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My Singing Monsters Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Collect and Level Up Your Monsters

Before games like Foregone, Power Chord and Idle Music Tycoon came to light, Big Blue Bubble created a cute and quirky game about creatures gathered on an island to make music back in 2012. This game was called My Singing Monsters. It was unlike any other game at the time it was published so it was no wonder that it attracted many players of all ages.

my singing monsters guide

From tykes and tots to hard-working adults, My Singing Monsters can entertain while also encouraging musical creativity. It had its roots in Apple iOS and eventually expanded to Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, Barnes & Nobles Nook, Steam, and Playstation Vita. Over the course of a decade, its franchise developed sequels and spin-offs such as My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire (2015), My Singing Monsters Composer (2018), My Singing Monsters: Playground (2021) and My Singing Monsters: Board Game (2021).

Known for its casual music composing mechanics and uncomplicated gameplay, it’s a game worth keeping in your roster to relax and unwind. However, just like any game, it has its own secrets and challenges worth exploring. This My Singing Monsters guide covers the first game that was released in 2012, which is still constantly updated to this day and aims to give you a better understanding of its gameplay while also giving you practical tips and tricks that you can apply to your own playthrough.

1. Clear up the Trees and Rocks on your Island

my singing monsters trees rocks

One of the first things you need to do once you get a new island is clear up the obstacles. Getting rid of the trees and rocks will earn you experience points to help you level up and unlock more monsters and features.

However, it takes time for it to get cleared based on its size, type, and the island it is on. Cost also varies from island to island and may require you to use different currencies. Trees are typically faster to clear than rocks. We recommend setting aside time to clear some of these obstacles up before logging off the game so that the next time you log in, you’d have more space and some XP to harvest. 

2. Feed Your Monsters to Level Them Up

my singing monsters feed

Feeding monsters gives them experience points that increase their level. You can upgrade them up to level 20 maximum, but you need to feed them four times before they level up. However, as you rise in levels, more Treats are required for each feeding. You can get Treats to feed them through the Bakery, accomplish Goals, play the Memory Game, spin the wheel at the castle, or buy at the shop.

Produce Treats with the Bakery

my singing monsters bakery

Producing Treats at the Bakery is the most reliable way to constantly obtain food. You will only be able to build 1 Small Bakery at the start, but as you level up, you will be able to upgrade it.

BakeryLevel RequirementBuying PriceUpgrade PriceSelling PriceXP Earned from Placement / Upgrade
Small3100 Coins75 Coins50
Medium83,000 Coins2,925 Coins
(from Small)
2,250 Coins1,500
Large1530,000 Coins27,750 Coins
(from Small)
22,500 Coins15,000

Once you’ve unlocked the ability to buy the Bakery’s top tier, it is less expensive to buy them at their highest tier immediately instead of buying the lowest one and upgrading. However, buying the Small Bakery and upgrading them to a Large one will earn you more XP.

The difference in cost for upgrading instead of buying is not that high (it is only 775 coins more expensive) so we recommend buying the Small Bakery and upgrading to Large to get some extra 1,500 XP. Placing these structures does not have any wait time so it is worth the trouble. The number of Bakeries you can place depends on your current level:

Level 3 – 1 Bakery

Level 6 – 2 Bakeries

Level 10 – 3 Bakeries

Level 12 – 4 Bakeries

Level 17 – 5 Bakeries

The number of Bakeries listed pertains to how many you can build per island. At the start, when you can only produce a small amount of Treats, it is more beneficial to have several Bakeries across many islands. Each Baked Good you produce earns you XP which contributes to your account’s growth but not your monster’s XP bar. The downside to this is the hassle of going through all islands to harvest them.

As you level them up, they will unlock Baked Goods that can produce more Treats. However, the downside to this is each option will take more time and money to produce. On the plus side, each option will also earn you more XP. Below are all the Baked Goods produced by the Bakery:

Baked GoodsCostWait TimeTreatsXPBakery Tier
Cupcakes50 Coins30 seconds525Small
Cookies250 Coins5 minutes25125Small
Bread1,000 Coins30 minutes100500Small
Donuts5,000 Coins1 hour1,5002,500Medium
Ice Cream15,000 Coins3 hours7,5007,500Medium
Pizza75,000 Coins6 hours50,00037,500Medium
Pie500,000 Coins12 hours100,000250,000Large
Turkey1,000,000 Coins24 hours500,000500,000Large
Cake5,000,000 Coins48 hours2,500,0002,500,000Large
Big Salad10,000,000 Coins48 hours5,000,0005,000,000Large

Producing the higher-tier versions seems to be a lot less tedious than buying the cheaper versions since it is easier to harvest and costs the same amount of coins. However, if you play often, you can produce the same amount at a faster rate. 100 Donuts will equal 1 Pie. 1 Donut (500 Treats) is produced within 1 hour while 1 Pie (50,000 Treats) is produced within 12 hours.

If you have 25 Bakeries across your islands, you would be able to produce the same amount of Treats as Pie in 4 hours. If you have 50, it will only take 2 hours. Both 1 Pie and 100 Donuts will cost you 500,000 Coins. Either of these options work and you should choose which method of producing food that works best for you based on how often in a day you open up your game.

All Bakeries occupy 3×3 space on your island regardless of size. They cannot be purchased and placed on Ethereal Island, Wublin Island, Celestial Island, Magical Sanctum and Colossingum.

Changes to Monsters Upon Leveling Up

leveling up in my singing monsters

There are three two changes a monster undergoes when leveling up: Visual and Coin Production Rate.

Your monsters will visually change in size at levels 4, 10, and 15. At level 20, they will gain a sparkling star effect. Your monsters can appear even larger with the Biggify feature which works separately from the size change of level-ups. These changes do not change the amount of space they take up on the island as well as the volume or tone of the sound they produce. These changes are merely cosmetic. However, because the space they take up in the game is the same, it causes them to appear as if they are overlapping with other monsters nearby.

The Coin Production Rate is the most important change as it will allow your monsters to produce more coins per minute. They will also sell for a much higher price.

Take note that leveling up in the Colossingum works differently. Monsters do not produce Coin but has increased Stamina and Attack Power. Level ups are only possible through training and not through feeding.

3. Keep Your Monsters Happy

my singing monsters happy

Only monsters that produce currency have a Happiness meter. Keeping these monsters happy will increase their Coin Production Rate. To increase their happiness, you need to place them next to items or monsters that they like. You can learn more about what items a monster likes by selecting them and looking at their info. These liked items or monsters must be within two squares of your target monster.

If you sell, move or store these liked items or monsters, it will reduce your monster’s happiness. If you have a Unity Tree, these items or monsters do not need to be nearby. They only have to be on the island (or even in a Storage Structure or a Hotel Structure).

For each liked item or monster, you increase their happiness by 25%. This means that you only need to surround them with 4 items or monsters for them to reach 100% happiness. Once you do, their coin production rate doubles. If it used to take them 10 minutes to reach their maximum income, it will only take them 5 minutes after the change.

However, this change will not affect the maximum income they can collect at a time. Because of this, the effect of max happiness will only really benefit players who play often for long periods of time and want to harvest their Coins as soon as possible. Take note that not all monsters have 4 likes, making it impossible to reach 100% happiness. This is because the item or monster they like is future content that has not been released yet.

4. Breed Monsters With Different Elements

my singing monsters breed

At the time of writing this article, there are currently 325 known Monsters in the game with each monster having an element assigned to them. In order to produce a new breed, you need to pair two level 4 monsters who have different elements with the exception of a few special monsters. Only certain classes of monsters can breed with other classes.

Elements and Classes

Each element is categorized in different classes: Natural, Fire, Magical, Ethereal, Supernatural, Legendary, Seasonal, Mythical, Celestial and Dipsters. Along with these classes, we have listed down each base monster (Single Element monsters needed to breed hybrids) and monsters that cannot be bred under the classes they are under:


my singing monsters natural

Natural Monsters are the cheapest monsters to buy and require the lowest amount of food, making them the easiest to breed among all classes. These monsters can be bred with monsters from the Fire and Magical classes. Only monsters that are bred with only Natural Elements are categorized as Natural Monsters. They are also one of the element classes that are allowed to battle in the Colossingum.

ElementBase MonsterBase Island
WaterToe JammerWater


my singing monsters fire

Fire Monsters used to be a part of the Natural Monster class but has become its own class on March 24, 2020. These monsters can be bred with monsters from the Natural and Magical classes. Every class that has the Fire Element and no Magical Element is categorized as a Fire Monster.

ElementBase MonsterBase Island
FireKaynaFire Haven & Fire Oasis


my singing monsters magical

Magical Monsters can be bred with Natural and Fire Monsters. All monsters with Magical Elements are categorized as Magical Monsters. At the time of writing this guide, Magical Monsters do not produce hybrids with Air Monsters.

ElementBase MonsterBase Island
FaerieFloot FlyFaerie


my singing monsters ethereal

Ethereal Monsters are difficult to breed, with the Single Element Ethereal Monsters requiring you to breed A Quad-Element and Triple Element Natural Monster to produce them. You only have a 1% chance per try to breed them on a Natural or Mirror Island.

These monsters can produce coins while in the Natural Islands. However, they must be teleported to their home world in Ethereal Island by level 15 to breed and produce shards. They can only breed with other Ethereal Monsters.

ElementBase MonsterBase Island


my singing monsters supernatural

Supernatural Monsters are not bred and must instead be bought from the Market and activated by placing other Monsters inside of them. Wubbox and All Wublins are available on Wublin Island but Wubbox is also available on Natural Islands (and their Mirror Islands), Gold Island, Ethereal Island, and Fire Haven.

ElementMonster/sBase Island
ElectricityWubboxWublin, Plant, Cold, Air, Water, Earth, Mirror, Gold, Ethereal, Fire Haven
ElectricityBrump, Zynth, Poewk, Thwok, Dwumrohl, Zuuker, Screemu, Tympa, Dermit, Gheegur, Whajje, Creepuscule, Blipsqueak, Scargo, Astropod, Pixolotl, Bona-Petite, Maulch, FleechwurmWublin


my singing monsters legendary

Legendary Monsters are monsters with a connection to the human world. You can breed Shugabush with Bowgart and Clamble. Werdos on the other hand cannot be bred and must be bought from the Market with Relics.

Relics can be obtained through Daily Spin Wheel, Daily Login Bonus, from Bonus Items produced by Monsters, completing Goals, reaching certain tiers in Versus Mode, collecting monsters from Amber Island, removing heat from the Crucible, and exchanging Diamonds in the Market.

ElementBase MonsterBase Island
LegendaryTawkerrPlant, Cold, Earth
LegendaryParlsonaPlant, Air, Water
LegendaryMaggpiCold, Water
LegendaryStoowarbAir, Earth


Seasonal Monsters only have 1 element and are divided into two categories: Core Seasonals and Aux Seasonals.

• Core Seasonals

my singing monsters core seasonals

Core Seasonals are available on the Natural Islands and can be placed in the Gold Island and The Collossingum. A combination of two Core Seasonals can produce an Aux Seasonal.

SpooktaclePunkletonPlant, Seasonal Shanty
Festival of YayYoolCold, Seasonal Shanty
Season of LoveSchmoochleAir, Seasonal Shanty
Eggs-TravaganzaBlabbitWater, Seasonal Shanty
SummerHoolaAir, Earth, Seasonal Shanty

• Aux Seasonals:

my singing monsters aux seasonal

Aux Seasonals are available on the Fire Islands, Magical Islands. Unlike Core Seasonals, they cannot be teleported to Gold Island or The Collossingum.

ElementMonsterBase Island
Feast-EmberGoobleygourdFire Haven, Fire Oasis, Seasonal Shanty
Beat HereafterClavaveraBone, Seasonal Shanty
Echoes of EcoViveineSeasonal Shanty
Anniversary MonthJam BoreeSeasonal Shanty
Crescendo MoonCarillongSeasonal Shanty
SkyPaintingWhiz-bangSeasonal Shanty
Life-FormulaMonculusSeasonal Shanty
CloverspellFfidyllSeasonal Shanty
MindBoggleBoo’qwurmSeasonal Shanty
PerplexploreSpurritSeasonal Shanty

Mythical Monsters

my singing monsters mythical monsters

Mythical Monsters can be bred by pairing two Triple Element Monsters from the Natural or Fire Class. Cataliszt, the only Single Element Dream Monster, cannot be bred and must be purchased from the Market. Despite having similar elements, the 4 Mythical Monsters listed will produce a different monster when bred with Cataliszt after teleporting them to Mythical Island at level 15.

ElementBase MonsterBase Island
MythicalG’joobPlant, Mythical
MythicalStromboninCold, Mythical
MythicalYawstrichAir, Mythical
MythicalCherubbleFire Oasis, Mythical


my singing monsters celestial monsters

Celestial Monsters cannot breed or be bred. Their statues must be purchased with Diamonds and you must zap a certain number and variety of eggs in order to revive them. Each Celestial has its own time limit, requiring you to zap your eggs before it expires.

Once revived, they can produce various types of currency and start singing. Celestials don’t have their own special element but are associated with elements from other classes.

ElementMonsterBase Island


my singing monsters dipsters

Dipsters cannot be bred and can only be bought with Keys that are obtained through Daily Login Bonus, bought from the store, or as a gift from a friend. Each Dipster plays different notes on different islands.

ElementMonsterBase Island
DipsterDo, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, TiPlant, Cold, Air, Water, Earth, Fire Haven, Fire Oasis, Bone, Ethereal

Breeding Combinations

Among all classes of monsters, Natural, Ethereal, Fire, Magical and Mythical classes are the only classes that have multi-element monsters. All other monsters either have one element or none. However, Mythical Monsters and Ethereal Monsters can only breed with monsters from their respective classes.

Natural, Fire, and Magical classes can be bred together. The more elements a monster has, the more coins they produce. However, they also take longer to breed. You can speed this up by watching ads or paying with diamonds.

Double Element Monsters

Double Element Monsters can be produced by breeding two Single Element Monsters. Natural doubles will always breed successfully, Fire, and Magical doubles have a chance of failing while Ethereal doubles will often fail.

Triple Element Monsters

Triple Element Monsters can be produced by breeding a Single Element Monster, and a Double Element Monster. These monsters are harder to breed than Double Element Monsters.

Quad-Element Monsters

Quad-Element Monsters can be produced by breeding two Double Element Monsters or a Single Element Monster, and a Triple Element Monster but the latter tends to be more successful. These are the hardest to breed, especially Fire and Magical Monsters.

Special Single Element Monsters

Some Monsters can be bred by two monsters of multiple elements but produce a Monster with one new element such as Ethereal, Legendary, Mythical, and Seasonal Monsters.

Special Monster Variants

Following the same method as the production of special Single Element Monsters, in some cases, they may also produce Rare or Epic versions of Single Element, Double Element, Triple Element, and Quad-Element Monsters. These versions are visually different and have different colors or features.

5. Unlock Different Islands

my singing monsters islands

There are 27 islands in My Singing Monsters (including Mirror Islands). Each island plays a unique song, with each monster producing different sounds based on where they are located. Most of these islands are similar to each other, starting with a small space and some obstacles that need to be cleared.

These islands differ only in their theme and design which are based on their elements. However, some of these islands also function differently from others. Below are the islands currently available in the game as of writing this article:

Natural Islands

These islands are the home islands of Natural Monsters.

Plant IslandLevel 1Free (Starter)Plant, Earth, Water, Cold, Dipsters, Electricity, Legendary, Mythical, Plasma, Spooktacle
Cold IslandLevel 4 Plant Island5,000 CoinsAir, Plant, Water, Cold, Dipsters, Electricity, Legendary, Mythical, Shadow, Festival of Yay
Air IslandLevel 4
Cold Island  
50,000 CoinsAir, Earth, Water, Cold, Dipsters, Electricity, Mythical, Mech, Season of Love, SummerSong, Legendary
Water IslandLevel 4
Air Island
100,000 CoinsAir, Plant, Earth, Water, Dipsters, Electricity, Crystal, Eggs-Travaganza, Legendary
Earth IslandLevel 4
Water Island
250,000 CoinsAir, Plant, Earth, Cold, Electricity, Poison, SummerSong, Dipsters, Legendary

Mirror Islands

These are the alternative versions of the Natural Islands which have a few visual differences which include pink webbing covering the island and ruined structures that hints at the lore of the fall of the Dawn of Fire.

Mirror Plant IslandLevel 20100 DiamondsPlant, Earth, Water, Cold, Dipsters, Electricity, Legendary, Mythical, Plasma, Spooktacle
Mirror Cold IslandLevel 20 Cold Island200 DiamondsAir, Plant, Water, Cold, Dipsters, Electricity, Legendary, Mythical, Shadow, Festival of Yay
Mirror Air IslandLevel 20 Air Island300 DiamondsAir, Earth, Water, Cold, Dipsters, Electricity, Mythical, Mech, Season of Love, SummerSong, Legendary
Mirror Water IslandLevel 20 Water Island400 DiamondsAir, Plant, Earth, Water, Dipsters, Electricity, Crystal, Eggs-Travaganza, Legendary
Mirror Earth IslandLevel 20 Earth Island500 DiamondsAir, Plant, Earth, Cold, Electricity, Poison, SummerSong, Dipsters, Legendary

Fire Islands

These islands are the home of Fire Monsters.

Fire HavenLevel 9 Earth Island500,000 CoinsAir, Plant, Earth, Fire, Feast-Ember, Dipster, Electricity
Fire OasisLevel 9
Earth Island

750,000 CoinsAir, Water, Cold, Fire, Feast-Ember, Dipster, Mythical

Magical Islands

These islands are the home of Magical Monsters. Each one Contains two sets of Natural Monsters, a Magical Monster and Kayna.

Light IslandLevel 9
Fire Haven

1,000,000 CoinsPlant, Cold, Fire, Light
Psychic IslandLevel 9
Fire Haven  
1,250,000 CoinsPlant, Water, Fire, Psychic
Faerie IslandLevel 9
Fire Haven  
1,500,000 CoinsEarth, Cold, Fire, Faerie
Bone IslandLevel 9
Fire Haven  
1,750,000 CoinsEarth, Water, Fire, Bone, Beat Hereafter, Dipsters

Teleporting and Egg Islands

These islands are where you can teleport your Monsters to. Buying certain monsters on these islands requires you to spend Diamonds. It is usually more practical and less expensive to level up your Monsters to level 15 on the previous islands on this list and then teleporting them to these islands later.

Shugabush IslandLevel 4 Air IslandFreeAir, Plant, Earth, Water, Cold, Legendary
Seasonal ShantyLevel 9 Fire HavenFreeSpooktacle, Festival of Yay, Season of Love, Eggs-Travaganza, SummerSong, Feast-Ember, Beat_Hereafter, Echoes of Eco, Anniversary Month, Crescendo Moon, SkyPainting, Life Formula, Cloverspell, Mind Boggle, Perplexplore
Mythical IslandLevel 12
Fire Oasis
FreeMythical, Dream
Ethereal IslandLevel 4FreePlasma, Shadow, Mech, Crystal, Poison, Electricity, Dipsters
Magical SanctumLevel 9FreePsychic, Bone, Light, Faerie
Wublin IslandLevel 13FreeElectricity
Celestial IslandLevel 15FreeCelestials
Gold IslandLevel 6FreeAir, Plant, Earth, Water, Cold, Electricity, Legendary, Spooktacle, Festival of Yay, Season of Love, Eggstravaganza, SummerSong
Amber IslandLevel 9FreeAir, Plant, Earth, Water, Cold, Fire
The ColossingumLevel 10FreeAir, Plant, Earth, Water, Cold, Spooktacle, Festival of Yay, Season of Love, Eggs-Travaganza, SummerSong

Other Islands

These are not your typical island where you can breed monsters and decorate them as you please. These islands have many restrictions but also offer features not present in other islands.

Composer IslandLevel 7First – Free Second – 50 Diamonds Third – 100 Diamonds
Fourth – 200 Diamonds Fifth – 400 Diamonds
Air, Plant, Water, Cold
Tribal IslandLevel 4FreeAir, Plant, Earth, Water, Cold, Fire

6. Earn Currency, Experience Points, and Food

Accomplish Goals

my singing monsters goals

Completing Goals in the game will reward you with Monster Coins, Gems, Experience Points, and Food. You can find these Goals at the upper left side of your screen. These Goals get replaced after accomplishing the current Goals or leveling up.

Login Bonus

my singing monsters login bonus

The game rewards you with a log-in bonus once a day. Logging in every day without missing a day will get you higher rewards which can help you progress faster. If you miss a day, you will have to start your streak back to day 1.

Spin Wheel

my singing monsters spin wheel

You can spin the wheel once a day for free at the Castle to get a random prize. If you want to spin again, you have to pay 2 Diamonds for each spin or wait for the next day.

Scratch Ticket

my singing monsters scratch ticket

You can scratch a free ticket every week at the Nursery to win random prizes. You have to scratch all six squares on the ticket to reveal its contents. If three of these boxes contain the same image, you will be able to collect that prize. Eggs you obtain from the Scratch Ticket are automatically hatched and do not have an incubation period. If you want to scratch another ticket, you will need to pay 10 Diamonds or wait for the next week.

Complete the Conundrum

my singing monsters conundrum

You can get a puzzle piece of the Colossal Conundrum along with a special reward once a day when you log in. Unlike the Daily Login bonus, you are not required to log in consecutively. If you miss a day, you won’t lose the puzzle pieces you already collected.

Once all of the pieces of a Conundrum have been collected, you will obtain the Coloss-eye. This item is placeable on the island and can be toggled to awaken the Colossal of the island. At the time of writing this article, only Plant Island has a Colossal that can be awakened.

Memory Game

my singing monsters memory game

Memory Game can be found in the Castle. To play the game, you must flip the cards and remember their positions to find their match. You can only open up 2 cards at a time and you can only have a certain number of mismatched cards per level. The number of mismatches you can make equals the number of cards per level.

The more levels you complete, the more rewards you’ll earn. You can play the game once a day for free, but if you want to play again, you’ll have to pay 2 Diamonds per game or wait for the next day. There are 9 levels all in all with the number of cards increasing:

Level 1 = 2

Level 2 = 4

Level 3 = 12

Level 4 = 16

Level 5 = 18

Level 6 = 24

Level 7 = 32

Level 8 = 36

Level 9 = 50

Every time you reveal a card, they will play a sound associated with the image in the card so make sure to turn your sounds on so it would be easier to remember. Take note that in later levels, they will start featuring monsters that have similar sounds but different visuals.

The best way to play this is to flip the cards from left to right, up to down (or vice versa) so it would be easier to keep track of which one is which. After doing left to right, up to down and you still haven’t found all the matches, start flipping them up to down, left to right.

Mine Gems

my singing monsters mines

You can place a Mini-Mine once you reach level 8 by buying it from the Market under Structures. Mini-Mine can be upgraded to the Maximum Mine but only on Plant Island and only if you have purchased any currency pack or Island Skin. You can only have 1 mine per island and it cannot be placed on Seasonal Shanty, Amber Island, and Mythical Island.

The Mini-Mine costs 10 Diamonds and produces 1 Diamond every twenty-four hours. The Maximum Mine on the other hand costs 40 Diamonds (but only 20 Diamonds when upgraded from Mini-Mine) and produces 2 Diamonds every 12 hours.

7. Get Help from Friends

my singing monsters help

Adding friends can give you many benefits such as upvoting your Island designs, lighting Wishing Torches, and forming a tribe.

How to Add Friends

my singing monsters add friends

You can add your friends by sending them an invite through e-mail, importing your friends from Facebook or the Game Center, or through Steam if you are playing on PC. You can also exchange Friend codes and enter them in the Friends window. You can find this code in Options > Support and at the upper right side of the Friends window. If you don’t have friends to add who play the game, you can find players exchanging friend codes on Discord or Reddit.

Get Votes for Top Island

my singing monsters votes

Top Island is a ranking system for players’ Island designs. Getting into the Top 10 can grant you 100 Diamonds. Players can vote on their favorite islands by visiting the island and clicking Upvote. Clicking on your island’s castle and checking its stats will let you see how many upvotes it has.

You can organically earn upvotes from players who randomly visit islands. But if you have friends in the game, you can ask them to vote for you. Only 1 island per player can be featured in the top islands per month so be sure to let them know which one you want them to vote for!

Light Wishing Torches

my singing monsters wishing torches

Wishing Torches increase your chances of breeding rare monsters and can be unlocked at level 12. These do not increase the odds of getting a costumed monster. You can buy Wishing Torches in the Market and place up to 10 on each island with Breeding mechanics.

For the effects of these torches to work, you need to light them up. You can pay 2 Diamonds to light it for 24 hours or 100 Diamonds to light it permanently, turning the flame blue. Some sales range from 50-75% off so we recommend buying them during those times since they are expensive. However, having friends light it for you for free instead is usually the better alternative.

Each friend can only light 1 torch on one island so it is beneficial to have several active friends on your list. You will be able to tell if a friend is actively helping you by clicking on their name, showing you how many torches they’ve lit for you and how many torches you’ve lit up for them.

When visiting friends, it’s easy to find which islands have unlit torches because there will be a flame icon on top of it. Flame icons that are bouncing mean that your friend wants this island to be prioritized when lighting up torches. You can set this up on your own island torches by clicking your torch and clicking Highlight.

You can also light up torches for random players through the Visit Random Island option. Those players will be able to see who lit up their torches and may add you.

Form a Tribe

my singing monsters tribe

A tribe is a group of up to 30 players that come together to collaborate on Tribal Island. It is not possible to access Tribal Island without a tribe. Each member can contribute any natural monster they have on any natural island to represent themselves, with their name displayed on it. Only the Tribe Chief can move and interact with the monsters but only the members can feed their own monsters currency and treats without a limit to increase the island’s level.

Chiefs cannot leave their island without choosing a replacement for them. When it comes to tribes with no members, you need to restart the game before leaving. However, if this does not work, you may have to make another account, join it and make that account the chief before you can leave the tribe.

Contributing to Tribal Island will help you gain Starpower, unlock Kayna the Fire Monster, and complete goals which reset weekly along with the monsters’ levels. Starpower is used for buying rare monsters and exclusive decorations in StarShop.

8. Move Your Monsters to Save Money

my singing monsters move

In some cases, it may be more expensive to buy a monster on an island than it is to teleport it from another island. Some monsters you can buy directly on the Colossingum cost Gems. Teleporting monsters to another island is possible once they reach level 15. For the Colossingum, monsters only need to be level 5 (list down level requirements per island). To move a monster to another island, select them then click then teleport.

However, once you do, there are many irreversible changes:

  • The monster permanently leaves the island (and the Gold Island if placed there).
  • The monster turns back into an egg and goes into the incubator. You must wait for it to hatch before you can use it.
  • The monster’s breeding and incubation times may change. This means the breeding combinations you used on Natural Islands to obtain a rare monster may not work. You may have to use a different combination.
  • The monster’s level resets to 1.

9. Battle Monsters in the Colossingum

my singing monsters colossingum

The Colossingum is the island where you can make your monsters fight against other monsters. Depending on the requirements of the stage, a Team can have 1-3 monsters. The only monsters you can bring and hatch on this island are Natural Monsters and Core Seasonal Monsters.

On this island, your monsters don’t sing, structures cannot be placed and monsters cannot be bred. The only thing you can do here is hatch eggs in the Nursery, train monsters at the Conservatory, play music, and store monsters in the Mess Hall.

Try Quest Mode and Versus Mode

my singing monsters quest versus

There are two modes you can choose from when battling monsters: Quest Mode and Versus Mode.

Quest Mode

Quest Mode allows you to fight monsters controlled by the computer to earn XP and Medals. Swapping monsters is possible in the middle of battle. This is the only mode you can choose at the start until you unlock Versus mode in later levels.

Each level has a specific requirement that you need to fulfill before being able to fight against your opponents. There are up to 30 levels of quests with a certain number of stages each. Completion of each stage grants you XP that contributes to your monster’s levels in the Colossingum along with Medals that can be spent on Decorations and Costumes that are exclusive to the island.

Versus Mode

Versus Mode on the other hand lets you fight one on one with another player’s team of monsters. However, you will not be battling another player in real-time. Instead, the computer uses another player’s team to battle you. Swapping is also possible in the middle of battle, but unlike quest mode, your enemy can also swap their monsters and will usually bring out the monster with the highest stamina.

In both modes, the battle system plays similarly to the turn-based battle system of Pokemon. You must select a move to use against your opponent and after dealing your attack, your enemy would choose a move to retaliate.

To help you win your battles, below are some important tips to keep in mind:

Pay Attention to Elements

my singing monsters elements

Moves you deal towards your enemies may be Musical or Elemental. Musical attacks have no special properties and will deal the same damage no matter what element your enemy is. Elemental attacks on the other hand have their effectiveness depending on the element associated with the target:

  • Earth is strong against Air but weak against Ice.
  • Ice is strong against Earth but weak against Water.
  • Water is strong against Ice but weak against Plant.
  • Plant is strong against Water but weak against Air.
  • Air is strong against Plant but weak against Earth.
  • All Core Seasonal Monsters (Punkleton, Yool, Schmoochle, Blabbit and Hoola) have no strengths or weaknesses.

Your active monster’s power changes depending on what opponent it is facing. A move strong against the current opponent is marked with a green up arrow while those moves that are weak against them are marked with an orange down arrow. Swapping monsters in between battles can help you determine which monster is the best one to use against your current opponent.

Take note that some monsters have multiple elements attached to themselves and the strengths and weaknesses are specific to that monster. An example of this is Quibble who is an Air and Water Monster. While Air is strong against Plant, Water is also weak against Plant. Because of this, Plant is listed as their weakness, along with Earth, and only Cold is their strength.

Because Core Seasonals have no strengths and weaknesses, it is ideal to have at least one of them in your band of monsters. They can serve as your main monster or the monster you bring out when every other monster you have had failed.

Toe JammerWaterColdPlant
DandidooAir, PlantPlant, WaterEarth, Air
CybopAir, EarthPlant, AirEarth, Cold
QuibbleAir, WaterColdEarth, Plant
PangoAir, ColdPlantEarth, Water
ShrubbPlant, EarthWaterAir, Cold
OaktopusPlant, WaterWater, ColdAir, Plant
FurcornPlant, ColdEarthAir, Water
FwogEarth, WaterAirCold, Plant
DrumplerEarth, ColdAir, EarthCold, Water
MawWater, ColdCold, EarthPlant, Water
ReedlingAir, Plant, EarthPlant, WaterEarth, Air, Cold
SpungeAir, Plant, WaterWater, ColdEarth, Air, Plant
ThumpiesAir, Plant, ColdPlantEarth, Air, Water
ScupsAir, Earth, WaterAirEarth, Cold, Plant
PomPomAir, Earth, ColdPlant, AirEarth, Cold, Water
CongleAir, Water, ColdColdEarth, Plant, Water
PummelPlant, Earth, WaterWaterAir, Cold, Plant
ClamblePlant, Earth, ColdEarthAir, Cold, Water
BowgartPlant, Water, ColdCold, EarthAir, Plant, Water
T-RoxEarth, Water, ColdAir, EarthCold, Plant, Water
ShellbeatAir, Plant, Earth, WaterWaterEarth, Air, Cold, Plant
QuarristerAir, Plant, Earth, ColdPlantEarth, Air, Cold, Water
DeedgeAir, Plant, Water, ColdColdPlant, Air, Cold, Water
RiffAir, Earth, Water, ColdAirEarth, Cold, Plant, Water
EntbratPlant, Earth, Water, ColdEarthAir, Cold, Plant, Water
YoolFestival of YayNoneNone
SchmoochleSeason of LoveNoneNone

Strengthen Your Monsters

As you go through battle after battle, your monsters will naturally gain experience and get stronger. However, there will be times when it is necessary to strengthen your monsters outside of battle in order to defeat a strong opponent. There are two ways to do this: train at the conservatory or wear costumes.

Train at the Conservatory

my singing monsters conservatory

Leveling up your monsters is essential to victory, especially when you’re up against stronger opponents. There is no Bakery that can be placed or Treats that can be used to level up your monsters. The only way for you to level them up is by obtaining XP from battle or training them to level up in the Conservatory. Just like how the Bakery worked, you will need to pay Coins and wait for a certain amount of time for the training to be completed. Upon completion, your monster will increase its Attack Power (lightning) and Stamina (heart) and may sometimes unlock a new skill.

At the start, you can only train one monster at a time until you upgrade your Conservatory using Gems. The Conservatory can be upgraded twice, letting you train up to 3 monsters at a time. You will need 100 Gems for the first upgrade and 200 Gems for the second upgrade. But be warned that once your monsters enter training, you will not be able to select or use them in battle until they finish.

Wear Costumes

my singing monsters costumes

Costumes are usually bought for aesthetic reasons, but some costumes available in the Colossingum do more than just make your monster look cool or pretty. They can unlock a new skill or even change an existing skill. Costumes exclusively obtained in the Colossingum can be bought with Medals in the store or unlocked as you clear levels.

10. Make Music with your Monsters!

One of the best features of My Singing Monsters is the ability to pick and choose which monsters to feature on your island and make some adjustments to the songs they sing. Below are ways to modify their sounds and make music with your monsters: 

Mute Monsters Individually

my singing monsters mute

Turning the sound on is crucial for a game centered around singing monsters that make funky music. However, having the music looping in the background for hours on end as you build up your island and collection could make it annoying, especially if there is a monster making a sound you don’t like. Muting the game’s audio is always an option, but if you like listening to the music but not a particular monster and you don’t want to sell them, you can mute them instead. Just select the monster and click mute. Upon muting, your monsters go into a sleeping state. This will not affect their ability to earn Coins.

Add Monsters of the Same Kind

my singing monsters add monsters

Having more than one monster of the same kind on one island makes the sound they make louder. This is especially helpful when you compose your own music in Composer Island and want some parts to be more pronounced than others.

Buy a Time Machine

my singing monsters time machine

The Time Machine can speed up or slow down the tempo of the music your monsters make. Along with the speed of its animations, it also shifts the pitch up or down. Despite its name, this does not affect the speed of Breeding, Incubation, Coin Production, or Baking. It can be bought in the market for 7,500 Gold or 7 Shards under Structures upon reaching level 14. This structure, however, cannot be used on the Tribal, Gold, or Composer Island.

Purchase a Recording Studio

my singing monsters recording studio

The Recording Studio allows the player to replace any monster’s voice with their own. It can be bought in the Market for 10,000 Gold or 10 Shards under Structures upon reaching level 15. The monster must be placed on the island or in the island’s hotel where the Recording Studio is for it to take effect.

All monsters of that breed, including its rarer versions, will adapt to the song you recorded. Unlike in Composer Island where the monster’s song affects its animation, your recording will not affect its movements. Selling the structure will not remove your recordings, but you will need that structure if you want to revert the monsters to their original sound.

The recording is stored within the app and the only way for other people to hear it is if you record it and share them. As of 3.0.1, the Recording Studio is not available on the Steam Version.

Compose Originals on Composer Island

my singing monsters composer island

Once you reach level 7 and make at least one breeding combination, you will unlock Composer Island. On this island, you can compose your own music and teach your Monsters to sing them. Unlike the Recording Studio where you make your own sound, the Monsters will be using their original sound modified in tempos, key signatures, time signatures, and so on.

Unlike other islands, structures and decorations cannot be placed and only Natural Monsters and Glowbes are allowed. All of these Monsters are automatically unlocked no matter what level you are but they must still be purchased from the market with Coins:

  • Single Element Monsters – 2,000 Coins
  • Double Element Monsters – 4,000 Coins
  • Triple Element Monsters – 8,000 Coins
  • Quadruple Element Monsters – 16,000 Coins

This island’s castle can hold only 40 beds without the option to upgrade. Each Monster on this island only takes up 1 bed while each Glowbe takes up none. This means you can have as many as 40 monsters and as many Glowbes as you want. This also means you can have one of each Natural Monster on the island.

By default, you have one song slot available and you have to purchase the other 4 slots with Gems:

  • Second Song – 50 Gems
  • Third Song – 100 Gems
  • Fourth Song – 200 Gems
  • Fifth Song – 400 Gems

To create a song, you need to select a Monster and click Compose. This will open up a window that resembles a music sheet. Upon clicking on the lines or spaces of the music sheet, the notes will appear as the Monster’s egg form.

Some Monsters will have a green arrow next to their Monster egg note. This means that if you click and drag your notes to the left, the green arrow next to it will extend, letting the note play longer. Clicking on the note again will remove it from the staff.

If you composed a song for a Mammott, this doesn’t mean that all Mammotts you add after will know it. If you want other Marmmotts to play the same song, you can save the part by clicking the button at the upper left side of the screen and load it on another Mammott. You can also load the same song on a different Monster. Don’t forget to press save before exiting the screen!

If you want to see what the notes of the other Monsters’ songs are while you work on another Monster’s song, you can click on the Show & Hide button at the lower left side of the screen. From there, you can select a monster and the silhouette of their egg notes will appear on the staff.

If you want more options in composing your song, you can toggle the advanced settings by clicking the box at the upper right side of the screen. This will give you the option to change the Time Signature, Accidentals, Key Signatures, and Tempo.

Unlike other Monsters, Glowbes do not produce any sounds but will still have a compose button. If you click on any part of the staff, it will show Glowbe eggs in different colors. There are 15 colors all in all, one for every space and line in the staff, and this will dictate what color of light will produce when it glows. With this, you could time the colors according to the music or make random colors appear as an interesting flair to design your island.

my singing monsters outro

And this marks the end of our My Singing Monsters: Beginner’s Guide. We hope our research and experience playing the game served you well in learning about some useful tips as well as the features that the game has to offer. Do you have some tips, tricks and strategies that we had missed? Or perhaps you found a more effective alternative to something we mentioned? Feel free to share with us and let us know in the comment section below!


Sunday 11th of June 2023