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Call of Doodie Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Excel in the Game

Call of Doodie is an interesting game by Tapps, which is available for iOS and Android mobile devices. In the game the goal is, as the title suggests, to find a place where you can do your business. Answer the call of nature. Do number two. You get the idea. You will have to rush through rooms and open the correct doors to find relief, as you face hundreds of environments full of challenges and career-threatening situations. There are different characters you may encounter and play as, and to top it all off, Tapps says this game is both entertaining and educational for all ages.

We don’t know how a game that’s about taking a dump is educational, but we can educate you on how to excel in this game, with the following Call of Doodie cheats, tips and hints.

1. Remember Which Doors You Entered

It’s bound to happen, especially early on in the game – you’ll crap out early on and you’ll lose a stage. All you have to do here is to remember the doors that you had gotten right, up until the part where you finally lost. The game rewards quick thinking here, so it’s important that you remember these little details, so you can tap as quickly as possible while remembering the right combination.

2. Tap With Two Fingers For Doors With Pieces Of Wood

Some doors you’ll encounter will be blocked with pieces of wood, which makes it necessary for you to tap with two fingers in alternating motions. This would allow you to quickly break the wooden barriers, though you may need more time to do this, depending on how hard the wood is. This is another detail you’ll have to remember – how long did it take you to break the wood?

3. Beware Of Sliding Doors

Once you reach the latter stages of the game, you’ll encounter sliding doors. And you will have to memorize the direction you have to swipe in, so that you can make it past the doors once you’re replaying these tricky levels. Swiping in an incorrect direction will slow you down a little bit, and that’s going to increase your poop meter. You want to keep that meter at reasonable levels, so as to allow you to beat the clock and beat the stage.

4. What To Do When Playing As The Bear

Does a bear you-know-what in the woods? You bet it does, and speaking of bears, you will be playing as one in certain levels. Do not tap the human door, but tap on the bear door – this is very, very important. These doors work in the same way, so the important thing here, really, is to make sure you tap on the special bear door and not the one for people.

5. Play The Game Ad-Free

Advertisements can be a distraction in Call of Doodie, so we would understand if you would rather play with them turned off, for a more focused gaming experience. Still, it’s a good idea to often play the game while online, as it’s the best way of “giving back” to the developer.


Monday 14th of January 2019

This ap is cool.