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Bud Farm: Grass Roots Tips, Cheats & Guide to Build the Biggest Bud Farm

Bud Farm: Grass Roots is a tongue-in-cheek take on the farming game genre that was popularised by FarmVille. Set in a fictionalised country where weed has been completely legalised, you play as a fledgling farmer who is trying to build his own growing operation. The gameplay of Bud Farm: Grass Roots will feel very familiar to those who are well acquainted with farming simulators. You will start out with a very small operation and will have to expand your weed empire.

Your resources will slowly increase as you grow more weed and complete more orders for prospective buyers. Doing so will allow you to level up and increase the size and output of your growing operation. Additionally, you will be able to expand your farm to the surrounding area and unlock new buildings to help you grow more weed. Successfully expanding your operation will require careful management and timing of your: upgrades, resources, and growing. So here are some dank tips to get you started on your groovy garden adventure, man!

1. Light Up Those Upgrades

The fastest way to progress through Bud Farm: Grass Roots is to upgrade your operation and increase your growing potential. You can upgrade your: growing tools, your farmland, and your buildings. With regards to your growing tools you can upgrade your lights, watering machines and generators. The generator takes time to upgrade so don’t worry about that in the early game. What you will want to focus on is upgrading your watering machines and light bulbs, as it is fairly easy to collect the materials that you need to upgrade them.

bud farm grass roots dispensary

In the game there are a number of different ways to find materials that you need to upgrade your equipment. You will receive some materials each time you level up, but you can also earn them from missions, or from squashing spider mites that munch on your weed plants. Doing missions for Floyd is the quickest way to gain new items, this is because his missions are quite easy and will usually involve activities that you will be doing anyway e.g. growing weed for customers. But Floyd won’t always have the items you need.

You will discover that actually you can harvest a lot of items by squashing spider mites. They will usually drop an item that is used for upgrading your tools, and they will do so about half the time, the other half of the time they will drop a small amount of XP. It is recommended that you upgrade your storage capacity first. This is because it starts off very small and you will be picking up a lot of items as you play, all of them too important to discard. If your storage is full when you pick an item up then you will have to discard it. So to avoid any waste prioritize upgrading your storage.

You also have to think carefully about how you will upgrade your growing tools. It is recommended that you choose one pot and upgrade the light and water on it first. Rather than upgrading the light and water of two different pots. What this ensures is that you will have one pot that is guaranteed to give a high weed yield. Additionally, if you grow your weed right then the “mastery” of that weed strain will increase, so it is best to use that pot for this purpose first, then let the rest of your pots play catch-up. One final bonus tip is that if a plant is growing in a pot when you upgrade either the light or the water, then it will be fully grown automatically, so that’s a neat trick if you have a strain that’s taking too long.

2. Timing Is Everything

Similar to many other mobile farming games, one of the key components of Bud Farm: Grass Roots is waiting. Everything from growing weed, to upgrading your facilities will take time, so it is key that you figure out a good schedule to keep the kush flowing. As you advance through the game you will unlock different strains of weed to grow and each of them will take a different amount of time. Some can be grown relatively quickly, or almost instantly, whereas some will take hours and hours to grow. So when should you plant what?

bud farm grass roots quirky workers

One good strategy is to plant before going to bed. It is good to choose a strain that takes a long time to grow e.g. Purple Kush. Before you plant make sure that all your pots are empty so you will have maximum yield when you wake up, then fill all your pots with the strain that you want to grow and then harvest them in the morning. Since you will be sleeping you won’t be able to water them, which means that they will not produce as many buds, but since you have filled your whole garden with them, this will make up for any loss in quantity. With a huge supply in your stash you will be able to complete a lot of missions by selling what you grew in your sleep combined with faster growing strains that you can cultivate when you are awake.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you water your weed plants frequently then they will produce more buds for you and their growing time will be significantly reduced. So a good tip will be to keep track of watering times on your phone so that you will be able to grow your weed faster and fulfil more orders. It is best to focus your efforts on strains that take longer to grow so that your stash fills quickly because if a customer requests an easy strain like home-grown or Maui Waui then you can grow it for them more or less on demand.

3. Cut Down On Guano Waste

As mentioned above, the game involves a lot of waiting on your part. However, if you use guano on your plants then they will grow instantly. But guano is purchased using potbucks which have to be purchased with real money, or found in-game (but this takes a long time to do). So you will have to use your guano carefully otherwise it will run out quickly.

bud farm grass roots karma

Firstly, never use it on strains that grow quickly e.g. home-grown, Maui Waui, Northern Lights, or Pineapple Express etc. These strains will grow within two hours so using any guano would be a waste. The best strains to use guano on are those that take more than 4 hours to grow e.g. OG Kush and Purple Kush. But only use guano on these when you are really desperate, because strains that take a long time are best grown while you are asleep.

Secondly, you will have to use different amounts of guano depending on how much the plant has already grown. Weed plants in the game have three stages: seed, small shoot, and large shoot. If you want to use guano right after you have planted your seed, then you will have to use four guanos. But after watering your plant four times you will only have to use one. So never use guano right at the beginning, give your plant at least one water first so that you can save your guano for when you really need it.

4. Build It And They Will Come

Buildings will form the backbone of your weed farm and will provide you with many benefits to help you grow as much as possible. One of the most important buildings you should be upgrading is your dispensary. The dispensary functions similar to an item shop that you find in other games. In your dispensary you can put up items for sale, to be purchased by others players for some coins. Alternatively, you can purchase weed or supplies from them. To do so you can access the Floydlist page, which is found by tapping the peace icon in the phone menu on the lower right corner.

bud farm grass roots harvesting juicy buds

The dispensary will become extremely useful as you progress throughout the game because it is where you will be able to offload items or weed that you will not be able to use or sell to customers. The dispensary is also really handy in a pinch if you need a certain item, but you don’t fancy waiting until you find one by chance. Although, you have to be careful when placing items for sale on your dispensary because if you want to take them back then you will need to fork over some potbucks, so make sure that you are really certain about selling when you put it on.

Finally, don’t forget to upgrade your noticeboard as well. Your noticeboard is where people will come looking to buy weed off you, and the more upgraded it is then the more jobs you will have. This means you will be able to sell more weed and you will have more choices when deciding what to grow.

That’s all there is to it, if you play it smart and follow these tips then you will be well on your way to being the dankest of them all. Peace out and happy growing!


Monday 4th of February 2019

What is duct tape needed for? I keep getting itas rewards and want to sell it all but not sure if i will need it further in the game for an upgrade.


Monday 26th of November 2018

Any cheats


Monday 3rd of April 2017

I lost a space of my job board not sure what happened


Wednesday 23rd of November 2016

Very good introduction! Thx! Started yesterday and your words make sense to me. Should have read it yesterday, 'cause i'm running out of pot bucks. But I'll become stronger again.. :-)


Wednesday 14th of September 2016

I am unable to access bud farm, every thing was working well yesterday but today I cannot access the website