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Catacomb Hero Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide to Become the Master of the Abyss

The iOS game Catacomb Hero is now available courtesy of RAZAR, and it allows you to venture into the darkness of the catacombs, outmatching a variety of alchemy-born creatures, including some “former humans.” Your skills will be tested in these fights, as you seek to gain the lost power. You can also “lay waste” to the dungeons of other human players, conquer their hordes, and put them in your control. RAZAR also promises that this game will “keep you entertained for tens of hours,” and test your mettle as you create a defense of monsters and traps through “alchemy and mechanics.”

As we see it, Catacomb Hero mixes the action RPG genre with base management, and has a really strong social element, as your objectives include protecting your base from other human players. And if you’re hoping to outlast and outsmart these human players, we recommend you to read our Catacomb Hero strategy guide, a list of general tips and tricks that should help you navigate the darkness and emerge as the master of the Abyss.

1. Be Sharp On Defense And Use The Dodge Roll

From the get-go, you’ll notice that the dungeons will unleash a whole lot of enemies, but you don’t have to worry too much at first, as they won’t do much damage against you. But don’t get too complacent even if that’s how it is in the early goings. The dungeons, as you’ll find out soon enough, could be quite expansive, and you might end up facing more enemies than you bargained for. So if you sense that you’re in the least bit of trouble, turn to your dodge roll so you can, as the saying goes, get out of Dodge – in other words, save yourself from a hairy situation. That’s going to cost some stamina, but at least you’ll be able to defend yourself.

2. Use Your Shield If A Dodge Roll Won’t Suffice

Indeed, defense is very, VERY important in this game, and if you’re in a situation where rolling out of the way won’t save your behind, you can tap on the green button to enter defensive stance. You’ll still receive some damage, but with your shield to protect you, it won’t be that much as compared to situations where your shield isn’t up.

3. Keep A Close Eye On Your Stamina

While you should be conscious of your HP bar, which shows you how much life (or hit points) you still have remaining, you should also be looking at that stamina gauge, which is a green bar located right below the HP bar. Everything you do in the catacombs, after all, will drain your stamina at least a little bit, and if you’re all out of stamina or getting there, you’ll be virtually useless. Don’t be wasteful and arbitrarily swing your weapon, and don’t block or defend yourself just to show off. You can, however, perform regular attacks without stamina; just remember that these attacks will be lacking in speed and impact. Take a breather in the game every now and then so you can recover your stamina and have enough energy to do more things.

4. Take Advantage Of Beginner Protection

Catacomb Hero shares one feature with many other RPGs with a strong social element – you start out the game with immunity. This is pretty much beginner protection that prevents you from being attacked or looted by opposing human players. Use this time to get your base and yourself up to speed, strengthen your defenses, and to acclimatize yourself with the features and mechanics of the game.

5. When Your Immunity Wears Off, Defend Your Gold Chest Too

When the gloves are off, everything is fair game. Of course, we’re referring to the immunity you have as a new player, and when it wears off, other human players would be able to attack you. Earlier, we mentioned that it’s important to take advantage of your immunity period to set up and strengthen your defenses, and you will want to specifically look at your gold chest when deciding what to protect. If opposing players are able to raid your gold chest, they can potentially escape with a ton of coins. Surround you gold chest with scores of traps, and have some units guard it as well, so as to dissuade opponents from looting your stash.

6. There’s A Method To Setting Up Your Defense

If you’re new, you may fall into the temptation of placing your traps arbitrarily around your base. But there is a method to the madness, and randomly throwing those traps around will not help you one bit. For instance, you should position the mantraps in such a way that your crossbows can fire away at anyone who tries to raid your base. You can also throw those players off their guard by setting up monsters near the mantraps and crossbows. And don’t forget to upgrade your monsters and traps if you want them to be more effective in discouraging any intruder from trying to break into your base.

7. You Can Use Your Abilities And Special Attacks Early On

In Catacomb Hero, you’ll start with a frost nova that can slow down any enemies that venture too close, as well as a strong attack that can be activated by hitting the red button with an axe icon. Feel free to use these attacks, as the strong attack, strangely enough, doesn’t use as much stamina as your regular attack. It’s going to be slower, but that’s the tradeoff for your strong attacks being as strong as the term suggests.

8. Keep Your Base Busy

What do we mean by keeping your base busy? We mean filling up the queues and making sure there’s something getting done at your base at all times. Have a monster or a trap addition or upgrade queued up, so that way, you’re prepared for more of those opposing player attacks. And remember that your building queues are not related to your monster/trap queues; keep those queues moving as well!

We hope you’ve enjoyed or detailed guide for Catacomb Hero. If you have any questions about the game or want to share your experience, please do so in the comment section below!