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Bushido Bear Tips, Cheats & Guide: 6 Hints for Sword-Swiping Success

We would agree with the folks at Spry Fox – a sword-wielding ninja bear is more dangerous than a merely angry bear or a merely sword-wielding (human) ninja. That’s what the company uses to frame its new Android and iOS title, Bushido Bear. As the titular character, you have to defend your forest against “endless waves” of evil demons, using two giant swords to hack and slash and kill more enemies. Keep on hacking and slashing, slicing and dicing, and you’ll be able to stay longer in the game. You would also be able to unlock new characters and upgrade new ones, with each new character sporting their own unique strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities.

While causing destruction and killing enemies in this game can be fun, you may find yourself dealing with some situations that may be, no pun intended, unbearable. So join us as we guide you through this game, and serve up this list of Bushido Bear tips, tricks and cheats. It may be enjoyable to make that sword-wielding ninja bear (and his friends) get rid of his foes, but not if you aren’t quite sure what you should be doing in the game.

1. String ‘Em Together

String what together? Of course, we’re referring to combos here, and the combo mechanic is arguably the most important when it comes to the battles in Bushido Bear. The more enemies taken out in one dash, the higher your multiplier will be, thus increasing your points total substantially. So how can you string a good combo together?

First off, don’t take any action yet upon seeing a new wave of bad guys coming in – wait for a bit to see how many enemies there are, and if all of the enemies spawn, go for them with one dash in hopes of taking out more. You can also work to this end by letting your enemies move slightly ahead of time, putting them in a more ideal position for you. And lastly, be aware of the enemies that have peculiar movement schemes, or are able to fight back against you.

2. Be Careful With Your Swipes

When swiping on your phone’s screen, you should make sure that your swords are actually hitting your enemies. And if your bear bumps into one of the enemies, that means your run is over. We’re not talking about a long-lasting, sturdy bear that has so many lives; in true arcade fashion, the characters of Bushido Bear may meet their ends with little resistance. But we can help you stay safe from enemies, with the primary way to do so being a careful, measured, yet still ferocious style of swiping.

Before you swipe, you should also remember that all types of enemies in the game have unique movement patterns. In general, though, most enemies will slowly converge upon your bear – think about it as a zombie horde ganging up on someone. Also be sure that you’re taking the distance and the speed of your bear into account; if an enemy somehow encroaches upon your line of travel, that safe pathway might not be that safe after all.

3. Complete All Quests In A Set

The quests in this game come in sets of three. And if you’re able to complete all three quests in a set, you’ll be able to win some exciting prizes, including coins, which are the game’s main form of currency. Given the rewards involved in these quests, it is imperative that you try as many as possible, and complete more sets. That’s also going to help you progress in the game, as levels will generally be unlocked by completing a specific quest set.

4. A Quick Guide To The Bears

As we explained above, each of the bears in this game have their own strong points, weak points, and abilities to speak of; this isn’t one of those arcade games where everyone’s the same. So with that in mind, let’s run through some of the bears which you can unlock in the game. Lone Cub’s weakness, for starters, is his speed, but since he’s a tiny little cub, he’s quite good at sneaking past the bad guys. Neo Bear, probably inspired by The Matrix, can slow down time in order to have more leeway to plan those attacks out. And Smoky Bear is able to instantly teleport anywhere within the in-game world. Keep these special abilities in mind, and always look at their stats so you have an idea of what you’re dealing with.

5. Make Sure Your Bears Are Upgraded

It’s not just important to know what each of the bears in the game can do. You also have to upgrade those stats or attributes. As a refresher of what you can expect, attack speed, when upgraded, allows you to make more swings at enemies in one go, dash improves your dashing speed, and sword size can grow bigger once you level it up. Those are all nice stat categories that do not hurt your bear in any way once they’re upgraded, but they pale in importance to Final Attack. Final Attack refers to your bears’ special skills, and it can only be unlocked via coin payment. You will also be limited to using that Final Attack in special situations.

Let’s take a look at Ninja Bear’s Final Attack as one good example. His is called Whirling Blades, which is activated if you hit two enemies in one attack. Once activated, Ninja Bear will go on a rampage, attacking in a whirlwind-like motion and potentially taking out a ton of enemies.

6. How Do You Unlock More Bears, And How Can They Help You?

Last, but not the least, let’s answer this question many of you may be wondering about – how can you unlock a new bear? First off, go to the shine and donate a hundred coins. That’ll give you a new bear, and subsequently a bonus life of sorts. That means if your first bear is killed in action during a level, you can start off where you left off by using another bear. Unlock as many bears as possible so you can extend your runs in the game.

This completes our guide for Spry Fox’s new mobile game, Bushido Bear. If you know more hints for the game, don’t hesitate o share them with in the comment section below!