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Animal Story: Beach Adventure Cheats, Tips & Strategies to Unlock New Creatures and Earn More Coins

Animal Story: Beach Adventure (iOS) is a game by TeamLava where you get to spend the summer on a mystical island beach full of magical creatures. Instead of dealing with everyday animals, you will deal with brand-new animals which you can breed and create – these include the Firefox, the Paradise Parrot, the Turtle Dove, and many more. There are over 175 animals which you can breed, battle, and collect in this game, and you can take part in tournaments, pitting your animals against others and winning new ones. As you can see, the animals may look and sound cute, but there are battles to be fought, both against the computer AI and against other human players.

Are you looking to unlock more new animals and rack up a ton of experience points in this game? If you are, then follow us as we bring you a list of Animal Story: Beach Adventure cheats, tips and strategies.

1. Follow Quests To Earn XPs And Gems

Following quests is the first, and most effective way for you to earn more experience points for yourself. You can also make good use of your coins if there aren’t any quests worth taking , or a lack of winnable quests at the moment, by building structures such as farms and habitats. These structures will earn you XPs for creating them, and you can build them, sell them, rebuild them, and repeat as often as possible so you can level up quicker.

You can also earn gems by completing the quests – these are the game’s premium currency, and they can also be earned by completing several achievements.

2. How To Earn More Coins

The above tip dealt with ways in which you can quickly earn XPs, and this tip will now tell you how you can quickly earn coins in this game. For starters, you will want to make sure your beach has all the habitats it could handle. Focus on the ones that can hold the most coins, e.g. the grass habitat, which can hold more coins than the fire habitat. As a bonus tip, place your cross-bred creatures in those habitats so they can earn coins faster.

3. Clear Bushes And Sell Decorations For More Room

Need more room inside your habitat? There are two ways to ensure this, starting with clearing the bushes and other items that may take up unnecessary space. You can also sell decorations, which actually won’t cost you a thing, but earn you some coins in the process. And when it comes to spacing, it helps if things are as close together as possible, so as to maximize more space.

4. Look At The Animal Store For Breeding Tips

You can gain access to rare and exotic creatures without spending by breeding, but first, you have to be familiar with the combinations you can create. Go to the animal store and check out those that are two types or more; these are the ones you want to breed. As a bonus tip, you may breed two animals but have two different possibilities for the outcome – one common, and one rare.

Want more Animal Story: Beach Adventure tips and tricks? Check out our ultimate animal breeding guide, to get information about the different breeding combinations available in the game.