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Crazy Cooking Chef Beginner’s Guide: 10 Delicious Tips & Tricks to Complete More Levels with Three Stars

Crazy Cooking Chef is a new restaurant management game from the developer Xiao Jang Cheng, and we regret to inform you that this game is currently available as an iOS-only title. Aside from good old fashioned restaurant management, the game’s makers claim that there are some RPG elements as well in here – with RPG-hybrids being all the rage, we can understand why they described it as such, but we can still argue that this is a restaurant/time management game at its heart, and one that we quite like so far. But if we are to mention one feature that meshes well with the RPG comparison, this game has different types of restaurants you can set up with, as you start out from a small Burger Shop, literally cooking and flipping burgers in the in-game world, but with a plan to dominate the world’s restaurant scene with all the new restaurants you unlock. Are you up to the challenge of serving as many recipes as possible to a steadily increasing stream of customers?

The answer to this question would most definitely be yes, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a picnic out there. There are many pitfalls you may run into here, from charred burgers to impatient customers, but it’s your job to cook without any of those precious ingredients going to waste. With that said, we hope you can join us as we present our first Crazy Cooking Chef strategy guide, which focuses on the basic things you can do in the game if you’re a newcomer looking to consistently score three stars on each and every one of the first few levels.

1. The Basic Premise Of The Game

Crazy Cooking Chef isn’t that much unlike your average restaurant management game, as there’s a lot of time management and multitasking baked into the mechanics. Your goal is to serve all of your restaurant’s customers on time, and prepare the dishes they are requesting before they lose all their patience and walk out. Tips increase progressively as you prepare your meals faster, but one thing that also increases progressively is the difficulty; as you go further into a level, the orders tend to become more complex, and the customers rush in faster. If you’re looking for a nice, relaxing game where you can expect the AI to do most of the work for you, you may want to look somewhere else, because this game is going to keep you busy as long as you’re playing.

Also, we might as well mention it in this very first tip – be prepared for liberal use of Japanglish in this game. It’s no big deal, really, but this should explain the usage of terms such as “Hamburg” (actually in reference to the hamburger bun, not the patty itself) and “making table,” which basically refers to the table (or more like the plate) where you place the ingredients for your meals.

2. There Is No Pause Option During The Levels

As is the case with most other time management-based games, Crazy Cooking Chef tests both your speed and precision, which means you shouldn’t just make sure you get those orders in fast – you also need to be very accurate! To this end, the game does not have any option where you can pause a level so you can catch your breath and collect yourself as those orders keep ramping up. In the real world, restaurant crew members and cooks don’t have a pause button, and neither should you. To this end, however, you should make sure you’re playing this game in a place or at a time when you’re absolutely confident no one (or nothing) will disturb you in the middle of gameplay.

3. You Can’t Remove Ingredients Once A Meal Is Prepared

Talking about the accuracy part of this game, you need to act fast, but also pay close attention to the ingredients (“materials,” as the game calls them) you’re using when preparing a meal. Once an ingredient has been placed, it cannot be removed in case you’ve made a mistake; the best, and only thing to do in this case is to wait until a new customer orders the meal you prepared incorrectly. For example, if you accidentally place a piece of lettuce in your burger when your customer is only asking for a cheeseburger, hold the vegetables, you’ll need to prepare a brand new beef patty, and hope that someone drops by your restaurant and requests something that has lettuce in it. It’s all about accountability here, and if worse comes to worst, there may be times when you’ll have to throw your meal in the trash disposal unit (the green icon normally found on the left side of your ingredients). That’s going to cost you some of your earnings during a given level, so save such actions for times when you really need to open up some space for some new meals!

4. Be Careful Not To Overcook Your Food

As this is beginner’s guide, we shall be looking at the aforementioned example of burgers, as well as your burger shop, which is the very first, starter restaurant you will be assigned to. You can grill up to four burger (or chicken burger) patties, depending on the upgrades you performed so far, but it is important that you keep as close an eye as possible on those patties, because you could end up burning them completely! Take a look at the bar next to your patties, as that’s going to show you how well-cooked a patty is. Wait for that bar to turn green before placing it on a bun, or place them on your attemperators. But do not, in any case, let the bar turn completely red, because that means your patty will become, well, how shall we put it, too well-done for its own good. Burned (or charred, as the game calls them) patties are absolutely useless, and once you dump one in the trash, you will end up losing some of your tip money. In other words, monitor those patties if you don’t want any of them to go to waste!

5. One Of Each Basic Kind Must Be Ready

In the Burger Shop, we’re referring to a plain burger without toppings – one beef burger and one chicken burger. In the Ice Cream Shop, that means putting ice cream on each of the three cone options. You don’t want to be caught by surprise by a simple order you can’t complete in more than two seconds. So make sure you’ve always got these ready – in case someone doesn’t ask for such orders right away, you can always add the toppings as you go along, allowing you to complete more difficult orders faster and more efficiently.

6. Don’t Let The Easiest Orders Pass You By

When we’re talking about easiest orders, we’re talking about the stuff that doesn’t need much preparation – a soda, for instance, simply needs a swipe from the cola machine to the customer, while a plain burger simply needs a bun and a patty inside of it. These are orders that you can accomplish in just about a second or so, and as you progress from level to level, regardless of the restaurant, you’ll notice these orders getting rarer and rarer. Take full advantage of those orders when they appear, and follow what we told you in the tip above – always have one basic order of each kind ready on the plates. That way, you won’t be cramming when you get a customer in the middle of a level who suddenly asks for a plain burger without cheese, lettuce, or any of the usual toppings.

7. Upgrade Whenever Possible

Aside from the mad rush that you need to deal with each time you’re serving a ton of customers, you’ll need to make sure your restaurant is up to speed at all times. That means upgrading everything that needs to be upgraded, but with that in mind, are there any upgrades that can be prioritized ahead of the others?

The first thing you need to upgrade is the equipment – each upgrade will add to the number of slots you have available, and that could come in really handy when you’re dealing with the more difficult levels in the game. There’s no specific order, to be honest about it, though if you have to choose, we would recommend upgrading the equipment you frequently use. The same applies to the ingredients/materials/food items, which are next in the priority list – upgrades can be done in any order, but it may be best if you prioritize the most popular ingredients among customers. Upgraded foods tend to earn more money and take faster to cook, so you may want to keep that in mind as well. (That, in itself, is the upside and the downside of things respectively.)

Last on the priority list are your decorations and appliances – that includes any paintings or parts of paintings, television sets, and many more. Upgrading these items has a small effect on both maximum wait time and/or the size of tips from customers, so make sure you don’t neglect this part of the upgrade menu.

8. More Open Slots, More Problems

Crazy Cooking Chef is a game of multitasking. While you may think it’s well and good that you’re close to capacity or at full capacity in terms of plates, attemperators, cola machines, spots on the grill, fryers, and whatnot, that actually means you’ll have more areas to cover when completing the levels, and it’s not unusual for players to get thrown off by all the responsibilities that come with an upgraded kitchen. This could lead to careless mistakes in the preparation of food, and just to revisit what we had mentioned earlier, mistakes cannot be undone – you have to be accountable for them, and hope that you can hang on to the mistakenly-prepared meals and serve them (or add on to them) to satisfy future customers.

Don’t get us wrong – it’s actually a good thing if your kitchen is at full capacity or close to it. That will make it easier for you to serve more customers at a faster pace, but at the end of the day, if you consider the game’s overall degree of difficulty at such a point, things will likely get tricky a couple times or more each level. What we’re saying is this — be prepared for the additional tasks you’ll need to carry out if you’ve got most of the open slots in your kitchen equipment unlocked.

9. How To Earn More Experience Points

We have to admit that this is a rather strange twist to the game. But you won’t win any experience points by completing the levels, no matter how quickly or easily you complete them, no matter how hard the level is. That’s right – most of the time you’ll get coin rewards as a prize for level completion, and maybe some gems, which are the game’s premium currency. But you won’t get XP that way – it’s strange indeed, but the main way of earning more XP in Crazy Cooking Chef is by the aforementioned upgrades. Regardless what you’re upgrading in the game, you will be rewarded with XP for your troubles, and while it might not seem like much, you can have our word on this – it can really add up.

The Achievements tab, which we’ll be discussing in depth in our next guide, also allows you to earn XP, so you may want to check out what’s next in the list of achievements so you know what to focus on. Just tap on the upper left, on the trophy icon, and you’ll be shown a list of achievements, and your chances of reaching those goals.


Wednesday 28th of December 2022

I had so many levels, alot of money and diamonds, I accidently hit the delete all data button, which should not be so close to the start button, and all of my data is gone!!!! Is it possible to get it back


Friday 11th of March 2022

It keeps asking for more customers to buy why


Friday 20th of August 2021

At what level of crazy cooking chef at what level do you get all the cups z

Teresa Hensley

Wednesday 26th of May 2021

how do u get to the next level burger joint I got to ten levels it want give me key to move on so I'm stuck


Monday 29th of March 2021

How do you get plates and silverware when someone comes to the counter not asking for food? I can't find anywhere on the screen that shows where you pick up the plates?