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TruckSimulation 16 Tips, Cheats & Hints to Complete More Missions

TruckSimulation 16 is one of several similarly-named games you can find in mobile app stores these days, but the game we’re referring to here is the iOS title by Astragon Software. This game allows you to take “true-to-life” control of one of seven actual trucks, starting with a “rickety old clunker.” And as you drive your truck, you can earn coins by fulfilling supply contracts across Western and Central Europe. With your coins, you can buy better trucks, including what the game promises – five “faithfully reproduced” MAN trucks.

For many, this game is reminiscent of the truck missions on the Grand Theft Auto series; yes, we know how frustrating some of them are. And that’s where the challenge lies; you’ve got to fulfill those quests or missions and do it right if you want to get your money. So read on, as we shall now be listing some pretty cool TruckSimulation 16 tips, tricks and hints, mainly for beginners, for more efficient and effective trucking.

1. Choose The Virtual Controls

The game will ask you at first how you want to control your truck – do you want to use virtual controls, or do you want to use tilt controls? We suggest the former, as we agree with other mobile gamers – using these controls are much easier than tilting your phone from left to right. Tilting your smartphone, as you’ll soon learn, isn’t like moving a steering wheel left and right.

2. Don’t Go On Long Missions

When you’re just starting out in the game, you don’t want to go on any long and arduous missions. The longer missions will come later, but for the meantime, you want to go on shorter missions – you won’t earn much, but it’s easy money, and you can earn it fast. In addition, use those missions to get a feel of driving in the game. Negotiating the turns, in particular, may take lots of practice – you may be used to driving cars, may it be in real life or in games, but trucks are a completely different animal.

3. Don’t Rely Too Much On Cruise Control

The game comes with a cruise control feature, and you can use it when you’re sure the speed limit won’t change for quite some time. But that’s the thing – speed limits may differ, and you will be fined for speeding, to the tune of 300 credits. That can add up, so don’t take those fines lightly.

4. Spend Your Money Wisely

As you complete more missions, you will earn more money, and you can use this money to upgrade your existing truck, as well as buy new ones. But how else can you use your money? We would suggest hiring drivers, which often doesn’t cost much; but they will pay for themselves, so to say, and allow you to earn money without doing anything on your end. Eventually, you’ll want to have several drivers working and making money for you.

That’s it for now, as far as our list of TruckSimulation 16 tips are concerned. If you know any other hints for the game, that we haven’t listed here, be sure to let us know!