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Unicycle Hero Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

Have you ever wondered how it is like to ride a unicycle while carrying heavy objects? Unicycle Hero is a fun object-tossing game created by Unept for iOS devices. The game’s refreshing tongue-in-cheek approach to Olympic-style gaming has made it a hit overnight. In this game, you will be riding a unicycle while participating in different sporting events. There are eight events to choose from, each with its own set of challenges that you need to overcome. Of course, no sporting event will be complete without commentators. Enjoy playing the game while you listen to near-professional commentators who sometimes know what they are talking about. Like any professional sportsman, you can improve your performance through different “enhancements” that may or may not be legal. If you want to make it to the top of the unicycling world, though, you will need the help of our Unicycle Hero cheats, tips and tricks!

1. How To Balance Yourself

The hardest part of this game, naturally, is balancing on the unicycle. It is nothing like riding a bike! If you are not careful, you will fall over before you even get started. When you start out, you will realize that moving forward normally will make you fall backwards most of the time. To keep yourself from falling over, you need to make sure you will be balanced. Make your character lean forward first by tapping backward until he leans. Once he has leaned enough, you can hold forward to start moving. If your character has not leaned enough, you might still fall over, so try tapping forward instead of holding when this happens.

2. Know The Right Angle For Different Objects

The eight events in the game all involve throwing objects. That does not mean, however, that all eight events are the same. Since the size and shape of the objects are different, you will need to throw them all differently. Knowing the right angle for throwing each object will be key to your success in every event. We have listed them recommendations for different events below to give you an idea of how to play each of them.

Shot Put – Lean at a 45-degree angle before throwing

Javelin Toss – Lean backwards to help you aim the spear-shaped object. Tap backwards first to make your character some forward momentum before leaning back for the throw.

Table Crash – Lean as far forward as possible in order to practically push the cue towards the middle ball

Wood Toss – Lean forward significantly but not as much as you would for Table Crash

Jai Alai – Since jai alai players mostly use their arms, you need to just stay upright to send this flying

Hammer Toss – Hammers are not really that big, so staying upright here will also work

3. Choose Your Upgrades Wisely

There are different upgrades in the game, but you won’t necessarily want to upgrade everything. It is best if you upgrade depending on your weakness since some upgrades work against each other. For example, if you are struggling with throwing, you should upgrade agility because it will decrease your margin of error. If you have trouble tossing objects farther, you can upgrade your throw. Lastly, you can upgrade your speed if you want to go faster. Keep in mind, however, that higher speed will also make it difficult for you to balance on the unicycle.

4. How To Earn Coins

Earning coins in the events requires a bit of skill. You need to throw past the first line to earn a few coins. If you want more coins, you need to successfully throw past the second line. If you are still starting out, you might not be confident enough in your ability to make these throws. An alternate option is to watch ads for 50 coins each. Just go into the upgrades menu and tap on the video button. You can watch as many as you can, but you will need to exit the menu and return after each video.

Playing sports while riding a unicycle is easy as pie when you follow our Unicycle Hero tips and hints!


Sunday 18th of February 2024