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Connect the Cubes Tips & Cheats: 5 Sneaky Tricks You Need to Know

Everything is connected. Or at least everything must be connected if you want to beat the latest iOS puzzle game from Perfect Tap Games. The main goal of Connect the Cubes is simple enough. As the title implies, you just need to make sure all the cubes in each level is connected. Just slide your finger across the screen to connect each cube until all of them are highlighted. Easy, right? Well, not exactly. The game adds a few conditions to connecting the dots. You cannot pass through cubes that are already highlighted. This makes the game a lot more challenging than it looks and you will need out Connect the Cubes tips and tricks to win.

1. Visualize Your Path

You don’t have to worry about the time as long as you haven’t touched the screen yet. Use all the time you need before starting a level to visualize how you will be connecting the cubes through a single path. During the first few levels, trial and error will work just fine if you’re impatient. But practicing how to visualize your paths will be a big help on later stages when the puzzles get more complicated. You don’t want to spend too much time starting over a complex puzzle.

2. Watch What You Touch

Even if you’re used to playing games on your phone using your thumb, it might be better to use your index finger for this game. You might accidentally touch other cubes while tracing a path with your thumb and you’ll end up starting over for it. The puzzles are easy to navigate early on but as more cubes are added, there will be less room for error.

3. Have A Pen?

Building on the previous tip, you might still experience accidentally tapping on the wrong cubes while using your index finger. If you have a stylus pen for your device, it would be better to use it instead. This is especially true for the higher levels when the paths become more complicated and less forgiving. Not to mention you can get away with playing while at work because you will look very professional using a stylus on your phone.

4. It’s Over 200!

There are more than 200 levels in the game to keep you occupied. The number is definitely intimidating but you should take the game one level at a time. The longer you play, the easier things will get. You will begin to notice certain patterns and similarities in the puzzles. So, don’t worry about beating level 200 if you’re just starting out. Having that many levels just means the difficulty level will increase gradually and you will have plenty of time to prepare for the harder levels.

5. It’s Time To Show Off

Even though the game does not have a multiplayer mode, you can still show off and compete with your friends. Just share your high scores and try to beat the game on each other’s device. You can also time each other to see who is faster in solving certain puzzles.

What are you waiting for? Get connecting and conquer all the levels by following these Connect the Cubes tips and tricks!