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Desktop Dungeons Cheats & Strategy Guide: 4 Essential Tips Every Player Should Know

Desktop Dungeons is an immersive mobile game by Finji, which can be best described as a desktop version of those tabletop role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons. In this game, which is available for Android and iOS devices, you shall be fighting through randomly generated dungeons as you collect spells and equipment and defeat dungeon bosses. You’ll also unlock new classes and get to worship new gods, on top of fighting new enemies as you progress through the game. It’s a mobile dungeon crawler that has a total of 20 classes and seven races that you can play as and unlock. Since all that talk about classes, races, and randomly generated dungeons can be a bit intimidating to newbies, we’ve come up with a couple of useful Desktop Dungeons cheats, tips and strategies to help get you started on the right foot.

1. Know The Races

Each of the seven races has their own skill sets and special abilities – some of the races are recommended for certain character types, but aren’t quite recommended for others, so this makes it important for you to create the right race. If you’re looking to create a melee fighter, Humans and Dwarves would make the best choice of race. “Tanks,” or those with a high number of health points, should ideally be Halflings or Gnomes, while those looking for a quick way to earn experience points would want to choose Orcs. Elves are best as glyph-inspired spell casters. Last, but in this example the least, Goblins would be recommendable if you want to challenge yourself – they don’t seem to have any strengths at all, unlike the other classes in the game.

2. Level Up Properly, Here’s How

This would refer to situations where you’re facing monsters who have different levels. Go for the lower-level enemies first, as this would prevent the possibility of your earning less XP for the less impressive monsters if you focus on the one that has the highest level. This is a good way to maximize the experience points you earn, and level up the right way.

3. Use Glyphs In Battles

As we briefly mentioned above, Glyphs are pretty much akin to spells in Desktop Dungeons. These glyphs are usually a safer choice than melee attacks, though if you want to regularly use them in battle, you will also need to have enough mana potions at your disposal. Unfortunately, mana limits won’t increase as you level up; the only way to have more of it (albeit slightly) would be to find the three mana power-ups per dungeon.

4. Be Sure To Level Up Before Boss Battles

One other benefit of leveling up we didn’t mention in the above tip is its capability to restore all your health and mana in one go. As such, the best time to level up your character would be immediately before a boss battle – each dungeon has its own boss, so be sure you’re fighting up to your full potential by leveling up prior to this battle.