangrove Bay, Spanish Shipwreck
Bicycle frameCrocodile Beach
Oil BarrelGreat Depths, Sunken Ship
White BottleFlamingo Beach, Pirate Cave, Sunken Ship, Surfer Beach
Waterproof WatchLookout Point, Pirate Cave, Sunken Ship
CoralGreat Reef
Chip BagCrocodile Beach, Pirate Cave
Bikini TopCoastal Reef, Surfer Beach
Yellow Floppy Disk 5.25Monkey Island
CoconutCoconut Island
FlipperSpanish Shipwreck
Costa Rican VaseSunken Ship
Scuba Diver MaskGreat Reef, Spanish Shipwreck
Mysterious Stone SphereSpanish Shipwreck, Sunken Ship
Rubber CrocodileCrocodile Beach
Oxcart WheelSunken Ship, Surfer Beach
Palm LeafPalm Leaf
Ship Bell from Santa MariaSunken Ship
Watermelon Vinyl RecordCrocodile Bay, Great Depths, Shipwreck
Bottle Santa MariaGreat Depths, Sunken Ship
Treasure ChestSunken Ship
SurfboardFlamingo Beach, Surfer Beach
Volcanic RockCrocodile Bay, Flamingo Rock, Great Reef, Shipwreck
Steel HookSpanish Shipwreck
Wooden LegSpanish Shipwreck, Pirate Cave
Pirate HatMonkey Island, Sunken Ship
Pirate SpyglassesSunken Ship



FishTimeKnown Locations
Arctic CharDay & NightCenter 1, East 2, South 1, West 1
Chum SalmonNightArc Depth, Cold Bay, Knik Creek, Salmon Water
Arctic GreylingDayCanoe Islet, Cook Bay, Iceberg, Whale Depths
BurbotNightIceberg, South 1 & 2, Whale Depths
Bigmouth SculpinNightEast 2, Iceberg, Salmon Water, South 1
CapelinNightArc Depths, Cold Bay, Junk Bay, Whale Depths
CoalfishDay & NightCenter 1, North, South 1, West 1
Humpback SalmonDayArc Depths, Center 1, Salmon Water, West 1
Dolly VardenDay & NightCenter 1, East 1, South 1 & 2
HalibutDay & NightArc Depths, Halibut Cove
Rougheye RockfishDay & NightArc Depths, Cold Bay, East 1 & 2, Whale Depths
Soceye SalmonDay & NightCenter 1 & 2, Salmon Water, South 1
Silver SalmonDayCenter 1, East 1, Salmon Water, Whale Depths
SteelheadDaySalmon Water
LancetfishNightEast 2, North, Salmon Water, South 1 & 2
Atka MackerelDayCanoe, Cook, East 1, Whale
Blue LingcodDayArc Depths, Cold Bay, East 1, East 2, Whale Depths
Pacific Sleeper SharkDay & NightSalmon Water, South 1, Whale Depths
Ocean SunfishNightArc Depths (UFO)
King SalmonDaySalmon Water
Yellow Irish LordDay & NightCenter 1, East 1, South 1, West 1
Pacific HerringDay & NightArctic Depth, Arctic Village, Cold Bay, Knik Creek, Polar Beach, Salmon Water
Wolf EelNightEast 2, South 1
Salmon SharkDay & NightSalmon
Spiny SkateDay & NightArc Depth, Iceberg, Salmon Water, South 1, Whale Depths


CreatureTimeKnown Locations
Adelie PenguinDayCold Bay
Beluga WhaleDayWhale Depths
California Sea CucumberDay & NightArc Depths, Center 1, East 1, Salmon Water, South 1 & 2
Moon JellyDay & NightArc Depths, Canoe Islet, Cold Bay, East 1 & 2, Iceberg, Whale Depths
Polar BearDayIceberg
Killer WhaleDay & NightWhale Depths
Spot PrawnDay & NightArctic Village, Canoe Islet, East 2, Iceberg, Junk Bay, Whale Depths
Razor ClamDay & NightArc Depths
Rose StarNightArc Depths, Cook Bay, Junk Bay, Knik Creek, Whale Depths
Seal???Seal Bay
NarwhalNightEast Island, Whale Depths
Red King CrabNightArc Depths, North, Polar Beach, Seal Bay, Salmon Water
WalrusDay & NightWalrus Island
Humboldt SquidNightArc Depths, Whale Depths


MonsterTimeKnown Locations
KrakenDay & NightWalrus Island, Whale Depths, Cold Bay[1] 


TrashKnown Locations
Life JacketCanoe Islet, Iceberg, Salmon Water, Seal Bay, Ship 2
CompassAbandoned Fishing Base, Center 1
Blue Cassette TapeJunk
Frozen AcornArc Depths, Cook Bay, Junk Bay, Whale Depths
Water Resistant WatchArc Depths, Iceberg, Knik Creek, Whale Depths
Oil BarrelEkuk Airport
Chip BagCold Bay, Junk Bay, Knik Creek
HarpoonHarpoon Island
MeteoriteArc Depths, Clark’s Point
Ham CanArctic Village, Polar Beach, Seal Bay, Ship 1 & 2
Tetrix Floppy Disk 3.5Arc Depths, Arctic Village, Center 1, Seal Bay
Inner TubeJunk Bay, Knik Creek, Ship 1
SkiCanoe Islet
Moose AntlerCanoe Islet, Junk Bay
Snow ShovelCanoe Islet, Knik Creek, Seal Bay, Whale Depths
SnowshoeRadio Point
Gold NuggetGold Island
Viking HelmetShip 2
Vinyl RecordAbandoned Fishing Base, Cold Bay, Cook Bay, Eek Island, Knik Creek, Seal Bay, Walrus Island
Video CassetteArc Depths, Cold Bay, Eek Island
Walrus TuskShip 1, Walrus Island
Gold PanGold Island
Snowman HatArc Depths, Eek Island, Knik Creek Seal Bay

4. Accomplish Quests, Tasks and Achievements

Take on NPC Quests

creatures of the deep boats
Complete quests. Get rewards!

Boats with three dots or ellipses in a speech bubble indicate a quest. Quests are an alternative way to earn Gold and may sometimes even give you other items. These quests range from catching fish in certain areas or finding items underwater. Make sure to list down your quests on paper so you don’t forget them! If you want a more convenient, in-game method of remembering quests, you can go to the Broken Rod Anglers Store and buy a Notebook for 1,000 Gold.

Finish Daily Tasks

creatures of the deep daily tasks
Let’s get that bread!

Upon opening the game for the first time in the past 24 hours, you will be greeted with a Daily Task. These tasks usually challenge you to catch a certain number of fish or creatures or collect a certain amount of trash. After completing the task, you will earn 1-2 Gems.

Get Achievements

creatures of the deep achievements
Look at all those achievements!

The game has certain milestones that each player can hit just by playing the game. They range from collecting a number of fish, finding your first monster, reeling in trash and so on. Each achievement rewards you with Gems.

5. Be Mindful of Your Inventory

creatures of the deep inventory
Use those 5 slots wisely.

At the start of the game, you only have 5 slots in your inventory. If you are trying to save up for something or want to focus on earning money, do not collect any floating Debris you find. While some Trash can sell for a good profit, not all of them do and you might end up with Wood which only sells for 14 Gold. You will want to fish for the best and most expensive Fish you can find around the island so you do not want to use up your space for something like that.

If you end up catching Fish or Creatures that sell for cheap, you can always release them back into the water. But if you get Trash or Wood that isn’t very profitable, you will lose Karma Points if you throw them back into the ocean which may affect the success of your next fishing attempts. 

If you want to increase the number of slots you have in your inventory, you will need to first build the Dock at the Pier. Once you unlock the Dock, you’ll be able to add up to 5 extra slots. Each slot is not cheap, costing Gems and increasing in price for each one you unlock. 

6. What not to do

As we played the game and shared our experiences with other players, we ran into some common problems. To help you avoid them, we’ve listed them below:

Don’t buy the Boat Radio

creatures of the deep radio
It’s not very useful. 

With the very short and vague description of what the Radio does, any player would be tempted to buy it to find out. The Boat Radio basically lets you use emotes to communicate with other players on the map. They may communicate back with their own emotes if they have them, but for the most part, it doesn’t really contribute much to your game if you just want to focus on fishing.

At the time of writing this guide, the game does not give players a way to communicate in other ways like chat or voice so the boat radio is more of a fun add-on and not really mandatory to get. Since it’s also pretty costly, we highly recommend not buying it or prioritizing buying other things first.

Don’t get Stuck

creatures of the deep crate
Get those crates! 

Traveling using the helicopter costs, at minimum, 100 Gold. At the start of your fishing career, you won’t be making much money with the fish you catch so be wary of spending too much Gold on things. Do not let your wallet go under 100 Gold or else you will find yourself stuck at the Pier or Sea. When you do get stuck, don’t panic as there are many ways to get yourself out of it. 

How to Leave the Pier

To leave the Pier, you need to wait for Chests or Crates to appear to collect Gold. The Debris you may also find could be sold to This & That Purchase Store for more Gold.

How to Leave the Sea

Unlike the Pier, there is no Store on the other islands to sell your stuff to. Instead, you can collect Crates to get enough Gold or accomplish quests given by NPCs in boats. These quests often require you to collect fish or trash in exchange for payment.

Don’t Sell Wilson!

creatures of the deep wilson

Wilson is a volleyball with a face drawn on it and is a reference to the movie Cast Away (2000). The main character treated a volleyball they found as their companion as they were stranded alone on an island for years. At around level 3, you may see a man on a raft named Robinson who is looking for that ball.

However, if you talk to him, he will send you away saying you need to level up more (since you need to be level 4 for this quest) even if you already found the ball. Keep the ball in your inventory until the quest becomes available to you once you’ve found it since it is a very rare and difficult item to find.

The same goes for other quest item trash. If it seems unusual or unlike any of the common trash you find, keep it on hand or check their official discord to see if it is a quest item. Once you finish the quest, you could still fish out these items but there will no longer be a point to keep them so feel free to sell them after.

creatures of the deep outro
Time to catch some fish!

And that marks the end of our Beginner’s Guide to Creatures of the Deep! We hope that our research on this game paid off and assisted you in your journey to complete your collection of fish, creatures, and trash!

As this game is constantly updated and many of its secrets are still being discovered, we highly recommend visiting their Official Subreddit or Discord Server where the developer himself also resides. The community is steadily growing and there are always players ready to give helpful pointers and strategies. Do you know any tips and tricks we may have missed or would like to share with fellow players? Let us know in the comment section! 


Tuesday 9th of May 2023

Would be great with a controller

Level Winner

Monday 8th of May 2023

We have updated the Alaska section with the correct information!


Tuesday 16th of May 2023

@Level Winner, hi I am having a problem and I’m stuck in a mission of the Cap’n Slappy, it says that I’m supposed to find a key on the “sea bed” I think that who you translate it to english because I’m playing the game on other language but I can’t seem to find the key it says that I will find it in the sea bed close to the sunken platform


Friday 28th of April 2023

Hi,your guide for the game has been the most helpfull, but the fishes and the creatures for Alaska are the same as that of Great Lakes, can you please rectify it. Thank you so much in advance.

Colton Cleveland

Thursday 27th of April 2023

Why is the Great Lakes info repeated again under Alaska. Please give Alaska info


Friday 7th of April 2023

What do I do if my bag is full?