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Car Crash! (Mobile Game) Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Earn More Money and Complete All Scenes

Madbox, the French web-based and mobile games developer, not to be confused with the supposed upcoming game console of Slightly Mad Studios and the Jordan-based Madbox Games, has been active in the mobile gaming market since 2016 and currently has six games available for both Android and iOS platforms. With a high and rising demand for casual games that even people with very limited free time can play, Madbox has catered to this niche with its collection of casual arcade games that everyone can easily learn to play and enjoy. Following the huge success of Stickman Hook, which has been downloaded more than 50 million times from the Google Play Store alone, and fairly good performances of both Sausage Flip and Idle Ball Race, Madbox has established a reputation that can earn itself fans and followers with any of its future releases.

Car Crash! is the latest casual arcade game from Madbox which is available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. If you played and enjoyed the crash mini-games of the Burnout series, which gave rise to Burnout Crash!, then you should definitely enjoy Car Crash! as it seems to be very much inspired by the series. There aren’t many games like it on mobile as well as other platforms so if you enjoy watching mayhem and destruction in busy streets coupled with explosive action and fiery effects, then this could be the game you are waiting for.

In Car Crash!, you are a famous stuntman who perform car crash stunts to earn money. As you race through the road towards a busy intersection, you have to time the explosion of your car to cause as much damage to passing vehicles as possible. Each car you manage to destroy with the explosion along with some aftermath carnage contributes to the earnings you receive on your run. Earnings can then be invested in a variety of upgrades, each with its own boost towards your performance and subsequent earnings. Beyond the noticeable improvements you get out of each upgrade done, there are various abilities, as well as a speed track, on the road towards the intersection, grabbing these dramatically boost the impact of your destructive force and overall explosive performance. Reaching certain goals on a particular scene sends you off to the next one with more challenging objectives to clear.

As a casual arcade game that banks on ease of controls and simplicity of game mechanics, there is hardly any need for you to go through any sort of tutorials in Car Crash! to learn to play the game. In any case, though, you will be treated to a quick and easy tutorial on your first run as well as some initial upgrade purchases to help you get started. As you begin your run, you will be able to steer your car left or right by touching the correct side of your screen, even if not exactly done on the designated on-screen arrows. Tapping on your vehicle as you approach the intersection will make it explode and some or all incoming vehicles will be destroyed. Truthfully enough, you can very much make progress in the game regardless of how you play it. If your itching to uncover and complete new scenes as well as score higher with every succeeding play, though, follow our Car Crash! guide and use our tips, cheats and strategies to gain better performance during each of your runs.

1. Plan Ahead Of The Run

car crash! tips

Before you actually touch the screen and start your car moving, you can already see the nearest power-ups ahead of the road that you should pass through to acquire. Regardless of the type of power-ups available, each one contributes greatly to how much havoc you can wreak at the intersection. As the span of time within which you have control over steering the car left or right is a short one, and leaves the probability of not nabbing any power-ups at all, at least you can be assured of one following this method.

This strategy works hand-in-hand with keeping your eyes ahead of the path. Make it a habit early one to look ahead of the road instead of affixing your focus on your car and, potentially, some power-ups you missed along the way. At some point in time, there will be numerous power-ups available for you to grab before the intersection, but it is impossible to seize each and every one of them.

2. Aim To Keep Your Car On The Middle Of The Road

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As bonus power-ups and the speed track will be placed randomly on each run, you can only be blessed enough to plan ahead of the run as far as the first power-up is concerned. As you race further up the road, you will begin to see other power-ups as well as the single speed booster available in that run. With the quick pace of the run, it will be very difficult to make quick enough steers to either the left or right side of the road to grab the special bonuses. As such, the best way to go is to initially steer enough to side for the first power-up and be constantly striving to be at the center of the road to be able to navigate more easily on either side of the road for succeeding power-ups.

It may happen that at some points in the game, a series of power-ups along the road seem to dictate a certain route for you to drive on such as instances where most bonuses are line up on one side of the road. In such unique scenarios therefore, follow the path if you can and aim to get close to the center towards the end of the run.

Power-ups and speed tracks are not the only consideration for choosing this strategy as the end game of the run comes at the intersection where vehicles you want to destroy will randomly spawn from both sides of the crossing. To ensure that you will pack the most damage and cause more destruction, have your car at the center of the road you are driving on to equally unleash the explosion on both sides of the intersection. This way, you are guaranteed to score higher crash points and earn more money with each run.

3. Time Your Detonation Properly

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While the numerous unique power-ups that grant you special destructive abilities are important to boost the rewards you receive at the end of each run, what you should aim to master for best results is the actual detonation of your car itself at the intersection. This serves as the ultimate determinant of how much money you will rake in and can even make the difference between the number of digits in the overall rewards you can claim. As such, learn to time each detonation right to get the best results on succeeding runs.

For starters, the limited time you have for detonating your stunt car is long and gives you ample time to click the trigger. Detonating early will still earn you points although, for the most part, the detonation will destroy vehicles that would otherwise be also destroyed by the pile-up of cars caused by the impact of your car. On the other hand, waiting too long to detonate may leave little effect especially if cars have ceased to appear from either end of the intersection. In the worst case, you may even miss to do so even if you are given more than enough time to tap the detonate button.

In combination with our strategy to aim towards staying at the center of the road as much as you can, the best scenario in Car Crash! is to have your car stuck at the dead center of the intersection. By having your stunt car serve as an impediment itself to oncoming traffic as well as the primary catalyst for a huge crash pile-up, successfully getting yourself stuck in the middle of the crossing is half of what guarantees an optimum score. The other half comes from how you time your detonation and as each pile up is unique in each run, there are no absolute perfect timings applicable to every situation.

For the best results on a specific run, simply keep an eye out for incoming traffic from both sides of the intersection. As soon as most cars fall within the range of your blast, tap the detonate button. In any case, doing so following the pile up will always yield better results than exploding as you reach the intersection, or failing to hit the detonate button at all.

It is important to note how much stronger the crash impact and overall carnage will be if you do manage to get your car stuck in the middle of the intersection but you will likely never to achieve doing so with each run. More of an advanced tip, though, is calculating whether or not your stunt car will be stuck in the middle or not and deciding to trigger the explosion a little early on. It is very challenging to predict how the traffic would be by the time you reach the intersection, but you can always be fast enough to detonate a little early if it seems like your car will cross through the intersection. In as much as that won’t be as bad as it looks, you will be able to secure more points by detonating a little earlier while at the middle of the intersection than later on across it.

4. Invest Your Money Wisely In Upgrades

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Driving the car fast towards a heavily populated intersection with the intent of causing destruction is fun and exciting enough on its own. With power-ups and speed boosts along the way, it’s even better and much less predictable each run. What makes Car Crash! addictive over these elements is the upgrade system that you can invest your earnings in as you will consistently feel more powerful the more you play the game. There are five unique upgrade options in Car Crash! and each one provides a uniques advantage to you and should be invested in appropriately.

Explosion focuses on the area of the explosion effect whenever you detonate your car. Investing in this upgrade is important as you will be able to destroy more vehicles at the intersection and typically cause a larger pile-up than before. Impact affects how drastically cars bounce off and around as you crash into them, ultimately affecting the speed and overall growth of the pile-up in each run. Each upgrade on traffic introduces a new vehicle and makes intersections even more populated with vehicles ensuring additional points with each succeeding run. Investing in bonus unlocks new power-ups as well as increases their spawn rate on the road on your way to the intersection. Lastly, but definitely not the least, is idle cash which boosts the amount of money you earn while you are idle or away from the game.

Given the benefits that each of these upgrades provide, there’s actually no upgrade option more important than the other. You will have to invest money in each of them to earn more money on succeeding runs as well as progress in the game, and the best way to go about it is to simply invest in which one is the cheapest. Given that each upgrade becomes more expensive as the upgrade levels increase, the smart approach is to consider alternating investments across all upgrade options to get the most boost out of every bit of money invested.

Likewise, as idle cash in Car Crash! is in no way helpful towards the achievement of your goals, what you would want to do is to spend your earnings away on upgrades each time you are able to do so. Make it a habit early on to check if you have enough earnings to spend on upgrades in-between runs to ensure that you are at optimum carnage capacity on each play through. You will be able to see an exclamation point on each upgrade you can purchase, which makes it much easier to notice, but consistently looking at it before you tap on the screen to drive should be among the routine steps you take whenever you make a long series of runs every time you play Car Crash!

5. Take Advantage Of Earnings Multipliers Through Ads

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Ads have been a part of numerous free-to-play games in the market and at this point in time, most people already understand their value in the game. As there are still some players who may not appreciate seeing video ads in mobile games from time to time, it is important to stress the necessity of their existence as ads keep these games from being available for everyone to play for absolutely free. This is most especially true for games who hardly sells in-game currency or other in-app purchases of any sort.

While Car Crash! does present a series of ads while you play, most of it are entirely optional and each view or play of these video ads is beneficial for you in obvious ways. For starters, getting five times as much income from each run just by watching a 15 to 30-second video ad isn’t bad at all. This will be especially helpful on surprise runs that garner higher scores than your average runs. More so, the 7x multiplier bonus that you can avail of whenever you get back into the game after being away from it for some time can be very helpful especially when you have been away from the game for hours and you have invested well enough in the idle cash upgrade. Overall, these ads can serve as your break time between each run to rest your eyes and swiping fingers but there is always the choice of seeing less by not taking advantage of the multiplier bonuses.

Keep in mind that the more time you invest in playing the game, and consequently having higher levels of upgrades, the more rewarding watching or playing these video ads will be. Likewise, when you move further into higher level scenes packed with more bonuses on the road and heavier traffic on the potentially wider intersection ahead, you may find the existence of these ads even more.

6. No Wi-Fi Means No Ads

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As it would seem that some players who enjoy the game are seeing the inclusion of ads as a letdown on playing and enjoying the game more, there is actually a simple solution to play the game free from these ads. All you need to do is simply turn off your Wi-Fi or mobile data and you will still be able to play the game but without seeing any video ads of any sort.

While this may allow for continuous, uninterrupted playtime, keep in mind that playing Car Crash! offline also leaves you out of grabbing opportunities to receive multiplier bonuses from each run as well as the idle income. If you would really rather play offline, then at least leave your internet on before you play the game to claim the 7x idle income bonus before switching your internet off.

These are our tips, cheats and strategies for Car Crash! and we hope that you were able to learn from each one as well as enjoyed reading through our short article. If you have additional tips or tricks for the game, be sure to share your views and opinions with us and the rest of our readers through the comment section!