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Casual Warrior Tips, Cheats & Guide: 5 Hints You Need to Know

The idle RPG appears to be getting more and more popular, and we’ve covered quite a few of them over the past few weeks. The latest of these games we shall be covering is Casual Warrior, which is the creation of Rafo Technology. It is billed as the best game for occupied players – in other words, it’s the kind of RPG you want to play if you’re a mobile gamer with a busy schedule in the real world. It allows you to auto-fight and auto-farm, two things that are staples of this growing genre, and it also comes with a companion system, which would help you fight anytime. If you want to get active in the game, there’s a battle arena mode where you can come up with the best possible skill combos. Other features include specific skills for your pets, and an avatar system where the equipment “reflects the appearance” of each character.

That’s a brief summary of what you can expect from Casual Warrior, but what about playing this game? Certainly, there’s much more than just letting your hero and his pet do everything while you sit back and relax. Read on, as we’ve come up with an exclusive list of Casual Warrior tips, tricks and hints that will help you make the most out of this game, even if it is, as we’ve said, an idle RPG.

1. The Basics Of Equipping Your Heroes

Your character can be placed in battle for a specific amount of time, after which they would earn experience points regardless of whether you’re logged into the game or not. And while your hero is battling with the game open, you can swap equipment as you see fit, and enhance the loot you collect. This is a basic way to make your heroes more powerful and maximize the time you spend away from the game.

2. You Can Also Swap Your Pets, But Beware Of The Catch

Aside from loot, you can also swap pets in and out, though there is a gotcha you should keep in mind before making the swap. That is, you may likely see a significant force drop once you swap one pet out and another pet in. So how do you work around this? It all depends on how long your pets accompany your hero on the battlefield, as that would allow them to gain experience. It’s also possible to earn experience items for pet enhancement, though your pet’s level cannot go any higher than that of your hero.

3. Complete Quests For More Rewards

Of course, this idle RPG wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t allow you to earn some rewards by completing quests. Go to the tasks menu and the daily menu for a list of available quests, and take on whatever you can; completing a quest can reward you with rare items and gems, which are the premium currency of the game. You may be surprised at how easy it is to stockpile rare items simply by completing quests, so return to the game every day so you can complete more of them, as they do refresh daily.

4. The Disadvantages Of Having A Full Bag

It may sound all well and good if your bag’s all filled up with goodies, but that also means you would not be able to equip your hero with anything, may it be armor, weapons, or other sundry items available in the game. You can, however, spend gems in order to increase the number of items you can hold in your bag. And if you don’t exactly want to part with your premium currency to add more room inside your bag, you can sell surplus items, or use the quick-sell option to sell everything of a given rarity level. This should be useful if you’ve got a ton of common items that won’t do you much good anyway.

5. How To Refine Your Gear

You can make your gear better and more powerful by refining it, but in order to do that, you will first need to have the right items. Head to the lab and access the prop compose menu, as that will pull up a list of ingredients, or crafting items, needed to create a new prop. You can also use specific ingredients to create pills, which work like potions do in some other titles. When you give your character a pill, that would give them a permanent stat boost, so go chase after those ingredients and craft away when you can!