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Cheating Tom 2 Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide: 5 Hints to Get An A on Every Test

If you’re a student, we’d advise you not to do as Cheating Tom does, but let’s admit it – we’ve all taken a page from his playbook at some time or another back in our school days. Cheating Tom 2 by Crazylabs is the sequel to the game developer’s surprising iOS and Android success, and once again, it’s available for both platforms. In here, you control Tom (or his female equivalent Tammy) as you cheat his way through high school, all the way to the prom, and your job is to crib as many answers off your classmates before the teacher catches you. And you’ll also be up against Scam Sam, another dirty rotten cheater who also wants to cheat his way to high honors. Want to get more A-grades the easy way? Then read on for some useful Cheating Tom 2 tips, tricks and hints.

1. Observe Where The Teacher Is Looking

In actual school settings, the best cheaters always make sure to time their moves so they can copy answers while teacher isn’t looking. Likewise, you’ll want to watch how the teacher looks around, and detect a pattern. This may be in terms of which student they’ll look at next, or how long it takes for the teacher to switch their gaze. If you’ve got the patterns memorized perfectly, then you’ll be cheating your way to higher grades in no time.

2. Observe Your Classmates

Let’s face it – there are some students who just hate it when you’d try to look at their answers during a test. You’d feel the same way, after all, if you’ve worked so hard to get a good grade, only for a lazy underachiever to get a similarly high grade off your answers. As such, you should also be cognizant of each student’s patterns – when that bar fills up, you can no longer crib their test answers. You also should try not to tick them off at all, though you’ll encounter some levels where the goal is to make them mad.

3. Watch Ad Videos For Free Coins / Excuses

Like many other mobile games do, Cheating Tom 2 allows you to watch advertisement videos on the in-app purchase store so you can get freebies. In here, it’s coins and excuses – you get a thousand free coins and one free excuse per ad video you watch.

4. Upgrade Your Power Ups

Coins can be used to upgrade your power-ups, which get unlocked as you progress through more levels. Upgrades allow you to take advantage of a power-up for a longer period of time, so use those coins wisely.

5. Unlock Prom Night

Once you’ve completed Cheating Tom 2’s 100 levels, you get to unlock Prom Night. However, that’s just about it as far as your cheating career goes, unless Crazylabs adds more levels. For the meantime, it looks like the best thing to do is to wait for Cheating Tom 3, where we presume he’d be trying to pull off the same shady tactics in college.