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Cartoon Survivor Tips & Cheats: 5 Tricks to Ensure Doo Doo’s Survival

Cartoon Survivor by Spunge Games is only available for iOS devices at the moment, meaning iPhones and iPads. This exciting new game is an adventure runner set in a 3D world where you can run, jump, and glide through death defying obstacle courses full of feisty creatures and hazardous environments. You are controlling a prehistoric bird named Doo Doo, who’s described as the “only successful applicant” in a TV producer’s casting call for what could be his last chance at a mega-hit of a program. Your goal is to have Doo Doo go through a series of runs through hostile prehistoric environments before the dynamite he’s carrying explodes. So having said that, let’s take you to some useful Cartoon Survivor tips, tricks and cheats that will help Doo Doo do just that – survive.

1. Go For The Shortest Wick

Yes, this is a very time-intensive game, and the time you need to finish a level is determined by the length of the dynamite wick. A longer wick means more time to complete a run, though you always want to complete those runs as quickly as possible. Considering that, it’s usually a good idea to go for the shortest wick – that means you’ll have the shortest amount of time to complete things, but more potential to finish with three stars.

2. Save Your Money For Helmets, They Provide Special Bonuses

You have the option to customize Doo Doo with costumes or helmets, but we wouldn’t bother with the costumes if we were you. They only make your bird look different, but don’t do anything as far as gameplay goes. Now, buying helmets with your coins is a good decision, as they do change things gameplay-wise and offer some benefits for Doo Doo. Brick helmets, for instance, would allow Doo Doo to break through walls that were once indestructible.

3. Be On The Lookout For Breakable Walls

If we may riff on the second tip, you’ll want to be on the lookout for breakable walls – these walls have a distinct logo of a yellow diamond with red symbols within. You’d be able to charge right into breakable walls if Doo Doo is wearing a brick helmet, so keep your eyes peeled and again, prioritize buying the brick helmet to this end.

4. Grind For More Coins

Now, you can’t buy helmets (or costumes, if you insist) without coins, and the best way to earn more coins is to grind it out, meaning replay previous levels. You’ll see blue coins in areas where you had previously won trophies, and these are worth 100 coins – remember where your trophies were once located and you wouldn’t have any problem grinding in this game.

5. Have A Speed Boost For Emergency

This time, we’re going back to the very first tip – time is of the essence. To help you race through those obstacles, we suggest having a handy speed boost. This would work only for a few seconds, but since you start with three and can potentially have as many as six, you should have more than enough to help you finish levels faster. However, you’ll also want to save at least one speed boost in case of emergency situations – of course, it wouldn’t be nice if you don’t have any boosts just at the time when you need one.