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Blocky Soccer Tips, Tricks & Cheats: How to Win More Matches

Full Fat is back with another Blocky game, and it’s called Blocky Soccer, which is now available on Android and iOS. This is another one of those games that cater to mobile gamers who don’t want to deal with a plethora of players and a ton of stats, both of which are part and parcel of football management sims, including those for mobile. And while Boom Boom Soccer, which we recently covered, is right in the middle of casual arcade and hardcore management in terms of gameplay, this game tends to lean toward the casual arcade side, like previous Blocky-series titles. Still, the game promises lots of characters and realistic physics, but even then, the fact that this is an endless game that focuses on the arcade side of things makes it more appropriate for those who crave simplicity over detail.

That’s not to say that there isn’t a lot to learn in this game. But because of that, we’ve put together a cool list of Blocky Soccer tips, tricks and cheats that can help you win more games against other so-called “real players” – Full Fat doesn’t use this misleading term, but as is often the case, we’re referring to human-controlled teams.

1. How To Elude Defenders

One of the joys of playing arcade-style soccer is sneaking your way past defenders. One way you can do this is by swiping from side to side so you can shift lanes, and another way is to move as quickly as possible, hoping that you’re faster than the defense and able to beat them at changing lanes. Once you’re able to run past a defender, you’ve effectively beaten him, so tap on your screen at the right time, so you can go full-blast and one-up your defenders before they shift into your lane.

2. Focus On One Defender At A Time

The mechanics of this game can be kind to you in some ways, including the fact that you’ll only have to be concerned about one defender at a time, mainly the one who is closest to you. Unless the other defenders are the closest ones to you, you don’t need to worry about them and you can let them slide. Use a swipe-and-tap action to beat one defender, and repeat this process as you encounter others.

3. How To Shoot The Ball

Once you’re within firing distance of the goal, the first thing you have to do is to aim your kick. After that, you’ll have to choose how much power you’re going to put into that kick. When aiming, it’s best to kick the ball past the defender and goalkeeper, or aim it over their heads. If you put too much power into your kick, the ball will sail over the goal and miss the net completely, but if you don’t put enough power, that would typically result in an easy save, or when a goalie stops a shot. Keep on practicing your aim and you’ll be able to find the right balance between proper aim and the right dose of power.

4. Playing Defense Is Unique In This Game

Now we’re down to the aspect of Blocky Soccer that many believe to be the most important – defense. As many a sports pundit or coach has said, although not in these exact words, your defense will always be there to save you even if your offense isn’t working. So with that said, here’s how to play defense in Blocky Soccer – take note, though, that it’s a bit unusual mechanics-wise.

The key to playing good defense is – believe it or not – watching videos! One could call this a drawback of the game, but the success of your defense is entirely up to chance. Should your opponent score, you can watch an ad video to reroll, or redo the play in hopes that the opponent isn’t able to score the second time around. That’s why it’s very important to play this game with an Internet connection, because if you play the game offline, you may encounter many situations where you have no choice but to accept the goal and hope you can answer back quickly with one of your own.

5. How To Unlock New Characters

The game promises lots of characters, and you can unlock more of them by earning keys. Simply kick a goal and have the ball hit a key inside the goal; this will add one key to your name, with three keys required to open three lockers. If you get three matching uniforms upon opening the lockers, you’ll get a new character free of charge. And you can also watch an ad video to open another locker without any charge, should you fail to get three matching uniforms. By the looks of things, all the characters play the same, or similar to each other, but it’s still nice to have some sort of collection feature in the game, right?

For now, this would be our collection of Blocky Soccer tips, cheats and hints. In case you know other tricks for the game, please drop us a line!