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Combo Quest 2 Tips & Hints: How to Earn Free Coins and Gems

Compared to other action RPGs Combo Quest 2 is different than most of them. Instead of detailed, high-resolution graphics, the game’s maker, Tapinator, has instead focused on retro-style graphics to match the simple, arguably throwback gameplay. To recap what this game is about, Combo Quest 2 involves your saga as a knight in search for the Crown of Combo, which has been stolen by an evil dragon. This game could be an endless one even with the goal to retrieve the crown in mind, but even if the title has a lot of casual endless about it, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be an easy one – in fact, we had enough room for an ultimate guide to this game, given all there is to learn about it.

Once again, we purposely did not cover the topic of currency in depth, instead focusing on how to earn more gems, but saying precious little about the coins as they’re the common currency. But there’s a reason behind all of this – our new Combo Quest 2 strategy guide, which specifically shows you how to earn more coins and gems in the game, all without you having to pay a cent for that currency.

1. Replay Previous Levels For More Coins

As we mentioned a couple of times previously, you can earn coins through the natural progression of the game – earn more of them by fighting more battles. But you can also redo the battles you’ve already completed, and grind it out, farming for more coins. You can re-earn coins by beating more enemies, and you can also get some bonus coins in the process, no matter how often you replay each previously-completed level. Keep on grinding and keep on replaying and you’ll pile up enough coins to make the upgrades you need to do.

2. Pay Coins To Get Coins

This may sound a bit strange for us to say, but you can pay coins to get more coins in the long run. How do you do this? Buy a key with your coins, or collect the free keys Combo Quest 2 will give you every eight hours or so. Once you’ve got the keys, you can take the challenge, and have a chance at re-earning the coins you spent for the keys. You might even find a chest of gems if you go far enough in the challenge.

3. Turn On Your Notifications By Doing This

Normally, we’d usually suggest you turn on your notifications so that the game can inform you when new freebies are available. But Combo Quest 2, unfortunately, does not come with any push notifications feature. But you can work around this by going to your phone or tablet’s options or settings, moving next to notifications, and looking for Combo Quest 2. Once you turn on the notifications that way, you’ll be notified right away when there’s a free chest or free key available to claim.

4. What Are The Best Ways To Earn Gems For Free?

Gems are the premium currency, but how can you get them without paying a cent of your real-life money? You can simply collect the free chests the game will give you every four hours. Now these chests can contain a variety of items, but the chest types include currency chests; they are, in fact, the most common type available in the game. There’s a good chance you will get gems when you open these currency chests, but you may also earn a whole lot of coins if you don’t end up with gems.

5. Upgrade Gold Find

As you move up in kingdom level in this game, you’ll have the option for more upgrades, just as we said in the ultimate guide. The Gold Find upgrade is one of the most prominent new upgrades that will be available to you once you increase the kingdom level; make sure you upgrade this, as that’s going to boost your gold find earnings by 5 percent. Keep leveling it up for another 5 percent increase. That might not sound like a lot of money through the upgrades, but as you make it to the later stages, the upgrades will finally pay off, and then some.