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Cheech and Chong Bud Farm Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Grow Your Weed Empire Fast

While there are numerous mobile gaming companies that choose to specialize in specific genres or themes when it comes to the games they develop and publish, nothing comes close to LDRLY Games as far as uniqueness is concerned, as they chose to specialize in cannabis-themed games. With successful titles like Bud Farm: Grass Roots and Bud Farm: Idle Tycoon, LDRLY Games takes it up a notch by launching yet another doobie-centric idle clicker sim game that revolves around the journey of the 70s award-winning comedic duo, Cheech and Chong.

Cheech and Chong Bud Farm is not like most idle clicker sim games in that it caters exclusively to a more mature audience, specifically 18+ years old. Even for folks who have not heard of the award-winning duo, Richard “Cheech” Marin and Tommy Chong, their comedic skits reimagined in the game’s story can still appeal to a lot of people today. Cheech and Chong Bud Farm also comes packed with a lot of supporting characters that you can upgrade as well and doing so along with enhancing each production facility requires a bit of planning and strategy as well.

This is one of those rare games where you would want to take your time to read through the characters’ lines as every cut scene is brimming with comedic lines. Like most other idle clicker games, Cheech and Chong Bud Farm is a game that almost anyone can easily pick up and play. The initial sessions that serve as your tutorial makes the basic mechanics of the game easy to follow.

There is no way to lose as well as you will continue to earn profits regardless of what you do and how much time you can spend on the game. If you are eager to grow your pot business, and do so most efficiently, then stay with us and read our Cheech and Chong Bud Farm beginner’s guide, which is packed with tips, cheats and strategies to have you own your bud empire in no time!

1. Focus On The Missions

Cheech and Chong Bud Farm follows a simple formula that makes it easy enough for you to increase the profits you earn. Income always flows regardless of what you do and as you open a business and begin to invest income in it, it increases production of cash. It is a simple cycle of reinvesting earnings to a business where each new business will naturally cost more to open and upgrade but promises to generate an equally higher income.

cheech and chong bud farm missions

While everything you do in the game ultimately leads to continuously generating income, there are various missions you need to accomplish before moving on to the next Episode. Levels in the game are actually more like episodes where the story progresses and you get to meet more insane characters as well as face new challenges. For one, getting to the next episode is a solid sign of progress and likewise, paying attention to the story will likely get you curious as to what will happen next.

In any case, pay attention to the top area of the screen where nodes indicate your progress within the episode. Underneath it are missions for you to accomplish to tick one node. There may only be 1 mission at a time early on but soon enough, you will have options as to which of the missions you want to aim for. You do not need to clear each and every mission but rather, you only need to complete enough missions until all nodes are ticked and the words, “Trimming Time” appears.

It may happen that there are still missions you can accomplish although you can already move on to the next episode. In truth, every reward you can get off of completing missions may help you on the next episode but sometimes, the missions left may too long to accomplish. In any case, always weigh your options well given that you can easily nab free chests by completing a couple of missions on the next episode.

2. Buy The Next Business As Soon As You Can

One of the common decision points you will encounter as you play Cheech and Chong Bud Farm, or any idle clicker sim for that matter, comes whenever a new business becomes available to open. You can opt to go for it or continue upgrading the current one and earn more cash. The thing is, newer businesses cost more because they earn a lot more profits. So for the most part, you should purchase the next business as soon as it becomes available.

how to buy new business in cheech and chong bud farm

There will also be scenarios when you may not have enough cash yet to open the next business site but it only takes a short while for you to amass the needed capital. In such cases, exercise some patience and push to save until you have enough to unlock the next site rather than spend it on upgrades on current businesses.
The rationale behind this is that each business site continuously earns income and what you should rather have are more businesses streaming profit. Smaller businesses may roll in cash faster but the more expensive ones still earn more given the same amount of time.

3. Stop Upgrading Businesses On A Milestone

In every idle clicker sim game, every bit of upgrade done on a business unit increases the income it generates. The same holds true for Cheech and Chong Bud Farm as every investment you put into each business site has a corresponding boost to its output.

While you will certainly be able to increase your income regardless of how you choose to upgrade each business, it will be a lot more efficient if you have preset targets when it comes to levelling each one up. While in the topic of targets, the best way is to fill up the upgrade bar completely, meaning you need to have a specific number of people working on each location.

cheech and chong bud farm upgrades

Initially, the bar can be completed after 25 upgrades but as you reach higher levels, the numbers also change. For example, milestone upgrades or levels that reach a full bar happen on levels 25, 50, 100, 200, and so on. As you reach these levels on one business location, you may want to consider starting to invest in the next one.

These milestone levels do not just increase the income generated by the establishment. It comes with a bonus multiplier that at least double the profit generated by the establishment. On top of that, you can also earn free buds and cards with each milestone level you reach and as both are valuable resources that stay with you across all episodes, opportunities to secure more of them should not be missed.

One way to make it easy for you to upgrade to the next milestone level is to set upgrade to max by tapping on the upgrade option button at the lower right side of the screen. If, for example, one establishment is at level 53 and you have enough to purchase 50 upgrades for it, you will purchase 47 upgrades when the max setting is activated.

4. Keep The Profit Multiplier Active

In truth, the amount of progress you can make as you play Cheech and Chong Bud Farm actively is fast enough, especially on the initial episodes. As long as businesses are automated, or if you always tend to tap instantly whenever cash is available, you can quickly enough earn cash you need and accomplish missions.

cheech and chong bud farm profit multiplier

Beyond the normal rate of earning cash, however, you can activate a perk that doubles all income generated by your businesses. You may be too preoccupied at the initial stages of the game but as soon as you can, be sure to tap on the TV icon at the lower left side of the screen. Through this feature, you can watch a 15 to 30-second ad and earn double profits for the next 4 hours.

While that should suffice for starters, you should make it a habit to extend the hours as much as you can by watching a couple more video ads or so. You can have the double income multiplier on for up to 12 hours and it works even if you are offline. If you really want to push for progress, therefore, make sure that the double income multiplier never runs out of time.

5. Leave As Little Idle Cash As Possible

Every idle clicker game has unique features on its own but, for the most part, share the same essential basic features that stay constant all throughout the game. In Cheech and Chong Bud Farm, these basic concepts stay true. Earlier, we discussed the importance of upgrading each business unit up to a certain level to maximize it profits and that is just for starters.

cheech and chong bud farm idle clash

It will certainly happen that you will be in a scenario where excess cash will not suffice to upgrade a business to reach its next milestone. Your choice on where to use your remaining cash depends on how much time you still have to tend to your growing venture but just the same, you should leave as little idle cash as possible.

If you are close to fully upgrading any business to the next milestone, say 97 out of 100, then the best course of action is to outright purchase the 97 and just spend a few more minutes to earn cash and upgrade 3 more times. On the other hand, if your remaining cash simply is not enough to purchase bulk upgrades, and you cannot afford to wait it out, then you should instead invest that cash in the most expensive business establishment. With this option, you should not stop upgrading any other business unit with your remaining cash and will stop only if there are no upgrades that you can buy.

The idea here is that every bit of cash you earn gives an opportunity for you to earn even more. Cash reinvested into businesses will certainly make it back to you and keeping cash idle means wasting opportunities to earn. In any case, Cheech and Chong Bud Farm does not really require you to spend a lot of time on it for you to make progress. Quick but frequent visits to your bud farm following these basic strategies will help you earn more cash and be a few steps closer to completing each episode.

6. Spend Your Buds And Gems Wisely

Cash in Cheech and Chong Bud Farm are the basic currency that resets from one episode to the next. Buds and gems, on the other hand are premium currencies that stay with you all throughout, are much harder to earn, and can be used for a variety of important purchases. With that, it should be a given that utmost care and planning should precede any spending of either currency.

how to spend buds and gems in cheech and chong bud farm

Compared to gems, buds are easier to obtain. They are guaranteed rewards from chests and can also be earned from completing missions as well as reaching milestones when levelling up businesses. There are also occasional ad boosts that let you earn free buds. Buds are needed to upgrade characters and establishments through their respective icons at the bottom of the screen. You will need to secure cards for either one but for the most part, chances are that you will have sufficient cards for a couple or more upgrades but lack the buds to do so.

Between characters and businesses, it is much more advantageous to initially focus investments of buds on characters. It should not mean, though, that you should just upgrade anyone who can be upgraded. Take special note of Paco who needs to meet certain upgrade levels for you to be able to automate more businesses. As far as the rest of the characters are concerned, you should consider each one to bear the same value, dividing upgrade investments across each one as evenly as possible.

There are numerous items at the shop that will tempt you to spend your hard-earned gems on but for the most part, you should consider saving them for the ones you really need. The chests that can give you cards are generally a good but, but with other ways to secure cards and the gacha system in effect, you may want to consider a more solid investment. If push comes to shove, you may opt to save gems for when you instantly need bulks of buds for upgrades.

7. Take Advantage Of Time-Limited Events

Every so often, Cheech and Chong Bud Farm launches events that only last for 24 hours. These events often hold the same mechanics as the main game but require a little more attention than the usual and typically takes more patience to progress in. With special buds in place, the only resource you get to keep from progressing through it are the gems you can receive form accomplishing feats as well as cards and other rewards from chests.

cheech and chong bud farm events

While these time-limited events ought to be prioritized for their great rewards whenever they launch, keep in mind that you can play them simultaneously with the main game. You can switch between both game modes just as easily by tapping on the huge pop-up that appears on the upper right side of the screen. Be sure to activate both income multipliers and keep them loaded with hours. Finally, push to automate each unlocked business as much as possible before going offline.

8. Watch Video Ad Boosts For Extra Rewards

For one, video ads is nothing new to free-to-play mobile games, most especially those within the casual genre. While some of these games may earn profit from microtransactions, serving video ads can help ensure that the game will continue to exist and receive updates for everyone to enjoy without spending a dime.

Some games actually employ video ads that pop up while you play while others merely present you with opportunities to earn extra boosts and resources at the cheap cost of watching a 15 to 30-second video ad. Cheech and Chong Bud Farm is actually among the latter and if you do enjoy the game a lot, you would almost wish for there to be more ads to play for you to receive boosts and rewards.

how to earn more rewards in cheech and chong bud farm

We mentioned earlier that the video ad-powered profit multiplier is among, if not, the most important perks you need to activate as you play the game and maintain before logging out. You may easily notice a TV set lying along the road in the middle of the town but what may be challenging to notice is when a bud appears on its screen. Whenever you chance upon it, be sure to tap on it to play a short video ad and instantly earn 30 buds.

Another great opportunity to earn a huge amount of cash is to watch an ad whenever you log back in on the game after being away from it for some time. You will typically be greeted by a large sum of idle profits that can double in value when you opt to watch a short video ad before claiming it. Relative to bonuses, there is an evidence locker, which is a free chest, that you can claim from the shop once every 4 hours. You do not need to watch an ad to claim it so take note of when it becomes available to make the most out of it.

And that’s it for our Cheech and Chong Bud Farm beginner’s guide. We certainly hope that the tips and strategies we shared in this guide will help you fast track the growth of your hemp and cannabis business into a bud empire like no other. If you have played and enjoyed the game and likewise discovered some neat tricks or strategies we have not discovered yet, do not hesitate to share them with us in the comments!