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Queen’s Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten Past Tips, Tricks, Cheats & Guide

Big Fish Games is back with an enhanced sequel to their original hit on iOS. In Queen’s Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten Past, you get to play as a shape-shifting alchemist on a mission to save the kingdom by solving a series of crimes. Put your investigative and intellectual skills to the test in order to unlock the mysteries that surround the kingdom. Follow our Queen’s Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten Past strategy guide so you won’t get lost along the way!

1. Do Your Research

Queen’s Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten Past can be unforgiving and you may end up running around in circles if you miss a clue or two. If you are the type of player who wants to go into a mystery game fully informed, you may want to look in to walkthroughs of the game. These will give you a blow by blow of the story and how the game should be played. This tip is not for everyone since other players like getting surprised.

2. Keep Your Eyes Peeled

As mentioned above, it’s easy to miss clues in the game. Make sure you pay attention to your surroundings so you don’t waste time going back and forth, wondering why you still haven’t solved the case. The gameplay is pretty straightforward. You just tap on the screen to navigate and interact with objects. If you feel stuck, you may need to double-back and search the entire area again for additional clues.

3. Talk To People

A good investigator knows how valuable the input of witnesses can be. Talk to anyone and everyone you meet because their statements may be useful later on. Some of them may give you a hint on where you should go or what you should look in to next. Other characters also have different abilities and interactive scenes. Don’t worry too much about what to say to them. The important thing is to interact as much as you can to get more information.

4. Expand Your Horizons

Solving cases will give you access to new areas and more cases. You can choose to replay old puzzles for practice or move on to the next area. Keep in mind that certain areas have special requirements. Some require that you complete all puzzles in the previous area first before you can access them. Always aim to unlock new areas in order to finish the game.

5. You’re An Alchemist

Investigating is fun and all but don’t forget that you are also an alchemist. You will gain access to your alchemy pot early on. You can use it to make potions and other items that you will need in your quests. If you have extra materials, you may want to experiment a bit. You can accidentally create new and useful items while experimenting. Just make sure you have already created the things you need before wasting materials on experiments. You don’t want to be stuck in the game because you threw everything you have in the pot and sent them up in a smoke!

You are now ready to solve the mysteries and save the kingdom in Queen’s Quest 2: Stories of Forgotten Past. Just stick to our strategy guide to beat the game!