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Cutie Riot Tips, Tricks & Cheats: 6 Hints Every Player Should Know

Cutie Riot is a new mobile game from RAFO Technology that focuses on a number of cute anime-style girls as your heroes. In terms of its genre, it is a MOBA, or multiplayer online battle arena game, and it also comes with a lot of features commonly found in card battle games or TCGs – trading card games. Your mission, as the “Master,” is to gather the female heroes of the Queen’s bloodline to defeat the army of the game’s antagonist Orenda, taking back the city and realizing the Queen’s dying wish. You can also “collect, combine, and summon” a number of “cute” anime girls, adding to your roster and making the ones you already have more powerful than they already are.

MOBA, TCG, RPG, call it what you want – Cutie Riot combines all three seamlessly in one game. But given all that, there may be some times where the game makes you feel like you’re in over your head. Not to worry, because we’ve got just what you need if you’re a new player trying to make your way through this game – a beginner list of Cutie Riot tips and tricks.

1. There’s A Method To Summoning Cuties

It may seem like something so simple to do, something that has to be done in a very cut-and-dry fashion. But when summoning new Cuties, or female heroes, in this game, you want to do this in a strategic way. And that’s because of something we call Cutie-ception – all the Cuties in the game can summon a certain group of Cuties at any time in the game. Yes, it sounds confusing, and it could be that way for a first-timer, but all you have to do here is to go to the Chronos Circle, so you can look at the Cuties that can be summoned by your existing team members. Zoom into the circle and you’ll find a tree connecting one Cutie to another, thus giving you a better idea of what to do when summoning.

2. How Do Free Summons Work?

Now, that you know what you should do at first after entering the Chronos Circle, here’s what should happen next. You should then go to Summon Cutie and rotate the necessary stones. Tap on any Cutie that appears, and make use of your free summons. Give it some time, as the opportunity to conduct a free summons has a cool down time. If you don’t want to wait, you can pay some gems, which are the game’s premium currency, but we’ve always been wary about using gems in order to expedite certain tasks in games.

3. Here’s What You Can Get From Your Free Summons

You may think that you’ll automatically be getting another Cutie from your free summons, but it isn’t always like that. In fact, it’s seldom like that, as your usual rewards would include guardian souls, among other items. It’s all about the luck of the draw here, but once again, the last thing you want to do is to spend gems to speed up anything in the game.

4. How To Properly Improve Your Cuties

The guardian souls we told you about can be used to level up your Cuties, thus making them more powerful. There is a catch, though – the maximum level of your Cuties are capped to your player level, meaning you’ll have to level up your player if you want your Cuties to unleash their full potential at a given time.

How do you level up as a player, though? You can, for starters, use your statistical points on quests and other activities. That’s one good and reliable way to increase your player level, so you can help your cuties get even better than they should be.

5. Interact With The Cuties

Before anything else, let us remind you that this is just a game mechanic, and not anything naughty. Whenever you’ve got a chance to interact with your Cuties, go for it, as that will increase your intimacy with these anime-inspired heroes. And that means allowing them to take on new quests and complete new tasks, thus giving you more chances for rewards. Always go with the Cutie with the highest intimacy level, and work your way downwards, focusing on one of them at a time.

6. Bind Your Account

The term for connecting your game to Facebook is quite an interesting one, but we’d say it works. You should “bind” your account if you want to play the game on more than one device, and if you want to continue where you left off should you uninstall it or change devices. And your binding options aren’t just limited to FB; you can also bind your game to an in-game account.


Wednesday 24th of August 2016

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