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Mighty Match Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Defeat Your Enemies

The Match 3/adventure game or Match 3/RPG hybrid is becoming an increasingly popular genre in its own right. While other adventure games or RPGs overwhelm mobile gamers with daunting mechanics and tons and tons of characters and items to choose from, evolve, or enhance, such games with Match 3 mechanics blended in tend to be more casual, easier to learn, and more relatable for those who don’t have much time or interest in mobile games in general. That said, Mighty Match is another one of these games, as it allows you to take control of the ultimate chicken warrior, fight legendary bosses, and upgrade your weapons and spells, all while solving Match 3 puzzles. As the game’s maker Gigataur says, the best part of this game is that you don’t have to pay for anything, as it’s 100 percent sponsored.

Just because this game is more casual than the average Match 3 title doesn’t mean it’s as simple as making matches of three pieces or more. There are adventure game elements in here, of course, and we shall be looking at these as the primary focus of our Mighty Match tips and tricks. There’s also the unique twist Gigataur has added to the usual Match 3 mechanic, which we shall also be touching on in the first tip.

1. What Makes This Game’s Matching Mechanics Different?

Truth be told, the matching in Mighty Match is still similar to those in standard Match 3 titles. But it is ultimately different for the reason that you have to swipe to move those pieces, as your “ultimate chicken warrior” makes the moves as he flies around the board. And while regular Match 3 games would have more tiles dropping down once you make a match, sometimes setting off a chain reaction, this title may have enemies dropping down following a successful match. That all makes it more important to plan your moves in advance, but like most other Match 3 games, you aren’t under any kind of time pressure. Just keep an eye on the number of moves you have, and don’t make any rushed moves, as there’s no time limit.

2. How Does Experience And Gold Work In This Game?

As you complete more puzzles, you will gain more experience and gold. The former will allow you to level up your winged hero, while the latter can be earned so you can buy upgrades for said hero. You can earn both XP and gold by completing the objectives set for each level. Tap on the icons on the left side of your screen so you can view your objectives, and try to complete as many of them as you could. There are some that are fairly easy to pull off, but others may be more than a bit challenging.

3. There’s No Need To Fight All Enemies

While the game will reward you with experience points when you fight enemies, it’s not a requisite to go after all of them. It’s more important to complete the level with a little health, as opposed to killing all the enemies before you move on to the next level. You don’t need to worry anyway, as this game’s enemies won’t follow you from one level to the next if you don’t kill them right away.

4. Make Use Of Your Basic Spells And Unlock New Ones

In the early goings of the game, you’ll have only two basic spells to use – a fireball for launching damage against enemies, and a healing spell that restores some of your hero’s life. But you won’t be constrained to those spells for the duration of the game. Earning more in-game money will allow you to unlock a more powerful version of your fireball, launch a freeze attack on your enemies, or move tiles around the board. It’s best to try out all of the spells, but we suggest focusing on the ones that match your play style the best, and making them your go-to spells.

5. How To Earn More Coins

We’ve mentioned coins quite a bit in here, but how do you earn more of them? How can you add to your coin total without having to work too hard or pay real-life money? It’s good you asked, because like many other games, Mighty Match will serve up ad videos which you can watch in order to earn gold. It won’t be that much gold, but you can theoretically keep on watching advertisements on your device, as you watch the money roll in time and time again. This is a good approach to employ in the early goings in the game, as that will allow you to buy more upgrades with your additional money. It’s not unusual for a handful of coins to grow into the hundreds, so if you want to make easy money, it’s all about watching those ads.

6. The Basics Of Upgrades

Mighty Match will allow you to upgrade your chicken, and you should definitely upgrade him regularly so you can keep up with the game as the levels get harder. But since there are various upgrade options, you might not know which ones to choose or focus on.

The basic upgrades here would be to your sword, to your physical strength, to your shield’s defense, and to you mana. All of these areas would come with five levels, after which you will be prompted and asked if you want to pay to unlock the next piece of equipment. And when it comes to magic, you should also upgrade that, and get your mana up to a higher level so you can use more powerful spells.

7. One-Dimensional Or Jack Of All Trades?

Some say it’s best to go with a versatile approach and not focus on upgrading one skill alone, while others suggest focusing on just one skill and giving your chicken a specialization. So which approach is better? It would all depend on your play style, though we generally recommend balancing things out across the board.