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Crazy Dino Park Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Help You Build Your Dream Dino Park

Dinosaur themes in various media have proven that their popularity is not just limited to kids. Fascination with dinosaurs, along with other prehistoric creatures, will always have its place among people of all ages from then till now. While there has been an abundance of video games centering around or involving dinosaurs, each one has its unique way of incorporating dinosaurs with popular game genres that people can certainly appreciate.

Infinite Dreams’ Crazy Dino Park has been around for more than 4 years and still places among the top-grossing mobile games in several countries. Although a Puzzle game by category, Crazy Dino Park surprisingly hosts plenty of content and features that will certainly be a treat for dinosaur fans and lovers as well as gamers in general who enjoy experiencing a wide range of gameplay mechanics in one huge adventure.

crazy dino park cover

At first glance, Crazy Dino Park may either appear exclusively fitted for children with its cartoony art style or as a business simulation game as you will be tasked to manage your very own dino park. There is a lot more that Crazy Dino Park has to offer even from the acquisition process of each dinosaur alone. Dinosaurs can also be merged to have their higher-level version and can even be chosen to participate in arena combat. As simple as the gameplay mechanics seem, Crazy Dino Park is certainly a type of adventure that will provide countless hours of fun and excitement.

The introductory tutorial in Crazy Dino Park takes you through your first expedition to claim your first dinosaur or Ammonite, rather. Expeditions let you solve puzzles to claim dinosaur bones that are then assembled to bring the dinosaur back to life and then placed on their own spot within your dino park. Once you open the park, coins start pouring in and you will be able to finance your succeeding expeditions.

Considering everything, the mechanics in Crazy Dino Park are very easy to understand. It will require time and patience to grow your park and dinosaur collection but every bit of effort certainly takes you a step forward in your adventure. You will surely advance with however you decide to spend your time adventuring but if you are raring to build the best and biggest dino park, then be sure to read our Crazy Dino Park Beginner’s Guide for a bunch of useful tips, tricks and strategies!

1. Master The Basics

Crazy Dino Park does have simple gameplay mechanics, but it certainly pays to be sure that a firm understanding of each one is secured early on. There are plenty of features to unlock as you progress in your adventure and the overall gameplay provides a lot of freedom and flexibility for players in terms of how they want to move forward.

As such, it becomes very important to master every concept in the game to identify how to prioritize tasks and investments to support a faster and more efficient way to grow your dino park and each residing creature within it.

While dinosaurs in your park are at its center, you are running the park for profits, and to continue expanding the dino park as well as adding more and more species of dinosaurs in it, you also need to continue increasing your profits. You will start your epic adventure with enough money to finance a few expeditions as well as idle income generated by your park over time.

crazy dino park progress

The reception area has a limit or cap in terms of how much money it can hold, which is why you need to frequently claim the idle earnings it has accumulated. There will be additional sources of idle income such as an ice cream booth and a dumpling shop that becomes available as your dino park expands. All sources of idle income can also be upgraded to increase profits as well as the amount of money they can hold over time. However, these upgrades will cost not just huge sums of cash but gems as well.

crazy dino park reception area

Each new expedition costs more than the previous one and reaching a level milestone to start exploring other regions will naturally cost even more. In this sense, it becomes necessary to increase the income your park generates over time to ensure that you can continuously sustain its growth and development. The basic way to increase income is to increase popularity.

Having the Ammonite, as an example, generates 2 likes or popularity points for your park. Each new species of dinosaur tend to earn you even more popularity points. Duplicate copies of each specie earn a similar amount of popularity points and a higher-level dino will also net you more popularity points.

crazy dino park mammoth

Although it is a bit weird for a dino park to hold its own arena where dinos can team up to fight other dinos, it is certainly a feature that adds to the fun and excitement in Crazy Dino Park. The arena is not just there for loads of extra fun as each battle you triumph in earns you corresponding cash rewards with some gems as bonus rewards after completing a round, which is a set of battles.

crazy dino park victory

The idea is for you to earn as much cash to spend on expeditions, which in turn leads to having more dinosaurs that boost the popularity rating of your park and ultimately increase your profits. While progression certainly favors the most active of dino park owners, there are waiting times to be observed such as opening new shelters for each type of dino as well as accumulating earnings for more cash and expeditions.

2. Follow The Objectives

As we mentioned earlier, you can certainly progress in Crazy Dino Park regardless of how you go about things but a more efficient way to do that requires reaching new levels. Some of the dino park’s attractions and features are locked behind level milestones and expeditions are also restricted by your level. You can see your level at the upper left corner of the screen and if you are wondering how to reach the next one, then the only way is through completing objectives.

Crazy Dino Park provides 4 distinct objectives at a time and these objectives can likewise be viewed by clicking on your level. Objectives will involve having you go through all the basic activities you normally should partake in so it does not necessarily require additional effort. Rather, objectives serve as your basic guide toward progressing in your adventure.

crazy dino park daily bonus

For starters, as an example, objectives may require you to collect a certain number of dinosaur species; have specific ones reach a higher level; acquire a certain number of popularity points, or even complete a specific number of expeditions. Each objective you complete will earn you gems as a reward and knowing that gems are the premium currency in the game, you would want your hands on more of it sooner than later.

crazy dino park bones

Although 4 separate and distinct objectives will be presented to you, and you can accomplish them in any order, you need to accomplish all 4 objectives to be able to see and take on the next set of 4. We recommend pursuing the easiest one for you to complete as, in some cases, the completion of one objective contributes to the fulfillment of another.

For example, rapid evolution objectives require you to upgrade dinosaurs to a certain level while popularity contest objectives involve reaching a certain number of popularity points. If you fuse 2 similar dinosaurs to take them to the next level, doing so will also earn you more popularity points.

crazy dino park velociraptor

You can expect each new set of objectives to become more and more challenging as you reach higher levels. Some of the activities you do that stray from the current objectives may not specifically contribute to the fulfillment of the next ones but everything you do practically contributes to some future objective, even if just indirectly. If one or a couple of current targets are beyond your reach, you should not worry, as Crazy Dino Park provides an abundance of activities for you to revel in to take breaks from more challenging targets.

3. Engage In Expedition Puzzles Strategically

The need to search for specific dinosaur bones can be attributed to objectives that require more dino types or having specific dinos reach a certain level. While each expedition has random elements that make you uncertain as to which bones or how many you will excavate each run, you can at least be sure that normal expeditions will only net you bones of 2 specific dinosaurs in each expedition area. As such, needs for specific dinosaurs or bones can delimit your expedition to a specific area.

crazy dino park expedition puzzles

However, given the randomness of parts you can excavate from each expedition run, you need to ensure or at the very least increase your chances of hauling every possible bone from each hunt. Each excavation puzzle can net you 1 to 3 bones and while you may consider yourself lucky to play a puzzle with 3 bones to assemble, it can still happen that you will net less than the maximum possible rewards.

crazy dino park excavation

At the start of the excavation puzzle, you swipe across the screen to reveal some bones as well as some rocks or boulders with bones underneath them. You can use the pickaxe at the top of screen 3x to break boulders and you can get an extra set of 3 if you play a short ad or spend gems. While some levels can have less than 6 boulders to break open, most of them will have more than that. As a result, even using 6 pickaxes will not be a guarantee that you will have a full haul in the expedition.

crazy dino park tools used up

Before using the pickaxes, however, you should check all other bone fragments you can readily collect so you can determine which ones you still need to look for if any. If multiple bones can be assembled, and at the same time 2 or more of those are similar, be sure to consider prioritizing the assembly of one over another. That way, even if you fail to obtain all the needed fragments, you should still be able to complete at least 1 bone piece.

Boulders or other obstacles that hide bone fragments underneath them will sometimes make some parts of the fragments visible. In combination with the knowledge of what fragments to look for, carefully check for some visible parts before you start breaking boulders down. With limited use of pickaxes in the puzzles, you would want to make each use count.

crazy dino park bone piece

Crazy Dino Park adds a layer of extra challenge to each dig as you will find random bone fragments that do not fit the bone puzzle you need to piece together. To make it even more perplexing, some of the bone fragments that do not fit the puzzle are made confusingly similar to the ones you need.

As a tip, though, you can easily distinguish puzzle parts from unwanted fragments by their sharpness, or rather the image’s sharpness. The fragments you do not need appear to be somewhat blurry upon careful inspection. Using this trick, you can more easily find the fragments you need and this also applies to instances when only a small part of the bone fragment is visible under the boulders.

crazy dino park bone fragments

4. Speed And Timing Are The Most Important In The Arena

Crazy Dino Park can lead you to spend a lot of hours just enjoying solving random puzzles in the expedition, expanding your dino park with new habitats and amenities, and increasing your profit stream. While the main goal is no doubt to have the biggest and most profitable dino park in all the land, one of the most challenging side quests relates to dominating the arena. The arena becomes available in your park once you reach level 10 but the challenges that await you inside will require a lot of patience and level-ups for you to accomplish.

crazy dino park battle arena

The arena lets you choose 2 from among your collection of dinos and pit you in a battle against a duo of dinos as well. There are no restrictions as to which ones you choose and given that higher level dinos have higher overall stats, you should be inclined to consider them over their lower-level counterparts. A higher level is not entirely the basis of selection as dinos obtained from higher grade expeditions can have much better overall stats than the ones you acquire earlier.

crazy dino park arena fight

The area where you can see the arena, which is the leftmost space in your dino park, is also where you will find a camper. If you click on it, you will see your roster of dinos along with their stats. Each dino has 4 stat attributes you should consider when choosing your preferred fighters: Attack, Defense, HP, and Speed.

crazy dino park fighters list

Attack determines the maximum damage your dino can inflict on the enemy and the number of swords determines the number of charges to complete to add up the total attack value. Defense counteracts attacks in that it determines how much damage from incoming attacks goes through. HP or hit points determine how much damage your dino can take before it gets knocked out by the enemy. Last but not the least, speed determines how soon the dino can attack or whether or not it will attack before the opponent does or vice versa.

Each stat is important for obvious reasons but we feel that speed is of utmost importance. However, this does not necessarily mean that you will choose a faster dino as your fighter even if the rest of its stats are just downright inferior. At the very least, consider a fighter that is faster than what the opponents have so you will be the first one to launch an attack for the most part, if not consistently across the entire match.

crazy dino park perfect attack

Suppose that your favorite dino outranks the opponent in terms of attack, defense, and health, ensuring that you can leave it with minimal health after just 3 attacks. The opponent’s dino, on the other hand, can knock your dino out with 4 attacks. If the opponent’s dino has superior speed and can attack you first each round, then it can land 4 attacks ahead of you and still finish your dino off. Of course, having perfect attacks each time may lead you to victory but perfect attacks on each attempt will be very difficult to pull consistently.

crazy dino park perfect timing

While a superior dino in every respect certainly gives you an advantage, the arena fight in Crazy Dino Park is not entirely about having superior dinos. A lot of it will rest on your precision and timing as far as each attack you launch is concerned.

At the start of your turn, you can choose to defend or attack as many times as there are swords in your dino. A meter fills up and it determines how much power is behind each attack. The gauge is largely white with a smaller green portion and timing your click within the green area of the circular bar causes a perfect attack that deals a lot more damage.

If you manage to tap at the exact moment the bar is full, it will turn blue and an even more powerful attack is launched. On the other hand, tapping too late or not at all once the bar is full will lead to failure. If you fail on all attempts, your dino will just stand there confused and will be missing a turn of its attack.

crazy dino park failure

Conventional power gauges that require the timing of your taps will usually give you unlimited time as it cycles the power level from empty to full until you decide to tap. Crazy Dino Park takes the timing challenge a notch higher by only filling up the power bar once.

After the initial countdown at the start of the match ends, the gauge will increase and you have to time your tap as it does or yield a fail and leave your dino stumped for the turn. This makes it very risky to aim for perfect (blue) attacks and, as such, we recommend taking the safe route in your initial fights. Once you have gained a good grasp of timing your taps, then that should only be the time to entertain risks in the arena.

There are no costs in entering the arena save for the time you could have spent going on more expeditions. Experience, which includes getting better timing, will reap its rewards sooner or later and the instant cash rewards for winning a match can be a great motivator.

crazy dino park fight summary

The only downside is when your dinos get knocked out in the match regardless of whether you win or lose. These dinos will require some time to recuperate so they will be unavailable for succeeding fights. Although you can speed up recovery at the cost of gems, we advise against doing so.

5. Expedition Sites Hold Other Valuables

Your primary objective in spending hard-earned cash on expeditions is, of course, dinosaur bones that will either cause an expansion of your dino park or as a means of leveling up dinosaurs you already have. While uncovering fragments with each dig is surely a joyful treat, Crazy Dino Park holds an abundance of other valuables that you would want to uncover as well with each trip to an expedition site.

One of the limited valuables to find is the set of map fragments that unlocks the Explorer Expedition. The full map consists of 3 map fragments with each one unlocking an explorer to help you earn valuable idly. Although most of Crazy Dino Park’s features can be enjoyed offline, this is one of the features that require internet connectivity.

crazy dino park map

You will have 3 types of explorers that you can send out on an idle expedition. The first one is free and will explore idly for 2 hours. This can bring you up to 2 types of valuables as rewards. The other 2 explorers will require gems to be sent out but can go on expeditions simultaneously with the first one and can bring much better and more rewards.

There are also golden artifacts to uncover that permanently provide you with boosts to help you grow your dino park at an even faster rate. An example of this is the golden horseshoe that you will uncover early in your expedition and will boost your luck in expeditions. You can uncover multiple copies of this, increasing the rate of their effects by 1% each time.

finishing excavations in crazy dino park

There are also regular artifacts to find and these are much easier to uncover than the golden ones. These artifacts are basically consumable and completing a set of 4 can be exchanged for 4 gems. It may not be much but every additional means to earn some premium currency should be appreciated.

crazy dino park artifacts

Collecting the necessary dinosaur bones is just one way of obtaining a dinosaur as you can also hatch dinosaurs from dinosaur eggs. Dinosaur eggs can be among the valuable items to discover in an expedition and beyond obtaining your usual dinosaur from them, you would want more for a chance to obtain an epic dinosaur. Be sure to place an egg in the incubator as soon as you obtain one. The incubator is just beside your money vault in the park.

hatching egg in crazy dino park

There are 3 types of eggs to uncover: the normal one, the spotted one, and the spike one. Each has different incubation times and probabilities of hatching an epic dino. A normal egg only requires 12 hours of incubation but has the lowest chance of hatching an epic dinosaur. A spotted egg requires 24 hours of incubation and has a fair chance of hatching an epic breed. The spiked egg takes 48 hours to hatch but has a high chance of giving you an epic dino.

Epic dinosaurs are similar to their normal counterparts but come in a different color, much like shiny Pokémon, and also have higher stats. A higher-level epic dino will therefore be the better combatant in the arena and is surely highly coveted by any player.

crazy dino park stegosaurus

6. Spend Time In Your Park

Going on one expedition after another is undoubtedly the primary source of materials to obtain more dinos to help boost your dino park’s prosperity. Considering the increasing costs of each new expedition you through as well as the occasional upgrade costs back at the dino park, there will certainly be times when you will not have enough money to fund your travels. Likewise, solving those dig puzzles can wear you down too especially if you take on one after another seamlessly.

moving the dino in crazy dino park

Your adventure within the world of Crazy Dino Park should not be made entirely outside of the park you are building as there are plenty of amenities and benefits to enjoy within it. Of course, the arena is just one of these added treats to bolster even more motivation for you to continue expanding and developing the park and its inhabitants but, beyond that, a leisurely stay inside your park can have its own added benefits too.

For starters, you may notice that tapping and holding onto dinosaurs inside their pens enable you to freely move them. It can be difficult to discover but if you shake the dinos, they may leave behind some dino eggs. Dino eggs can be a rare find in expeditions but if you have a lot of dinos in your dino park, you will have a greater chance of obtaining dino eggs. Add a bit of luck from the golden horseshoe and you may even further increase the chances of your dinos laying eggs.

crazy dino park pterodactyl

Once you open up the park at the start of the tutorial, you will continue to have customers. Visiting guests, particularly those purchasing from the various food stalls you put up will sometimes drop coins that you can pick up. These coins do not last forever but you should have plenty of time to nab them. The amount is not much but will still help you in earning some extra cash.

The rightmost area of the dino park will often be reserved for dinosaurs you have yet to discover. Before a shelter is built on the extra space there are boulders that you can break down for some extra coins. Sometimes even, what you will uncover are not just some extra coins but rather a gold bullion that you can tap multiple times to earn even more coins.

crazy dino park boulder

7. Stock Up On Dynamites

After unlocking the third dig site, the next location to push forward to stands as your first mine adventure. Mines have different gameplay mechanics that will prove even more challenging for beginners where a side view of the puzzle is presented and you dig random dirt spots to uncover whole dino bones instead of bone fragments. There are also boulders within these mines that drop down when the dirt below them is removed, sometimes even crushing the dirt beneath if the drop is a long one.

crazy dino park mine

Within the mines, you can get full bones of the dinosaurs you have uncovered in the 3 previous dig sites as well as a unique one that will prove to be very challenging to obtain. On the first dig site, for example, you can obtain parts of your first Mechasaur, the Bulldosaurus. Although this is relatively the easiest to get of the bunch, it has 22 parts to collect so you should consider hunting this towards the end game where you have an abundant resource to spare for multiple expeditions.

The first mine that unlocks at level 10 will be your first encounter with dynamites. Along with the randomly generated layout of bones, dirt, and other treasures, you will also see dynamites randomly. For the mines, you will have 5 shovel uses instead of the 3 pickaxes you have in dig sites. However, these will also prove to be insufficient at times in which case, an extra set of 5 can be acquired through ad boosts or payment of gems. We recommend considering the former.

crazy dino park parts

Instead of just randomly shoveling dirt, always be on the lookout for pieces of bones that may be visible in the empty areas. Mines also have gold and gem shards indicated by glitters on some dirt. With that in mind, you can tell that if there are other resources on a spot, then there are no bones tucked inside the dirt with them.

Once you reach level 16, you will be able to purchase dynamites back at your dino park where you first bought your car. You will get 20 dynamites at the cost of 5,000 cash and can always purchase an extra 20 even if you have not consumed all of them. Dynamites can be used in every expedition, whether it be a dig site or a mine. However, you can only use 1 dynamite per expedition so be sure to spend each one wisely.

crazy dino park hangar

Dynamites will always eliminate a maximum of 4 blocks around them. These blocks must be directly above, below, or beside them. While it is fairly straightforward to use dynamite on dig sites, there are more complex considerations when using them inside the mines.

You will not be able to place dynamites on spots within the mines that have dirt on them and you can only consider empty spaces. If there are other dynamites close by, or boulders that will fall as a result of your dynamite’s explosion, you may want to consider triggering them to save on shovel usage.

8. Save Gems For Upgrades

Gems are a premium and very valuable currency in Crazy Dino Park and have a variety of uses. Basically, you can divide all of its uses between spending them for convenience, such as cutting down waiting times or purchasing extra pickaxes; or saving them for necessities like opening up new stalls or upgrading existing structures within your dino park. Considering these basic classifications, we recommend going absolutely for the latter.

crazy dino park treasury

The Treasury and the Ticket Booth should stand as your top priorities in terms of spending your hard-earned gems. These facilities require both coins and gems to be upgraded. Upgrading the Treasury will increase the cap or limit of how much money you can store and if you are more and more consistently maxing out your cash intake, you lose every opportunity to earn more of them, necessitating an upgrade for the Treasury.

The Ticket Booth will not be left open forever, which is why you also need to keep investing in its upgrade to increase the length of time it will stay open and generate more idle income for you. Although the snack booths only require gems to upgrade, you should still consider spending extra gems on them to increase the price of each sale as well as the cap or limit of money it can hold.

crazy dino park ticket booth

Crazy Dino Park certainly still has plenty of content we left for you to discover and revel in on your own like customizing your park with cosmetics as well as dressing up each dino. For now, though, this is where we will end our Beginner’s Guide and we hope you picked up a lot of the tips and strategies we shared here to be useful. If you happen to stumble upon a unique trick we have yet to discover, do not shy away from telling us about it down below!


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