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Color Dotz Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Get a High Score

Color Dotz is a new endless mobile game for Android and iOS devices, and your goal is to tap your dot and make your way through the specific color where your dot is located. Dots may switch colors after you pass through the obstacle, which means you won’t just have to be accurate, but also wicked fast. Make one mistake and you’ll be back to square one, and that’s where the challenge lies. And boy, what a challenge it could be.

Is this game “impossible” in the same vein as Color Switch? Not really, but it’s quite close. Still, we hope to at least make it easier for you and help you in getting a higher score in this game. Check out our Color Dotz tips and tricks and you may find yourself beating your high score sooner than expected.

1. Be Ready At The Start Of The Level

When a new level starts, you’ll have to get yourself going right away. Start jumping immediately, or your game will be over right away as your character drops into nothingness. But make sure that you don’t bounce too quickly, as that will send you the opposite way, heading to the top and ending your run just the same. And if you bounce too slowly, you’ll hit the ground, and that’s also it for the one and only chance you have in a level.

2. Your Ball Changes Color Each Time You Go Through The Gate

The basic mechanic here is bouncing the ball through the gate matching your ball’s color. Be prepared once your ball enters the gate, as it will immediately change color. You’ll have to be thinking and acting quickly, and looking for the next gate whose color matches your ball’s new color. Things can get really fast here, but the good thing here is that the movements don’t increase in speed. Keep on practicing and you’ll be able to figure out the right time and right places to react.

3. Turn Off The Ads, Or Pay For The Game

Unfortunately, the people behind Color Dotz have made the ads a bit annoying, in the sense that you may be thrown off your game. Either turn off the Wi-Fi or cellular connection on your device so you can play without the chance of ads distracting you, or buy the full, ad-free game by paying the equivalent of $2 USD.

4. Be Prepared For Weird Transitions

The gate transitions in this game are easy to figure out with practice, but the ones going from top to bottom or bottom to top are especially hard. If the top gate, for instance, matches your color, prepare to tap at frenetic speeds; multiple-finger tapping is recommended here. And if the bottom gate matches your color, then drop down as far as possible, but jump right before you hit the ground.

This would be our exclusive list of tips and tricks for Color Dotz. We will update this list of hints, once we discover new ones, so stay tuned for updates!