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Causality Tips, Cheats, Hints & Guide to Complete All Levels

Theorists have always speculated that time and space may behave differently in other planets. Developer Loju Games builds on this concept in their latest game for iOS and Android. The game Causality lets you control your astronaut self through a series of puzzles wherein you will need to take advantage of glitches in time and work with your past selves in order to get all astronauts to safety. You will need to get each astronaut to an exit that matches their color while avoiding traps and monsters. This is a formidable task so make sure to use our Causality strategy guide to beat all levels!

1. Trial And Error

Unlike a lot of other mobile games that practically teach you how to inhale and exhale, Causality does not coddle its players. Be prepared to get a headache from trying to wrap your head around what’s going on for the first few levels. Don’t be afraid to try things to see what they will do. You can always start over once you have a better idea of what that level is about.

2. Love-Hate Relationship With Time

If you think time is merciless on our planet, wait until you hit the time-travel portals in the game’s alien landscape. Stepping on a time-travel portal will send your character to that past or future, and that will allow you to work with another self. This particular aspect of the puzzle can be the most confusing so you will need to take time to master it. Instead of thinking about it in puzzle terms, think of it in real life terms. For example, if your present self is working with a future self in a puzzle and something happens to the present self, the future self will also disappear. Be careful and always watch where your selves are headed.

3. Easy On The Rewind

If your astronaut dies, you will find that you can just rewind the game a bit instead of starting over. This will help you get an idea of where you went wrong without going back to the beginning of the level. There is a catch, however, on this rewind feature. If you rewind and fast forward a lot in the game and the game saves each action, it can get more complicated. The game will remember the actions you saved and if you try to do something differently after rewinding, you will need to do it at the same point in the timeline. If you don’t, the game will just revert it to what it remembers.

4. Beware Of The Paradox

Once you have mastered the time-travelling part of the game, you might start thinking of fooling around with it a bit. Be careful when you do because you might end up creating a paradox in the game. For example, if you send a future self into a time portal, you will end up creating another future self which will mess up the reality of the game. You may still be able to solve the puzzle despite this but the game won’t accept your solution. You will have to resolve the paradox first before the game will allow the level to end.

These are all the things that you need to master in order to beat all levels of Causality. Hurry and use what you learned from this strategy guide to help all your astronauts escape from the alien planet!