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Haunted Empire – Three Kingdoms Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Tips to Defeat Your Enemies

Haunted Empire – Three Kingdoms (aka Ghosts of the Three Kingdoms) is an iOS game by Flyingbird that offers a unique experience by fusing MOBA and RPG elements into a new kind of role-playing game. As usual, you can choose from hundreds of different and upgradable heroes, as the ghosts from the Three Kingdoms seek you out to possess your soul. You can enjoy high-end 3D graphics in human and ghost battles, choose from four different classes, which you can change at any time, and challenge other players from all over the world. So how can you get an advantage over other players and make the most out of your playing experience? Check out our Haunted Empire – Three Kingdoms cheats, tips and strategy guide and we’ll tell you all about it.

1. Upgrade The Equipment You Find

As you progress on in Haunted Empire – Three Kingdoms, you’ll secure new equipment, including weapons, after each battle. These items, however, can be upgraded over time, and they can be upgraded as high as your character’s present level. No, you don’t have to upgrade everything in one go, but it does help to time your upgrades in such a way that your equipment is ready for a tough battle.

2. Speed Up Battles, Here’s How

As battles can take quite a while to complete, you have two options to reduce the amount of time it takes before they’re finished. The first option is to change the setting from 1x to 2x, which would make the battle finish twice as fast as it normally would. But if you’ve already completed a given battle, you can sweep the battle, which would make it go ten times as fast – that way you can wrap it up in just a matter of seconds, while getting the same type of rewards. This makes grinding for experience and gold much easier and faster.

3. Complete Each Individual Quest To Unlock New Spaces

If you want to unlock additional spaces for your battle formation, you’ll need to gain experience levels. The fastest way to gain experience is to complete individual quests within a given quest. Leveling up is also very important, because that’s also the only way you can get access to new generals – otherwise, you have to replace your existing general with the new one so you can add him to your formation.

4. Get XP And Rewards The Easy Way

Want another quick and easy way to get more experience points and other rewards? If you’ve already completed a dungeon or battle, you can hit the skip button on the lower right hand side of your display. Again, you’ll still be getting XP and rewards, without having to sit through the battle as it plays out yet another time.

5. Evolve Your Heroes

Going back to the importance of leveling up, we thought of devoting this last tip to talking about the other things you can do if your character gains experience levels. You can also evolve heroes, go to the gold mine for more gold (the game’s premium currency), and disenchant cursed equipment.