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Combo Quest 2 Tips, Cheats & Guide: 17 Killer Tricks Every Player Should Know

Currently an iOS-only game, Combo Quest 2 is the follow-up to the original Combo Quest. According to developer Tapinator, this game is an epic, time tap role-playing adventure where you play a knight on a quest to retrieve the Combo Crown, which was unjustly taken by a mischievous dragon. As you venture on this quest to slay the dragon and take the crown back, you’ll be encountering various enemies along the way, but your knight will ultimately receive the help that he needs in more ways than one. This is a retro-styled mobile game with throwback graphics and, as Tapinator says, unique time-tap action that’s easy to learn yet difficult to master. While your ultimate goal is slaying the dragon, the gameplay is endless, with the only limit being your skills.

If you’re familiar with the original Combo Quest from a couple years ago, the game’s battle mechanics should be very familiar to you – keep tapping as the cursor moves up and down, so that you can kill the enemy and prevent them from attacking, while boosting your stats as you prepare for more battles later on in the round, including the all-important boss battle. But since there are a few new twists in this new sequel, as well as scores of new players checking the series out for the first time, we now invite you to check out our Combo Quest 2 ultimate guide, which features all the tips you need for learning the game, and then some.

1. Learn The Bare Essentials

When it comes to the attacks in the game, you’ll recognize them from their color coding. Green and yellow attacks are considered normal ones, while the red ones are your heads-up that there’s an enemy attack approaching. When the red attack square reaches your side, that means you can expect to get attack; tap the red attack icons to keep them at bay. As for the purple squares, you’ll have no choice but to let them through so they don’t get in the way of your efforts in tapping the other squares.

2. This Is Where Combo Quest 2 Gets Its Name

Many battle mechanics in RPGs include the stringing together of combos as a key feature, and it’s often how well you can string ‘em together that determines whether you win or lose that battle. So with that said, Combo Quest 2 is indeed named after the combo feature. Fortunately, it’s easy to launch combos in this game, as all you have to do is fill up the bar found at the bottom.

Remember those purple squares we warned you about? Tapping on them would quickly add to the combo bar, so you will want to tap on them as quickly as possible. And, as another bonus tip, you can wait until using your special attack so you can launch a more powerful combo with the bar having a multiplier. That, of course, means substantially more damage against the enemy.

3. How To Upgrade Your Knight

The main menu includes an upgrade section, which you can visit in order to boost your stats. Your power, health, and combo power will be available to upgrade from the get-go, and as your knight levels up, you will also be able to upgrade other stats, including your rare perk chances, your critical hit chances, and revive chances.

4. Keep On Completing Quests To Unlock More Of The Game

At the start of your journey in Combo Quest 2, you won’t have much to do, as most of the game’s areas and features won’t be available right from the start. But if you follow your quests and complete them, you would be able to unlock more levels and access more features. In addition, you will also have the option to switch from hero to hero once you start collecting heroes. More often than not, you will have to do this when one of your hero dies; if that happens, you can have another knight take your place as you keep on pushing forward and continue defeating more levels.

5. Tap With Multiple Fingers

It’s good practice to try tapping with two fingers, instead of the standard one finger. That allows you to progress through rounds faster, and do more damage against enemies. It also lets you tap huge strings of overlapping blocks and chain them together, and it prevents you from falling way in over your head when the game becomes much faster and, in all likelihood, too fast for comfort.

6. Claim Your Free Rewards

Combo Quest 2 is very generous in giving out free rewards, so keep on playing the game, and turn on your notifications on your phone so that you can be informed as soon as possible about the availability of rewards. So what kind of freebies can you expect in this game?

Chests are probably the most common freebies in the game, and you can earn one every four hours. You’ll be able to get a free key every eight hours, and you can use your keys to play a special round that allows you to open yet another chest every few rounds or so. As you keep playing this special round, you’ll earn more chests, and the chests that you open will contain better rewards.

7. Play In Challenge Mode For Bigger Rewards

Want to earn even more rewards than you normally could? Go play in challenge mode, though bear in mind that in order to play in this mode, you’ll either need to buy a key for 500 coins, or win one for free. The best way to earn more coins in this game, we’d say, is by replaying levels you have already beaten, as you’ll still be winning gold bags as a reward, even if you’ve already completed the level.

8. How To Earn More Premium Currency

Gems are the game’s premium currency, and you can get them for free by naturally playing the game. This could take a while to complete, however, so be patient if you’re planning to earn gems this way. Still, there are other things you can do to earn free gems and these include finding them in chests. Regardless of how you find these gems, you’ll want to value them, as they can level up your main character or hero, your companion, or an item you have at the time. Furthermore, there is a random chance that you can also find your item in chests, only in evolved form – this means you won’t need to spend gems in order to make them substantially more powerful.

9. Test Your Tapping Skill While Figuring Out Swipe Attacks

It may sound unbelievable for new players, but it is possible to determine your own tapping skill and the accuracy of your taps, all while trying to find out how quickly you need to attack via swiping. Are you tapping safely and with ease and not getting attacked? If so, that means you can go for higher multipliers, just as long as you’re also sure you won’t be breaking your combo chain. But if you aren’t just yet, we advise sticking to the swipe, especially if there’s a new enemy about to appear on your display.

10. Your Upgrade Count Increases With Each Kingdom Level You Achieve

The game will allow you a certain number of upgrades depending on your kingdom level, but as you keep leveling that up, you’ll also be increasing the number of available upgrades to purchase. For instance, you can buy upgrades that add to the odds of getting rare items dropped by enemies once you reach kingdom level 2. These upgrades, as they always do in other games, become more expensive as they get higher-end.

11. You Can Earn New Moves For Your Heroes And Companions

The game won’t leave you stuck with the stock moves you have for each hero or their companion. You can unlock new moves for these characters, and in order to do this, you’ll need a duplicate of the target heroes and their respective companions when you open the in-game chests. New moves, however, aren’t exactly new moves per se. They are typically stronger, more powerful versions of your original moves. Still, they just might be the extra push you need to win some of the game’s tougher battles.

12. The Bomb Tiles Can Throw You Off Your Combos

At some point in the game, you will encounter the bomb tiles for the first time – they can be a real spanner in the works, so to say, and they could rudely interrupt a long combo you’d worked hard to string together! These bomb tiles do not discriminate – they wipe out all tiles they land on, may they be good or bad. Keeping all of that in mind, you may want to tap more carefully after tapping on a bomb; it’s very easy to lose some health by carelessly tapping around after a bomb tile drops.

13. Save Full Heal For Emergencies

You can restore yourself back to full health, but the best way to do this is by using the full heal option only if you’re breathing your dying breath in the game. If you haven’t eaten too many hit points and are still somewhere between the full heal and max health markers, you might want to go for the max heal option, as that immediately adds to your available health reserves. The very fact that max health makes it easier for you to survive makes it a good and safe tool to use.

14. When Can You Use Your Swipe Attack To Full Effect?

There are several situations where you can use your swipe attack and make very good use of it, but few are better than the times when you see that the bar is filled up with red tiles. Using your swipe attack would push all those red tiles to the right, and make the ones that drop off disappear. And if the cursor was moving at a rap id pace, it will slow down, allowing you to collect your senses and buy some time to think about your next moves.

15. Change Weapons Or Companions If Levels Get To Be Too Hard

Stuck on a certain level and unable to move forward like you did in the previous ones? That may be the right time for you to change your weapon and/or your companion. Your choice of weapon or companion may be the game-changer you need to complete that level once and for all, so feel free to experiment, even if the special skills don’t seem to mesh with the level you’re trying to complete.

16. Prioritize Tapping On The Green Tiles

When tapping on the screen, you want to center your taps on the green tiles, as opposed to the yellow ones, as they do more damage. But that’s not the only reason why you will want to go green – killing an enemy on a green tile will give you better stat boosts. That also applies if your companion is the one that kills the enemy, and not you – you’ll also get better stat improvements if your companion killed the enemy on a green tile.

17. Make Good Use Of Your Token Revive

Combo Quest 2 will only allow you one revive per battle, regardless of how easy or how hard the battle is. Keeping that in mind, you’ll want to go as far as possible in a battle before using your revive, so you can make the most out of it. Once you’ve used your revive, you will bypass the enemy that had killed you, and move on to the next bad guy in the level. And the longer you hold on to your revive, the tougher the skipped enemy will be, making your second chance potentially easier to go through.

This completes our ultimate guide for Tapinator’s new mobile game, Combo Quest 2. In case you are interested in reading our previous strategy guides for Combo Quest 2, be sure to head over to this link. Also, if you believe there are some other tips and tricks for the game, that we haven’t mentioned in this guide, please let us know in the comment section below!