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Cluckles’ Adventure Tips, Cheats & Tricks: 4 Hints You Need to Know

There’s something nostalgic about playing in a pixel world as a knighted chicken. Yes, you read that right. In Cluckles’ Adventure, you are a 2D chicken armed with a sword and a shield, on a mission to save chicks from the bad guys. Available on iOS and Android, this game will give you a hundred levels to conquer in order to rescue chicks from the evil forces. Saving all those chicks won’t be easy but you can do it with the help of our Cluckles’ Adventure tips and tricks!

1. Hop To It!

Following the footsteps of classic side-scrolling games, Cluckles’ Adventure gives you a powerful ability to overcome each stage. It is the ability to jump. All damsel-rescuing 2D heroes would have been doomed if not for their ability to propel themselves from the ground at the push of a button. In this game’s case, you also have the Double Jump and the Wall Jump. You can double jump by jumping again while in midair. In order to Wall Jump, you would need to jump towards a wall and then jump again to go up the wall. You can wall jump left and right or on the same wall. It all depends on your surroundings. Assess each map carefully and use these two skills with caution. Sometimes it is better to just drop down than to jump to avoid falling off a cliff!

2. Kill Enemies Without Killing Yourself

Cluckle only has one attack. It is the dash attack. When you press the attack button, he will dash towards the direction he is facing and impale the enemy with his sword. This sounds impressive and quite effective but you should also watch out where he is going. The dash will continue even if the enemy dies so you might end up dashing over a cliff if you’re not careful. Again, assess the situation and back up a bit if you need to. Don’t just mash the attack button as that’s a good way to get yourself killed.

3. Pick Up Chicks

Even though your quest is to save chicks, it is possible to finish a level without finding all of them. As a hero, though, you couldn’t possibly bear to just abandon those other chicks in the wild, can you? Most chicks are visible on the stages and can easily be picked up. Others are hidden so it might take a bit of work to rescue them. You don’t have to pick them all up in one run. If you feel like finishing the level first, you may do so. The chicks will wait for you in their hiding place so you can return to that level and find them later. Butterflies indicate hidden areas in the map. Check those out and see if there are any chicks hiding there.

4. Use Better Controls

Sometimes you may end up dying because you keep pressing the wrong button with your thumb. Other times you can’t see where you’re going because your finger is in the way. The game allows you to change the position of buttons on the screen. Try changing the controls a bit to see if you can play better.

Now pick up your sword and use our Cluckles’ Adventure tips and tricks! Those chicks aren’t going to save themselves!