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Chromatic Souls Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Defeat Your Enemies

Mobile gaming leader Gamevil has another RPG for all of you, and it’s called Chromatic Souls. The game is available for Android and iOS devices alike, and it’s a turn-based role-playing game where you can journey across Maldrago and discover the cause of the rising unrest in this in-game world. You can train up to 80-plus skills for your heroes, enjoy classic turn-based mechanics mixed with modern visual effects, come up with battle strategies to thwart your enemies, and defeat the Raid monsters with other human players. As usual, you can customize your team’s members with their own equipment and enhancements. Another thing about this game is that the battles are purely human-controlled, so there’s no auto battle feature here to serve as a shortcut in case you want to grind.

It’s a new game and a new experience even for experienced RPG gamers, and that means a new set of tips and tricks. Join us as we share with you our fast-and-furious Chromatic Souls strategy guide, as we ease you in if you’ve just downloaded the game and are preparing to play for the first time.

1. Form A Balanced Team

Speaking in general terms, having a balanced team of heroes is essential to success in this game. Each hero, or character, has their own role designated by an icon – swords are for attackers, shields are for tanks, wands are for those who cast spells/use magic, and crosses are for healers. Each role is important to the success of your team; you need an attacker to deal out major damage, you need a tank to soak up major damage, you need a magic user to launch ranged, splash, or support attacks, and you need a healer to replenish the life of your other team members. In short – everyone is important.

2. Spend Your Gems Wisely

You are allotted quite a lot of gems at the start of each game, and you can add to that as you progress through the game. As for spending those gems, you can spend them on new equipment or new skill scrolls, or you can use them to unbind equipment – this is done by un-equipping the item in question, then spending gems to unbind. Equipment is bound the moment you equip it, so as a bonus tip relating to equipment, make sure you’re doing what you could to keep rare items with rare party members.

3. Enhance Your Equipment

The next thing you’ll need to learn here is how to power up your weapons and armor. The most reliable way would be to enhance your equipment, which would require having the right enhance powders, or the exact same piece of equipment. Salvage unused items in order to get enhance powder.

Equipment essence is another way to enhance equipment – you can earn this by salvaging, though essence is quite rare in comparison to the powder. You can use this to “Grant Essence” to weapons or armor, thus increasing the item’s base stats permanently.

4. Replay Previous Levels

While we did say above that auto-battle is not an option if you want to grind, it’s still possible to replay older levels, albeit manually. That’ll earn you the experience and/or gold you need to make your character(s) stronger and prepare them for tougher battles.

5. How To Earn Free Gems

Getting ranked high compared to other human players, completing milestones, and ranking high enough in select dungeons are all ways you can earn more free gems in this game, with gems, of course, being the premium currency.