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Cookie Jam Blast Guide: 11 Tips and Strategies for Match 3 Dominance

To be quite honest, Jam City’s new game, Cookie Jam Blast, offers just what you would expect from an average Match 3 title. There aren’t too many special mechanics or twists included in this game, which, like most other titles in its genre, is available for both Android and iOS platforms. The game is the sequel to Jam City’s previous title Cookie Jam, and it invites you to hop in your airship, go through new bakery adventures, and keep matching sweet treats on a variety of boards, earning rewards and collecting limited-edition airships. There are also some new game modes to go with the hundreds of available puzzles for you to solve, and if you reach 20 stars across a given number of levels, you can win yourself a special prize. Log in every day and spin the wheel, and you can earn even more freebies. It’s all that simple, and once again, this isn’t a game that tries to reinvent the wheel.

While the mechanics in this game can be best described as “vintage” or “classic,” that’s not to say there aren’t any twists whatsoever, no special features to shake things up, and nothing unusual to set it apart from the pack. Read on and we’ll tell you all about that, as well as the basics of the game and more, in our Cookie Jam Blast strategy guide.

1. There’s No Special Twist To The Matching

Match 3 games get their title, of course, because you have to match three identical pieces in order to move forward. That’s what you have to do in all of the levels, though as any veteran of this genre will tell you, you shouldn’t content yourself with matches of three of a kind. Instead, you have to aim higher, and go for bigger matches of four or more identical pieces. We won’t go into great detail about them, but each special piece formed from a match of four of a kind or better will have a different effect. Some may take out whole rows or columns, while you’ve also got pieces that work as bombs and destroy all pieces within a certain radius. Familiarize yourself with what each of these special pieces do, and how you can get them.

2. As Usual, Matching Two Pieces = Awesome Impact

Likewise, it is possible to have a match where there are two special pieces involved. And if you though the effect was impressive enough with just one special piece, think of how quickly you could move forward, score more points, and finish a level with less moves if you have two of those pieces in one match. Again, we won’t elaborate on the effects or the possible combinations, but if you know how to make them and know how to use them, you’ll be on your way to completing more levels than what you may have thought was possible.

One quick example of how this work would be activating a second line breaker after you’ve activated yours. That will lead to the game unleashing and activating a third line breaker, that moves parallel toward the original ones.

3. What Are Jelly Bees And How Can They Help?

For a bit of a taster, no pun intended, we could tell you a little more about the Jelly Bees, which you can create through a match of 2×2 squares. These aren’t your usual special pieces per se, as they’re more like special helpers that, like the bees that they are, buzz around and try to lend some assistance whenever and wherever possible. Always go for those 2×2 squares, because the more often you’re able to create Jelly Bees, the more likely you are to complete harder puzzles, or finish the easier ones faster than you normally would.

4. Connect Your Game To Facebook

Sometimes, this simply appears elsewhere in tips with a one-word title – “social.” We’d do the same, but we also like explaining things in detail, which is why we’re here to stress the benefits of connecting your game to Facebook. While it is all well and good if you want to play the game solo and not get your friends involved, having some real friends (or new ones – you can always create a dummy Facebook account for gaming) and connecting your game to Facebook can allow you to ask them to send you Buddy Bees. But apart from the Buddy Bees that can help you in the tougher levels, you can also ask friends to send you lives – nobody likes to wait, but with a lot of friends, you might not even have to wait a few seconds before you get new lives and are able to play the game again.

5. Head To The Kitchen To Bake New Treats

As we had promised, we shall be discussing some of the special features that make Cookie Jam Blast stand out. For one, you can go to the kitchen, which is your ground zero for baking delicious treats. There’s a bit of a crafting mechanic in play here, but if you’ve got the right ingredients ready (while getting them through various methods), you can bake a sweet treat and earn some additional rewards.

Once you’ve reached a certain number of stars after completing a specific number of stages, you’ll get a Goodie Bag as a reward. Inside are various ingredients (or “crafting materials”) that could allow you to bake new stuff and work on new recipes.

6. Grind It Out

Don’t have enough stars to unlock the Goodie Bag and get those coveted ingredients? No need to worry, as the game will allow you to replay levels as often as you need to; the stars you earn in your replay just might be enough to push you closer toward being able to claim that Goodie Bag for yourself. And if you’re still unable to get the desired number of stars or have a flawless, lucky game that gets you there, you can always regroup, step aside from Cookie Jam Blast, and return in a bit to try the level once again from the top. Oftentimes, it’s easier when you return, so take note of whatever mistakes you made, and whatever opportunities you may have lost along the way.

7. Check The Board Carefully For Better Matches

Like other Match 3 games do, Cookie Jam Blast tries to clue players in to potential matches by pointing you toward them and having each piece in a match flash in a way to make themselves more visible. But any Match 3 veteran should know that the AI’s suggested match is oftentimes the most simplistic one – a basic match of three pieces that appears even if there’s an opportunity to match four right underneath your nose. Don’t pay attention to the suggestions; do the board analysis yourself, and take as much time as you need, because this game has no time limit.

8. How To Deal With The Popsicle And Worm Levels

The game’s description makes reference to popsicles, which may be sweet and tasty, but not necessarily conducive to your success in the game if you encounter them. That’s right – those popsicle levels can be a pain to deal with, but if you want to complete them faster, we would recommend targeting the special pops first, due to the effects that you may need in order to beat a level faster.

You’ve also got the Yummy Worm levels as another potential curveball that may be thrown your way as you move forward. All you need to do here is to make matches near the head of the worm, as that’s going to break the ice and free the worm, thereby accomplishing your goal in the level.

As for general tips and tricks for these levels in particular, it’s recommended that you try to isolate the Yummy Worms and Topplers as soon as possible, blocking their paths and making them easier to catch. You might want to make use of your pre-game boosters on the hard levels, as that’s always going to work great in helping you complete the level faster. Additionally, make sure you’re leveling up Chef Panda with the rewards you can get from the aforementioned kitchen.

9. Match From The Bottom

This might be something we should have mentioned earlier on in this strategy guide, or something we shouldn’t mention at all. But then again, not everyone is familiar with how Match 3 basics work, so we will advise you to make your matches as low on the board as possible. Match 3 vets know that this could lead to cascades, which is the phenomenon where new matches are created as new blocks drop in and replace the old ones. Start out low and watch those cascades take place as you complete levels faster and with less moves consumed.

10. Should You Pay Coins To Continue A Level?

Once you fail a level, the game will ask you if you want to spend some coins in order to get a few more moves and continue from the point where you had left off. More often than not, the extra moves you get won’t be enough to help you pass the level, and you might not get the desired number of stars anyway. All in all, you get five bonus moves by paying coins to continue, and you’ll only want to spend for them if you can see a few moves ahead and actually have a chance of completion.

11. Don’t Use Your Special Moves Right Away

For each level in the game, you’ll be given special moves that can be played as early on as the beginning. Don’t get too excited and use those specials; you may want to use them only if you’ve lost one life on a level, and might need a little something extra to complete that level successfully.

Thanks for reading our detailed Cookie Jam Blast strategy guide! For more hints, be sure to check out our previous guide for the game. In case you would like to share your thoughts about the game, feel free to drop us a line in the comment area below!


Wednesday 10th of April 2019

I'm hard of hearing and can't understand the Cookie Jam Blast Popplers. Drives me crazy, but it sounds like they say, "Dam it!" I would like to know what they say. The worms......I think they say find me....not sure what else they say. Thanks. Enjoying the games anyway.

Susan Stoltz

Tuesday 12th of February 2019

I’m also wondering the same thing about using extra lives. How do I accept them when they always say they are full?? Please help!!

Regina Smith

Wednesday 5th of July 2017

I receive gift every day from friends. When I click accept the message says my amount s are full and they will save them for another time. I don't know how to get them when I need them. Help