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Smashing Four Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Smash Your Enemies to Pieces

Smashing Four is an immersive new multiplayer strategy game from Geewa, that’s available for Android and iOS devices. In this game, you will be assembling a team of four heroes, hence the name, in order to compete in player versus player arenas. There are several arenas available depending on your rank. The higher your rank is, the better the potential rewards you will get, not to mention bragging rights. The mechanics are simple. You enter the arena with your team, and the goal is to wipe out the entire enemy team before they do the same to you. The more players you have remaining at the end of the match, the more trophies you get. Once you collect a certain number of trophies, you will advance to a higher arena. Do you have what it takes to make it to the top of the leaderboards? Make sure you read our compilation of Smashing Four cheats, tips and strategies for guaranteed victories!

1. Assemble A Balanced Squad

The most important decision you will make in Smashing Four is who to include in your squad. There are currently only a handful of heroes available, but that does not mean the decision will be any easier. When you start out, you are given a default lineup, and it is more or less balanced. However, it will be composed of Common heroes. You will want to have heroes with higher rarity on your team. The higher the rarity, the better the stats will be. On top of that, heroes who have high rarity get their special skills sooner, if not instantly.

A lot of new players get stumped when they receive their first new hero and want to add him to their current team. The game’s tutorial is very basic, and it mostly just covers battle. When you get a new hero, you just tap on the cards icon at the bottom of the main screen. This will take you to the list of cards. Tap on the card of the hero you want to add to your team and look for the Use button. It will then allow you to drag the hero towards any member of your current team to make them switch places.

2. Focus On One Target

In order to attack in Smashing Four, you need to tap on the screen, drag in order to aim and determine power, then release to send your hero flying across the arena. When in a match, make sure you just don’t randomly hit whichever hero is closest to you. Have your heroes focus on just one target as much as possible. Prioritize taking down heroes with high damage like the Assassin. These heroes are usually squishy, so it should be easy to take them out in a couple of hits. If you are lucky, you can kill them before they get a chance to attack. Attacking tanks first would take forever, giving other heroes plenty of time to hit you back.

The primary reason you should focus on a single target is to cut down the number of opponents as quickly as you can. Keep in mind that aside from the attacking hero, your character will take additional damage from any other member of the enemy team he bumps into during the enemy turn. You want to reduce the chances of that as much as you can. The lower the chances of attacks from the enemies, the better your chances will be at surviving with the entire team intact.

3. Test Drive New Heroes

As you play the game, you will eventually get new hero cards. While you might be excited to jump into battle with your shiny new hero, you should practice with him first. Heroes have different sizes, speeds, and weights. That means they behave differently when you use them in battle. For example, the Giant is a huge hero that can easily hit multiple heroes that are close together, but he is also incredibly heavy and slow. If you are targeting heroes that are on the opposite end of the arena, the Giant won’t be able to bounce around as much as other heroes would, reducing the chances of dealing extra damage.

Practicing with new heroes will allow you to get a good feel for how they move around the arena. This will help you adjust your strategies accordingly. To start a practice match with in-game bots, just tap on the cards icon at the bottom of the screen. At the top left of your deck is a Practice button. Tap on it to start a bot match. You can quit a bot match any time without consequences, so if you are confident with your new hero, you don’t need to finish the match.

4. Practice Your Aim

Since the primary mode of attack in this game is by tapping and dragging, aiming can be pretty tricky. You will see lines that will guide you where your character will go, but it does not tell you how it will bounce around. Predicting the subsequent paths of heroes and targets will be essential to your victory, especially in higher ranks.

One important trick to master is to make enemy heroes bounce towards your other characters. This is usually done by aiming at their sides, instead of directly at them. If your other characters are on the left side, you should aim for the right side of the target. This will make them fly off towards the left. Another trick is to make them bounce back towards you, but this is usually done when the enemy hero is near the wall.

5. Finish Your Matches

When you are still in the first arena, you will notice a lot of players will quit after you kill one of their heroes first. That’s because their chances of winning will be lowered by a lot as soon as you have the number advantage. You might think this is a good idea as well since no one want to fight a losing battle. However, keep in mind that your opponent will win more trophies if he survives the match with a complete team. Try your best to take down as many enemy heroes as you can until the end of the match. If you are lucky, you might be able to get a double kill and win the game.

6. Don’t Forget To Upgrade Your Heroes

Upgrading heroes give them additional stats. The higher the level, the better the stats will be. Unfortunately, upgrading can be costly. You need gold and duplicate cards in order to upgrade a hero. The cost increases as the level goes up, so it can be pretty difficult to upgrade as you progress in the game. Make sure you only upgrade heroes that you actually use in order to save precious gold.

As we mentioned before, skills are also unlocked depending on the level of the hero. Heroes with higher rarity, however, get skills sooner. Common heroes get their skills at level 5. Rare heroes get skills at level 3. Epic heroes, however, have their skills unlocked from the start. Keep this in mind when choosing which heroes to invest resources on.

7. Check Out The Store Every Day

When you tap on the gold bag icon on the bottom left corner of the screen, you will be taken to the in-game store. This is where you can purchase orbs, gold, gems, and most importantly, individual cards. The store sells individual cards for gold, and this is important because you will be able to choose the hero you need.

There is a catch, though. The store only offers three specific heroes per day. You will see one Common, one Rare, and one Epic hero. It is a good idea to check it out daily to see if you can get a new hero you like, or even get that last card you need for an upgrade. Keep in mind that the cost of a card will go up for every additional purchase you make for the day. If you are short on gold, you might want to wait for the next rotation before buying additional cards.

8. Save Your Gems

Gems are the premium currency of the game. These are hard to come by as you usually only get one free Gem from each orb you open. Do not waste these gems on speeding up things or other frivolous purchases. Hold on to your gems and spend them only on buying orbs in the shop. The only decision you have to make, though, is how much you should save.

There are three available orbs in the shop: Royal, Epic, and Ultimate. These cost 270, 580, and 3,000 gens respectively. We recommend that you save until you get 580 gems for the Epic orb. The Royal orb is the cheapest, but it will only guarantee Rare cards. You can easily get those by playing normal games. The Epic orb, however, guarantees 2-3 Epic cards as well as 16-22 Rare cards. These will go a long way for your team composition. Ultimate orbs take too long to save up for, even if they offer the most number of cards for the price. You can think about purchasing them once you have a high-powered team th
at does not really need any immediate upgrades.

9. Join An Active Clan

The game has a guild system called Clans. You will need at least 200 trophies in order to access the clan system, though. We recommend that you look for an active clan as soon as you have 200 trophies because the benefits are huge. You can have friendly matches with your clanmates, and even challenge other clans to battle. The most important thing about clans, though, is the card request.

Once you are in a clan, you can request for specific cards. Keep in mind that you can only request for cards of heroes that you already have. You can put up a request every eight hours, and your clanmates will fill it out if they have extras. Since players normally only invest in their main four, they often have a lot of extra cards for other heroes. Those cards cannot be sold, so they may as well donate it to those in need. Make sure you return the favor by donating your extra cards as well. The number of donated cards is visible to all members of the clan, so people will know if you have been stingy.

You can also create a clan if you wish, but that will take more time since it requires having 500 trophies. It is better if you join another clan while you are still saving up your trophies. Also, keep in mind that it will be more difficult to request your cards in a starting clan since you need to wait until you have more members. The only perk is that you will be the boss of the clan.

10. Claim Your Freebies

Aside from the orbs that you earn after battles, you will be able get additional freebies from other sources. First, you get a free chest every four hours. You can find it on the left side of the Battle screen. Just tap on the treasure box. On the opposite side of the Battle screen is a purple crystal. You can fill it with souls by killing enemy heroes in battle. Once it has 25 souls, you can tap on it to receive rewards.

The last source of free stuff is the Achievements. Tap on the sun-shaped medal icon on the top right of the Battle screen. This will show you the list of Achievements you can aim for. Achievements often just involve reaching certain milestones such as playing a certain number of games or dealing a specific amount of damage to enemies. Check the list often to see which ones you are close to getting and prioritize those. Achievements reward you with both gold and gems, so it is a good way to earn a lot of currency.

You are now ready to battle it out in Smashing Four! Don’t forget any of the tips and tricks above if you want to make it to the top!

Wally Stains

Sunday 21st of July 2019

Why do I not have a treasure box or purple crystal on my battle screen?


Thursday 2nd of May 2019

When sorting through heroes, there is a sort feature, " Sort by Arena" what is this for? And how do you determine which Arena you are playing


Tuesday 14th of May 2019

It is the arena where this hero can be found. But you can find him also in higher arenas.

When you lose battles, then you reached the cap for your deck. The game gets unbalanced at some levels. My heroes are around lvl 12 and sometimes I get only enemies with lvl 14 heroes. Then I lose much more often...


Wednesday 1st of May 2019

Balance your deck

Loozed Jing

Tuesday 16th of April 2019

Idea for 11. Dont be salty. Just because you lose one match, it does not mean that your deck is bad. It can also mean the opponent was just better at the game. It could also mean that you were just facing higher level cards. Maybe it was just luck. Whatever it is, you should test out your deck multiple times, because it might be the new best deck. If you keep losing battles over and over, then you should change your deck or upgrade your cards in your deck. Also, do not stop playing if you lose a lot of battles. Just change or alter your deck and it will most likely be fine.


Friday 1st of February 2019

Its ok