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BitLife Hustling Herbalist Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Hustling Herbalist Challenge

There’s nothing like a good weekly BitLife challenge to whet one’s appetite while waiting for the next big update to roll out — these limited-time events still roll out late in the week and still give players until early the next week to complete them. Speaking of updates, we’ve yet to see a challenge that’s based on the most recent one that rolled out, but in the meantime, it seems that BitLife maker Candywriter has gone to the well once again and revisited one of last year’s more popular major updates for the Hustling Herbalist Challenge.

bitlife hustling herbalist challenge requirements

It seems that Candywriter loves its Street Hustler-related challenges, as there have been quite a few challenges based on this update since it launched in 2022. Once again, this can be filed under “classic” BitLife challenges with no connection to pop culture or to real-life celebrities, but unlike other challenges in this category, the grinding here is quite minimal, and the challenge is among the easier ones to complete.

Still, if you’ve hit a wall somewhere and need to complete the Hustling Herbalist Challenge sooner rather than later, keep reading this BitLife mini-strategy guide, as we’ve got you covered as usual on all of its requirements.

Getting Started — No Special Stat Requirements, Just Be 18 or Older to Hustle

There is no specific type of character you need to create for the BitLife Hustling Herbalist Challenge — you can create any random character from any part of the world, and not have to worry about their Looks or Smarts. You don’t need to choose any Special Talents either, and you can make your character male or female — it wouldn’t matter when it comes to your choice of profession and the requirements of the challenge.

bitlife new life

There’s no specific educational attainment you have to reach either, though the one thing about being a Street Hustler that you need to keep in mind is that you have to be 18 years old or above. Even if you drop out of high school at 16, you’ll still need to wait two years before you can become a Street Hustler, and that’s where the real “fun” gets started. Yes, it is possible to make a fortune at all sorts of hustles through that update, but you may go through some early struggles, especially when it comes to successfully scamming people.

You Need to Be Good at Some Easier Scams Before Selling Fake Weed

As anyone who’s made use of BitLife’s Street Hustler Update should know, the Scam Artist hustle allows you to perform several different scams on random passers-by on the street, but these scams are divided into three tiers — Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

At first, you will only be able to choose from the four Beginner scams, and once you become fairly adept at two or more of those scams, that’s the only time the Intermediate scams will become available for you to choose from. At this point, this is where things get a bit simpler, as you only need to get the Skill bar to about 40 percent in one scam to unlock the Advanced scams, which, as we mentioned, includes Fake Weed.

bitlife fake weed scam

Once again, the same principle applies where negative events could lead to twice or thrice the impact of positive ones. For example, if one of those passers-by in your street wises up to your scam, you will get docked four percentage points for that alone, and another four if you insist that they buy your fake weed and they still refuse.

That also applies to the Skill bar, where negative events are again more impactful than positive ones in general. But while your chances of successfully pulling off a scam will be low at first, they will be much higher as your Skill bar keeps filling up.

bitlife scams

You should be able to complete the Hustling Herbalist Challenge’s requirement that you sell fake weed to 25 people rather organically, no pun intended. Just keep moving streets and hustling consistently and you’ll be scamming 25 people before you know it.

Scamming a Cop is Much Easier When You’re Good at Your Scam

This doesn’t just apply to the Fake Weed scam, but to all of them — at first, cops will always be a must to avoid, as it’s practically good as confirmed that they’ll be arresting you if your Skill bar is barely filled up and you’re trying to cheat them out of their hard-earned money.

bitlife victim

But once you’ve gone well past the 50 percent Skill mark in your scam of choice — again, this includes, but is not limited to the Fake Weed scam — you may be surprised at how easily the police fall for your confidence tricks.

scamming a cop in bitlife

That said, scamming a cop will still be harder than scamming others, and you will still run the risk of getting arrested. But just as you would after an unsuccessful scam, you can always quit the game and restart it the moment you’re given a prompt that you’re getting arrested.

The Garden Requirement is Not Consecutive

The final requirement for the Hustling Herbalist Challenge we’ll be discussing is the one where you have to tend to your garden for 20 years. The earliest you can get started on this is at the age of 12, though when you reach the age of 18, the game will assume that you’ve moved out at that point and the option to tend a garden will no longer be available unless you purchase a house that logically would have one.

pruning the hedges in bitlife

What does this mean? Simply put, it means that most of the cheaper house types (Trailer, etc.) are those that don’t have a garden, and even those that are more expensive but nonetheless affordable to young, employed adults in the BitLife universe (Condo, etc.) might not have one either. It seems that Bungalow is the cheapest house type that has a garden in it, and you should be able to afford one after just a few years of hustling.

shearing the plants in bitlife

Fortunately, it seems that BitLife counts the years where you get to tend your garden cumulatively — the counter will not reset if you miss a year. That should make things even easier for you, though you’ll still want to make it a point to tend to your garden at least once per year if you want to complete the challenge sooner.

Complete that one final requirement and that should do it for the Hustling Herbalist Challenge, and allow you to open a prize chest to get a new hat or eyewear, just as always.